Monday, June 30, 2014

Black Music Month & Internet Regulation

It is the end of Black Music Month for 2014.

The BET Awards came on and is starting to get better. It started off excellent back in 2000, but lost its reason for airing some years ago. The year our lovely Queen Latifah hosted might have been the worst, but looks like we're starting to see the light again. Maybe it was the artists who took the time out to really put their all into the performance, or it could have been that Chris Rock was genuinely funny. Who knows, but everything was pretty good.
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Usher tried to perform his heart out in the small amount of time he was given. He was trying to do as R. Kelly did last year, but he's no R. Kelly. I wanted Usher to perform "I Don't Mind" since it was leaked and then taken back off the e-streets quickly. If you haven't heard "I Don't Mind" it's the best, most soulful tribute to strippers any singer has ever done. Usher makes you want to take poll dancing classes just for the sake of getting into a new career field just because he's saying he doesn't mind dating a stripper.

There were other great performances, but what I really want to get into is how music works on the internet. I salute music bloggers because they find the best artists out and try their hardest to make sure we hear the music. They take from Youtube, Soundcloud, Audiomack, and upload via their own private systems to ensure we hear the songs. However, sometimes songs hit the webs without permission from the labels. I'm guessing this was the case with Usher's ode to strippers. It just wasn't meant for us to hear it during this lovely black music month.

When the songs are unauthorized and bloggers post it, their whole post comes tumbling to pieces the minute the song gets pulled. They can get sued if they keep the song up without permission, but that's another story. The song is the basis of the post and if the song disappears the whole post disappears. For instance with "I Don't Mind," a lot of blogs that did post it added the message that there was a DMCA complaint. That means Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Now I've had fun posting music for the month, but this is one of the reasons why I usually stay away from music posts. The regulation is real. I can think I'm typing up some huge new song everyone will want to hear and next thing I know it's been taken down from the web and my post is useless. This problem has to be solved someway. In the mean time, all the artists need to continue to make good music.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Kisser (My Poem)

Listening to Usher's latest songs has inspired the freaky writer in me. Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Lashuntrice , Ms. Brady if you're nasty.

The latest poem was actually inspired by Usher's Good Kisser and Erykah's Badu's classic Kiss Me On My Neck. As you can also see I'm having fun with recording. It's not quite perfect yet, but neither am I. Enjoy the explicitness.

You’re such a good flirt
Saying all the right words
Talking about how I’m always on your mind
You know these herbs are rare
You can’t help but want your body all over my body
Feeling the softness of my skin
Ooh, I’m getting sensitive to your touch
As your mouth joins in on the fun
Turnin’ me on as your tongue caresses my neck
I can’t help but crave for you to go lower
Let’s have some fun up in my bed
Cause baby, these breasts were made for you to see
But even further below was made for you to explore
For you my legs spread wide
But before you put that dick inside
One minute, two minutes, three minutes
Don’t play with it
Put that tongue all the way inside
Eat it like it’s the best ice cream you’ve had in a while
Taste it like you’ve never had tea so sweet
You’re such a good licker
Forget about natural air
It’s my pussy you use to breathe
Smile, I’m all over your face

(Music) Usher Doesn't Mind His Woman Being A Stripper

"You can twerk while in a split." Usher has spoken.

In his new song I Don't Mind featuring Juicy J, Usher says "I don't mind you dancing on the pole. That don't make you a heaux. Now I'm ready to work on my stripping skills.

"I'm proud to call you my Bitch." Yeah, Usher said that too. Now I have to practice calling myself a Bitch in the mirror too because a fine man accepts. Check out the song below.

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With Good Kisser and I Don't Mind, that upcoming 8th album sounds like  it will be fire.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meditation Gone Wrong

"I had a dream that I fell victim to society's plan. I was 36 sitting in economy class."

She stood still in the middle of the park with her eyes closed. It was the perfect time to be alone. There were no kids running around and no people out walking. Her plan was to relax. Her plan was to block everything out, even if only for a moment. However, even with her eyes closed she still saw it all clearly.

The couple that sat near her in the movies cuddled up the other day played perfectly in her head. They reminded her that she was alone.

The Facebook friends that kept birthing cute kids floated around in her mind. There were so many pictures of babies. She had never met these people before, but they reminded her that she still didn't  have one of her own.

The people on LinkedIn who continually updated their brand new job descriptions jumped into her thoughts. They reminded her that for the moment her life wasn't growing. It had hit a level of stagnancy.

The comments from strangers on twitter one night still haunted her thoughts every now and then. They had attacked her for expressing her opinion. In an open space where at any given time anyone could say anything in 140 characters or less, they had become mad at one comment she made. It wasn't even directed toward them.

She contemplated removing herself from social media. She contemplated taking a break and locking herself in total darkness for a while. What if she avoided the movies? What if she never went to the mall? What if she didn't have to leave for a job everyday?

None of it would get rid of her goals, her dreams, the ideas that kept her waking up everyday. The picture was already painted in her mind of what she could possibly have. There was the perfect career that kept her happy and busy at the same time. There was the husband that catered to her just as much as she catered to him. There was the kids that were born into a loving union. There was also the realization that in the moment she had none of it.

She wondered what she was doing wrong. She wondered how much she would have to conform in order to see her environment change. She currently realizes she's in the seasons of unlimited questions. Maybe one day the questions will be replaced with answers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

(Music) Sonyae Elise~ Dreams

Dreams of fucking an industry nigga. Sonyae Elise is saying everything almost every woman is thinking when she sees a rapper with lots of money on her television screen.

Well, it could also be hearing one on the radio, seeing one on the red carpet, or hearing about how some lucky woman has snatched a rapper up. Of course this is a Notorious B.I.G. remake, but very few can remake a classic and still make it come out as a hit. Listen to Dreams below.

Monday, June 23, 2014

(Music) The Other Side~ Monifah

With the season finale of R&B Divas Atlanta is approaching, just about every singer on the show has released new music for us to listen to. Monifah Carter, known as just Monifah, is the latest one to release some good soulful lyrics.

Although happily married to her partner Terez, Monifah sings about the darker side of love in a song called The Other Side. You know how a former significant other can sometimes run back ready to fix all issues and start over again. Yeah, Monifah says fuck that.

"Don't you try to fix it when you start to miss it." Listen to The Other Side below.

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I'm pretty sure the only woman on the show that won't put out new music is LaTavia Roberson. 

(Short Story) Picture Perfect

She twisted and turned looking for good angles to capture herself on camera.
Soft glowing skin; check.
Nice perky breasts; check.
She tried to straighten her back for the perfect photo of her breasts. They were perky and ready for their moment.
Perfect picture of that ass; umm..
She bent different ways trying to capture the perfect ass shot. Would it work if she held the camera behind her? Would it look better if she just used the mirror as a reflection to show what she was working with? There wasn’t much back there. In her mind she liked to think of herself as a thick chick, but in reality the thickness was lacking on her backside. She was built more like Miley Cyrus than Trina. However, he wanted the picture.

“Don’t disappoint me,” He’d told her earlier.

But what she was really afraid of was disappointing herself. In a society where online dating and everyone flirting with everyone else out in the open was popular, she was still craving the traditional love. Where’s the man that would take her to the movies? Where is the man that would proudly hold her hand as they go to a brand new restaurant, a very packed concert, or even just for a walk in the park? She didn’t know.

However, she did know that there were men waiting behind computer screens for photos where she posed strictly for attention. Some wanted to see the photos where she was half naked or had nothing on. They begged for an ass shot, or a peek at those perky breasts. They yearned for a peek at her masturbating, even if only through pictures sent via social media messages. Even a picture of her fake cooking at the stove in a sexy outfit was good enough for some men. She could even go viral getting more attention than anyone woman really craves depending on how entertaining her background was. It just wasn’t enough to satisfy her. Each time she received a request, she couldn’t help but wonder why they never seemed to want more.

“I know what you like,” he’s said upon sending her his own picture just to even things out.

He thought he knew. He thought that by sending his dick to her it would make her more comfortable giving him whatever he asked for; lots of pictures, freaky talk that never lead to anything past a social media message, ideas of how they’d make perfect lovers that never became reality. He made up his mind a long time ago that she was only sex obsessed. Somewhere in between all the typing he completely ignored the fact that she wasn’t looking for virtual affection. She wanted him, but in the flesh.
Soft glowing skin; she had that.
Perfect picture of those perky breasts; he would like that.
That ass shot; she tried her best.
“Don’t disappoint me.” His written words echoed over and over in her head. He wasn’t her man. To the very public eye he already had a girl that he was in a seemingly happy relationship with. To her it was clear that he wanted more, but she wasn’t his girl. She had no obligation to give him what he wanted.

Friday, June 20, 2014

(Official Video) 1st Lady~ Eric Bellinger

"I worship the rain that waters the grass that grows on the ground that you walk on."- Eric Bellinger

It's not the 90's, but some men are singing their hearts out on the tracks. For instance in his song 1st Lady Eric Bellinger uses all kinds of romantic words to let us know that he is in love. If he is the biggest player in the world, that song has made him the hottest guy of the day summer. 

"Why wouldn't I want to tell the world about you?" Listen below. 

(Music) Love Is Suicide (From the Pieces of Me EP)

"So you met me at a party. That don't mean you know me. I'm just having fun." Happy Friday Everyone! It's still Black Music Month, so here is more good music just for your ears.

Levina Lye's Pieces of Me EP is finally out and one song stands out the most. It's called Love Is Suicide and the words are pretty self explanatory. She's singing about being single and happy with that status.

"So before you chase after me you should think it over carefully." Listen to Love Is Suicide below and purchase the Pieces of Me EP.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

(Twitter World) The Story That Interrupted My "Strong Woman" Post

It's approximately 2 in the morning. Most of the city is sound asleep, but the world of twitter is wide awake. A brand new crazy story has gone viral across Black twitter and a 29 year old woman is in the middle of it.

Her twitter name is @DivaMonroe2UHoe. She's a self-professed sex expert and erotica writer. At least it says it in her twitter biography. Some would say she is the twitter version of Zane, except without the credentials. The guy involved in this story is @Dave_thaAsshole. This is just to help give you a perspective.

At some point the two talked privately in a phone conversation. While she's close to 30, he is just a broke college student. Somewhere in their conversation he asked if he could move in with her. She told him that he could, but she also told him that she would make him suck dick for rent. Either she wanted to make him into one of her heauxs or she thought saying it would make a great twitter story.

 I'm not sure who decided to feed the conversation to twitter, but both accounts are filled with lots of tweets regarding sucking dick and being real freaky. The guy claims he would never agree to something that crazy, but the woman is letting the world know that she is a heaux. She has told her followers that she lost count of her "bodies" a long time ago. She has admitted that she is a pimp (for twitter at least).

So I was going to write a "Strong Woman" post after reading Twenties Unscripted yesterday. Several different women detailed what they think makes a woman strong. The answers involved a woman being a role model to others, being able to face her problems, and not waiting on anyone to rescue her. However, this story on twitter became a distraction. In the midst of it I started to wonder whether she's a strong woman by taking it all in as some kind of joke on herself or is she crazy. I wanted to write a post on how a strong woman is a woman of many accomplishments, but maybe in all her freaky glory she fits the description.

Alida Nugent wrote in the Twenties Unscripted blog post, "A strong woman doesn’t always get the credit for being a strong woman.  Her actions are mostly ordinary and usual, but sometimes they require the bravery that gets no notice." 

Although sex talk gets a lot of attention, we don't usually see the woman that talks about it constantly as worthy of our admiration. So do you think the woman that continuously brags about her sexual missions can be labeled a strong woman? Or is the strong woman only the women working 40 hour work weeks,  and then catering to everyone else at the same time while trying to make time for herself? I'm curious.

(Official Video) Respect My Hustle~ BossLady Jaye

"I'm the boss of my city. Let the truth be told."- BossLady Jaye

If you're not familiar with the Houston women that are leading Hip Hop, look no further. BossLady Jaye is one of them. Her lyrics are the real deal. Once you start listening you just have to respect her hustle, which is the point of her new song. It's called Respect My Hustle. Listen below.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(Official Video) Jennifer Hudson~ Walk It Out

"I know you want to take me to your room, and I wanna go your way." Jennifer Hudson is singing in her new song Walk It Out, but she's taking it to the next level in the music video. 

J-Hud is dressed to impress. That hair is styled to the Gods. Her outfit is on point, showing off just enough skin to let us know she has the figure that we all want to have. It's not exactly a love song, so the music video isn't either. 

J-Hud puts on some cut clothes with a fly pair of sneakers and does a lot of walking while a bare chested man follows her in an attempt to get what he wants out of her. Of course Timbaland is in the video leading the flirtatiousness off with, "And if I inconvenience you, you can have your way." Watch below. 

Zendaya Coleman Deserves To Play Aaliyah

Let's just say the producers of Aaliyah's Lifetime movie were not looking for a look-like. They weren't looking for someone who could just dance, or just sing, or just act. They were looking for a girl with many talents. Zendaya Coleman, simply known by her first name, fits the description.

At just 17 she's proven that she's a threat to many other stars and she's humble about it. Zendaya can model, dance, sing, and act. However, to the people that knows her she's just a hardworking and humble individual. For instance, this is exact how choreographer Will Adams described her in a tweet recently.

However, many people are forgetting that when you accomplish a goal you've worked hard on you should receive respect and admiration for it. Zendaya recently beat out many others for the role of Aaliyah on an upcoming Lifetime biopic. It was an achievement she should be proud of, but since the announcement people have gone out of their way to make the meanest comments. 

The first obvious complaint from lots of people was that she looks nothing like Aaliyah. Then people went on to question if Zendaya was even black, like that matters. The comments became so crazy that she responded via twitter. Her response was "I'm just a 17 year old girl who got cast to play one of her biggest inspirations #positive." How can you be mad at that? People still are. 

In the last 24 hours people have gotten so crazy with this, they've gone as far as finding out who else tried out for the part. Many have even announced that an actress named Lolita Price should have gotten the part. Supposedly, Price looks exactly like Aaliyah. However, that doesn't even matter. 

We shouldn't discredit Zendaya based on who else wanted the role. Maybe, just maybe, she was better than everyone else in the auditions. 
Via Her Twitter Page

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jo'zzy Tryna Wife Featuring Mase & Timbaland

"I don't need him. That means he tryna wife." Every time I hear Mase, I have a 90's flashback where him and Puffy Daddy was badly dancing in shiny warm-up suits. But this isn't the 90's and he's contributing his voice to a new song out called Tryna Wife by Jo'zzy.

Jo'zzy is a woman in power. She's written for several huge artists, but now she's stepping into the spotlight to officially shine. That track Tryna Wife also features Timbaland. Listen below.
I don't know why these artists are trying to convince us that men will want us if we don't need them.

Can We Talk? Tevin Campbell Is Performing Again

Black Music Month is in full effect. I may not know the words to every song that's been released since 1986, but I do know the words to every Tevin Campbell song. At least all the hit songs from back in the day can fly out my mouth just at the mention of a name.

For instance Tevin was caught performing live at BB King's last weekend. In the video he looks a little too skinny, but his voice is definitely still hot. Or maybe I was caught up in the lyrics. Watch for yourself. These songs were all released 20 or so years ago. Think about that.

Monday, June 16, 2014

(90's Remake) Candy Rain~ Anthony Lewis Ft. Sage The Gemini

"My love, do you ever dream of candy coated raindrops?" The remaking a 90's song is always either a hit or miss. This time a hit song was created with Soul For Real's Candy Rain.

Instead of the group reuniting, singer Anthony Lewis remade the track. Cali rapper Sage The Gemini also added some lyrics to the song, which gives it more of a fun vibe than a regular love song. Listen below.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Reflections In Pictures

Being alive is all about survival. However, living is all about creating memorable moments and leaving behind a legacy. Do you know what excites you? I get a high from spur of the moment adventures, writing, and finding new ways to network.

Sometimes being a star is all about doing something that's never been done before. Then sometimes staying in the spotlight is all about being as brave as the next person. Kim Kardashian knows all about this.

Kanye West is a creative genius and there is no other way to put it. Clearly, when I want to be I'm a creative genius too. What do you tell yourself to keep you motivated?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

(Music) Ruba~ Turn It Up

"Don't think we're done. Keep it going til we see the sun." There's a new artist on the seen and he's related to one of our favorite 90's singers, Shanice.

Great music is still around and artist are coming from everywhere to prove to us that it sill exist. Singer Ruba is one of those artist that is blowing us away with his voice and making us blush with his undeniably sweet personality. 

Ruba was first introduced to the world a few weeks back during the premiere of Flex and Shanice, OWN's newest reality show. However, he has vocal skills that are not meant to get stuck in the realm of reality television. Recently Ruba released the visuals for his song Turn It Up featuring Rapper Tahir Jahi. Listen below. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pastor Mason Betha's Latest Message To Us All

Pastor Mason Betha likes a woman that needs a nigga for nothing. Yeah, you read right. In his new song Nothing Mase raps about wanting a woman who knows how to spend cash, parties a lot, and doesn't need him. I think he even goes as far to make a strip club reference.

For a while Rapper Mase has been straddling the line that separates the church from the popular secular music he once made. But in the past year he's been in the media a lot. He's been doing interviews, getting back in the studio, and reconciling with different artists. However, what we have heard most is that he just got divorced from his wife. This has been a big deal because he and he wife were promoting being in a healthy happy relationship to their congregation. They can no longer do that anymore and maybe that is why everyone's favorite cute dimpled pastor has hopped all the way back on the secular train.

My thoughts on Nothing: The beat is hot, but like every other song on the radio the lyrics make no sense. Every man wants to be needed.

(Music) Be My Stripper~ Ken Randle

"Tonight let's stay in this room. Me and you and this Patron." Today I have a new song by Ken Randle just for you. It's called Be My Stripper and it leaves nothing to the imagination.

It's the time of strip club music. Every grandmother, mother, and daughter is being exposed to the kind of woman men want late at night when he's not at home. Every man, whether he's already had a wild lifestyle or he's been innocent, is feigning for the adult entertainment lifestyle after turning on the radio.

Ken Randle is definitely feigning and he even tells you exactly what he wants in Be My Stripper. On the track he's joined by Kirko Bangz. Listen below.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(Music) Cut Her Off~ Boosie, YG, & Too Short

#TwitterTales The HBCU Confessions Page

When you're a proud alum of a historically black college or university, the last thing you want to see is your college being talked about in a negative light. However, negativity is what keeps Twitter, USA alive and black universities got sucked into the drama recently after the @HBCUfessions twitter page was created.

There are currently over 300 tweets and most talk about women at HBCU's being THOTs. Some talk about men being the heauxs they are. A few speak respectfully of their schools. However, the majority of them are not how any of us would want to see our schools represented. Then again, I could be exaggerated. 

I did screenshots of several tweets. Read them and form an opinion. #HamptonU #TheRealHU is the very first tweet, so we can assume the person who operates the page went there. 

If you are entertained, there are more pictures just for you. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

(Music) Natasha Mosley~ Anything

"Anything she can do, I can do it too. Wait til we get home, boy I'm gone show you." While a lot of men go to the strip clubs for what they're not getting at home, singer Natasha Mosley has a song where she says she can compete.

"I'll twerk, twerk it, twerk it, left right twerk it. Throw it in your face." Natasha Mosley isn't intimidated by strippers. She's letting her man know she has all the moves to keep him entertained in the song Anything. I'm here for this song. Listen below.

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Check Out Rapper BMac The Queen

She's the female voice of HS87 crew, but being a woman surrounded by a bunch of men is no problem for rapper BMac.

She knows she is just as good, or even better, than the men around her. Watch the following video and learn all about BMac. Also, check out her skills and let me know if you like what you hear. She is definitely more hardcore than the women rappers we've been getting exposed to in the last couple years.

I used the above song to find something she was the lead in and not a feature.