Monday, September 30, 2013

#FactsOnly Men Can Be Scary

Men can be very scary sometimes.

I'm pretty sure I've informed everyone of this, but one of my biggest struggles is getting people to have fun with me. For some reason I've met maybe one person in the last five years that likes horror movies and the older I get the busier people get. See I'll pick up the phone when people call, but the voicemails have gotten so annoying that I've stopped calling people, so this independent woman spends most of the times running the streets alone. There is one huge problem with being out and about alone though. That problem is men.

I love men. I love the smell of their cologne, the moments when they tuck their horniness away and are actually attentive, how good they are with using their hands, and how creative they can get with their complimentary lines. Wait, the reasons why I love them are not the point. It's the fact that they can sometimes be scary, or at least do things to make a woman put her guard up.

For instance after going to see the movie Baggage Claim, I wanted a snack on the way home but didn't feel like stopping my car. There's a gas station across the street from my home, so I figured I would drive home, sit down a few minutes, and then walk across the street for my snacks. It all went as planned. I made it to the gas station, grabbed some snacks, and headed back home. However, the heading back part was when this man scared the Hell out of me.

As I made it out of the gas station I hadn't even made it to the sidewalk when some guy pulled up in his car next to me. When he spoke I jumped. Literally I hate the fact that I jumped, because it showed him that he scared me. I think he was genuinely trying to be nice though. He asked if I was okay and if I needed a ride. Throughout the whole thing I never walked closer to the car when he was trying to stop and concentrated on getting back across the street and in my place after that.

You might be wondering what the problem is. Well..

Men usually only ask strange women to get in the car if they are looking for sex. At least in my area it is all facts. Prostitutes definitely come out at night, but it was only 7:30 in my case.

Women that get in the car with strangers, even taxi drivers as I learned in NYC, take the risk of being found somewhere dead. There is also the risk of getting raped. If he was looking for sex and that's why he stopped me, he might have raped me. I would have never willingly given it up to him, especially without knowing his name.

Now, if he would have talked to me while we were in the store (I'm assuming he saw me way before I started walking back home) we could have had a nice conversation. I miss the days when a man thought of really good ways to approach a woman and get to know her. This was so much easier in college. This wasn't the first time a man ever tried to get me to hop into his car without knowing me. Of course every woman has experienced the dudes that are looking for sex right after the club.

Oh, and then there is the dude I had sex with a couple times before moving on, but he even does weird things. Like, he sent a Facebook message last week saying he was being stalked and his stalker was reaching out his past women. How does she know who his past women even are? Then he ended the message with "But what up though???" How do anyone even process that?

My guard is up really high. The crazier part is I've never bought a taser or carried a pocket knife. It's about time to carry these things.

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