Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Kisser (My Poem)

Listening to Usher's latest songs has inspired the freaky writer in me. Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Lashuntrice , Ms. Brady if you're nasty.

The latest poem was actually inspired by Usher's Good Kisser and Erykah's Badu's classic Kiss Me On My Neck. As you can also see I'm having fun with recording. It's not quite perfect yet, but neither am I. Enjoy the explicitness.

You’re such a good flirt
Saying all the right words
Talking about how I’m always on your mind
You know these herbs are rare
You can’t help but want your body all over my body
Feeling the softness of my skin
Ooh, I’m getting sensitive to your touch
As your mouth joins in on the fun
Turnin’ me on as your tongue caresses my neck
I can’t help but crave for you to go lower
Let’s have some fun up in my bed
Cause baby, these breasts were made for you to see
But even further below was made for you to explore
For you my legs spread wide
But before you put that dick inside
One minute, two minutes, three minutes
Don’t play with it
Put that tongue all the way inside
Eat it like it’s the best ice cream you’ve had in a while
Taste it like you’ve never had tea so sweet
You’re such a good licker
Forget about natural air
It’s my pussy you use to breathe
Smile, I’m all over your face

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