Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scary Movie Scene With A Twist

not that kind of scene
It was late at night and creeping toward morning when the black woman left the club.

Without calling anyone and without thinking of horrible possibilities, she had ventured off the the club alone. Upon getting to the club, she had found a spot to lean against the wall and silently study everyone else. She wanted to see just how uncomfortable people who frequented the club but sat off to hidden chairs looked. She wanted to see just when the people on the dance floor waiting for anyone else to start dancing would get into the groove. She wanted to study the confidence that the girls who turned the square pole in the middle of the dance floor into a stripper pole acted. They had no shame.

It was a nice night. Hardcore underground rap blared through the speakers. Colorful weaves were seen everywhere. Bald heads were rocked confidently by women. The old white pimp had women all around him. Men everywhere were buying women drinks. Some of the drinks came with ultimatums. She watched it all. She studied. She even snapped her camera a few times. Plus she got offered drinks.

There were two strong drinks offered to her. Since she could safely see the bartender make them, she felt compelled to drink them. Why not? The guy buying them was not her type. He wasn't even black. He looked Mexican, but she didn't care enough to ask. After those drinks he followed her around the club a couple times. Even when she danced with another dude, he was still write there. She took a mental note to find some way to lose him. She finally did when it was time to leave.

She was so in a rush to leave the club, she didn't think to go to the restroom one more time. Soon the crowd would come rushing out anyway, which would make it impossible to get anywhere anyway. So she hopped in her car and for the first time she realized how much the drink had effected her. Was she tipsy? Was she drunk? She could think and see clearly.

As she left the parking lot she turned in the wrong direction of the highway. Why was she going North instead of south? Or was she supposed to be going North instead of south? The signs were all confusing. She then found her way back to the club area and drove another way home. She would take the longer way home instead of the highway. The longer way was fine until her bladder started talking to her. The feeling of having to pee along with all the alcohol made it all worse. She had to stop and stop fast. Home was 15 minutes away, but she would never make it.

The nearest stop was a familiar gas station. Usually the gas station was packed, but at this particular hour, 2:30 or 3:00 am, it was completely abandoned. Sometimes a cashier would still be in the store taking orders through a window, but the cashier wasn't even there. Maybe he was on break. She was glad because it was the perfect spot to handle her business. She quickly parked her car at a pump and then ran behind the building.

Peeing behind a building was something she had never done before. How would this work? She looked around again just to make sure the area of clear. She slipped off her thong under dress, lifted the dress up to not get it wet, and squatted. Almost as soon as she started, something horrifying happened.

Now, you've watched horror movies. In the horror movie the white woman ends up alone in an abandoned parking lot, bathroom, hotel room, middle of the woods, in her own home, or even in the home of a mass killer that she had mistaken for a friend. Next either she gets shot, stabbed, choked, or tied up to be worshipped in place of the killer's dead sibling, or even she miraculously gets away and runs for help. This is not the white girl's story.

As the black lady started to get the alcohol induced pee out of her, a homeless man appeared out of nowhere. She screamed and the homeless person ran off. Her whole body was shaken up. Her mind sobered all the way up. Embarrassment started to form. What the Hell?

Most people get caught naked by either their parents or friends they never wanted to let see them in that way. Wait, boyfriends/girlfriends end up seeing them naked if they don't plan to be virgins until marriage. Yeah, but this girl was caught halfway naked by a homeless person.

In her embarrassed state she just wanted to get home. While holding her thong in her hand she headed back to her car and was surprised to see the homeless person waiting for her. This man must have really needed money. She had some, so she gave him a dollar or two and got out of there.

Although it happened some time ago, she'll never forget it.

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