Thursday, September 12, 2013

The "I Don't Have Your Number" Line

I don't understand the "I Don't Have Your Number" line. Well, not all men come out and admit they don't have a woman's number anymore. Some men sugar coat it with other sayings. Let's see..

Sometimes he starts a conversation with you on line after a while of you two not speaking. When the conversation hits a point where he is interested in more, let's say he wants to see you in person, he'll tell you to send him a text. Maybe he'll even ask for a phone call. He'll do everything but ask for you number again, because he doesn't want you to admit he got rid of it.

He wasn't that interested in the first place. I can handle that. I can handle a man deciding he does not really like me and deleting my number out of his phone. I can handle never hearing from him again. What gets on my nerves is when he pops back up weeks, months, or years later trying to touch basis again.

Now if it's years I can understand him not having my number. I don't have his either after that amount of time. However, after a couple of weeks or a couple months and he has gotten rid of my number, why is he speaking to me again? I know what it meant by him losing it. He was not that interested. We don't have to start to roller coaster ride back up again.

I feel like ranting. See it all started recently when I turned on my other computer to update my resume. In turning on the computer, skype automatically came on. A male friend was on, so I decided to message him. The messaging was supposed to go "Hi, how you you? You're good. That's cool. TTYL." However, more was said and then he mentioned how he didn't have my number anymore.

Now at the beginning of the year we went out as friends while he was in town. He lives in another state. That was how he had my number in the first place. Oh, and as friends who live far away from each other I'm cool with him losing my number. However, his words triggered the memory of all the men that have either said it or worked their way around the fact that they purposely loss my number to stop talking to me, but then eventually wanted to start right back up again.

Actually what is even more irritating is I know of some stalkers men in my past that went through 2000 phones and still managed to keep my number. I wanted them to lose it, but they were persistent.

I hate all of those sayings that come out of a man's mouth that will trigger the signs of him purposely cutting off communication because he wasn't interested in more than just sex and he didn't get what he wanted. Just don't ask me to text you or ask for my number again if you know you purposely got rid of it.

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