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#FlexandShanice Love, Family, And No Space

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When real love comes to the television screen we watch. Well, when drama is showcased we watch too, but Flex and Shanice All In The Family is dedicated to showcasing their love for each other and their family members.

Flex Alexander is a big time actor who could be seen on many television shows from the last 90's to the early 2000's. One of his most memorable roles was as the father on UPN's hit series "One On One." His wife Shanice is best known for her powerful singing voice. She is among the most powerful singers from the 90's.  However, recently both haven't been seen often. While Shanice has been trying to re-up her career, Flex has only been seen in some straight-to-television plays. Now they are back and using the reality television show platform like many others.

With their great personalities and house full of people, this show is giving us so much. While watching Flex and Shanice, I had some thoughts.

  • Spending Cuts

The very first thought was they really cut down on spending. Then Flex announced in a confessional that they really went broke. This isn't Hollywood broke where a celebrity loses a house or two, but still has $20 million in the bank. They now live like some of my family members. However, Flex and Shanice have their whole immediate family living with them. They have absolutely no alone time.

New Music
Shanice was talking to someone in the music world and debuted a new song. That song is not in the internet streets, however. This does mean new music is soon to come. I'll wait.

  • Controlling Mommy Issues

There's a new mom on the scene and her name is Krystal Wilson. She is the mother of singer Shanice and she has jus as much personality as any other reality tv mom. On the very first episode Shanice fired her as her manager because of a rumor that Kenny Babyface Edmonds didn't like the management. Upon talking to him, Babyface gave her a professional answer of telling her to do whatever is best for her. However, you can't get rid of Krystal. Forget Brandy's mom. Krystal is the original momager and she stated that she's not going anywhere in so many words.
the family member with the dreadlocks

  • A Very Hilarious Family

They may have a lot of family members under one roof, but they clearly laugh together. The daughter of the household got a pimple of her forehead and locked herself in the bathroom. In an attempt to be an excellent father, Flex thinks it's her period and buys a million different kids of pads. He also brought balloons. The other men in the household shook their heads at it all. The son was curious what all the fuss was about. The oldest family member in the house started to give him the birds and bees talk, but he is clearly too young for that. He was still curious, so he opened a bag of pads and decorated himself in them. Girls will always be dramatic, but those men are something else too.

The final thought was that Flex and Shanice have real love. It takes real passion and commitment to create the kind of environment being broadcast to us.

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