Sunday, September 29, 2013

What Happens After The Sandwiches? (Sunday Reflections)

You all still remember the woman that's fixing sandwiches to get an engagement ring, right? My last post Sorry No Sandwiches, But Five Ways To Get A Relationship Title Out Of Him was based on her story. It's been a couple days and the twitter craze has calmed down. Somewhere in the midst of the internet people are still cracking jokes at her, but she's comfortable feeding her boyfriend his sandwiches.

They live together already. She wants to move to the next phase. That's marriage. In order to get there he wants her to show her devotion by making him 300 sandwiches and she is doing that. But what happens at sandwich number 299? Does he hold a ring in his hand as she brings him number 300? Do they create a totally new challenge to make their relationship fresh again? By number 300, the sandwiches won't be special anymore. Will she come up with a challenge that will involve him doing 300 of something to add new value to their relationship? I really want to know what will come next for her. Damn, does the dude even have to wait until she fixes that many sandwiches to pull out the engagement ring?

See, I've been dreaming for a while. I've been dreaming about a career as a writer, moving to a new city where I basically start life over fresh, and creating wonderful memorable experiences. Ooh, I've also been dreaming about having more free time to give myself the opportunity to make my goals come true. The dreams have come with so many prayers that sometimes I wonder if God is tired of me always calling out to him for help. See, my patience is short but I know it all takes time. However, sometimes I wonder if it will all be for the good. 

I want to so dwell on the bad stuff so much sometimes. That is the bills, the negativity from people that don't think I'm strong enough to achieve anything, the crazy folks that have been placed in my life  just to provide craziness, the difficulty in networking, the difficulty in making new friends, the way I want to eventually move out of Houston is so big that it keeps me entrapped. See, it is all a lot of hard work, but maybe I should be more positive. If this woman can love her man enough to make all those damn sandwiches for him, then I can see a brighter light to when thinking about the next step that all my hard work will provide me with. 

Maybe what happens really is a fairytale (written the Quentin Tarantino way). 

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