Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Would You Want August Alsina Touching Your Body? (Video)

There is a video where August Alsina serenades a fan on stage. While singing he has one arm wrapped around her shoulder and neck initially. Then he starts to move his hand down further to her breasts. He gets a good feel before she realizes what's going on and moves his arm. We can clearly say that the fan did not want the famous R&B singer feeling on her body. 
The exchange actually reminds me of the first time alone with a guy. Everything is all cool at first. Maybe things are a little awkward because you're trying to get to know him still and you might just know where his mind is going to. He's thinking about sex and all you can do is get ready to push the advances away once he starts. A good example would be Monica's song The First Night. 

Kim Kardashian and The Art of Selling Sex While Pregnant

If we didn't already know how selling sex works, Kim Kardashian West has shown us just that in the past couple years.

She's gotten into a relationship and married a man with a similar personality as her. With the help of her husband Kanye West, Kim has worn the wildest and most skin tight maternity clothes available, posed naked on the cover of a very popular magazine to show off her fabulous mommy figure, and continues to sell sex.
Ciara Mack 

In it's purest form, sex is meant for a man and woman to create this intense passion which leads to a baby. Sometimes sex does lead to pregnancy and once pregnant a woman's body goes through a whole lot while that child is growing inside of her. Those changes can also affect how she starts to feel about her body. Maybe she might not feel as attractive, but she has to keep up that appearance of attraction. This is what Kim and other women are doing. What do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Michael Sam and How Being Gay Influenced His NFL Career

In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show former NFL player Michael Sam talks about being gay and no longer being in the NFL.

In 2014 Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Around that same time he announced that he was gay and became the first openly gay football player in the league. His sexuality was broadcast to a higher level when ESPN caught him and his boyfriend kissing live on camera during the big day.

Media attention soon went from talking about Sam's sexuality to him no longer being in the spotlight as a football player. The team had let him go. Was he not a good football player? Sam admits that his skills were not getting better at the time. Did his sexuality influence his short-lived career? Watch the interview below where he talks all about his experience with football.

Initialize ads

It sounds as if he's still passionate about football so maybe we'll see him again in the future. He just probably should not broadcast his sexuality anymore when it comes to his career moves. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sevyn Streeter Makes An Updated Version of Brownstone's 'If You Love Me'

In the 90's there was If You Me by Brownstone and in 2015 there is Say It by Sevyn Streeter.

Usually remakes make us cringe in judgement as we prepare to hear someone tackle timeless music, there's no need to cover your ears this time. Say It is a remix that is both good and gives off vibes of love. Listen below.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gag Orders On Baby Mamas Mean Nothing, According To Laura Govan

Recently in an Instagram post Gilbert Arenas let the world know that he had a gag order on Laura Govan. His gag order had been placed during her Basketball Wives days so she wouldn't be revealing a lot on the show. However, his court ordered document means nothing to her.

Remember when gag orders meant something to the baby mamas of famous men? Our first acknowledgment of the power came from Royce Reed, one of the many mothers of Dwight Howard's children. Royce was one of the original cast members of Basketball Wives Miami. Many of us watched her because she graduated from the #1 HBCU and some watched her because she was a dancer that worked her way into basketball player money. The other women on the show didn't like Royce. Because she was a dancer who had gotten pregnant by a basketball player they saw her as a threat.

There was huge one problem with her. She couldn't talk about her life as the mother of a basketball player's child. She was the only one on the show not talking. Shauni O'Neal talked, Evelyn Lozada talked, and of course Tami Roman talked the loudest of all the women. Other women on the show talked too, but Royce tried to do something different. She either stayed defending herself against the other women or she focused on her career. Not once did she show her child or talk about her experience as a mother. It was all because Dwight had a gag order on her.

Later on down the line Royce did break the gag order by posting a picture of her son, but more drama between her and her baby daddy broke out from it. Too bad it didn't make television. However, she did show us just how quiet a gag order could keep a woman.

However, Laura Govan is a different type of woman. Laura and Gilbert Arenas had four kids together. She would have had a 5th, but a miscarriage occurred. After four kids, an engagement ring, and a miscarriage their relationship was officially over. Instead of taking her regular checks from Gilbert and going to a quiet place, both of them stay in the blogs arguing.

According to Gilbert, Laura takes stories about him and feed them to the media. According to Laura, he's a terrible person who cheated, had STD's, and had children outside of their relationship. Clearly in her world a gag order doesn't matter. She's not worried about the checks no longer coming or her ex suing her. Just look at her Instagram posts.

Picture above via Instagram.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Groove Fest Houston Review & Video

Groove Fest Houston happened for the first time and it was awesome. There were kids performing, a rapper, R&B singer, jazz band, blues singer and band, and of course one of our favorite neo soul artists, Dwele. The entertainment was on point. Even with it feeling like the city of Houston was in Hell (it was that hot), that outdoors concert was worth it.

Check out my video below of clips of different artists performing. Dwele invited a couple on stage for one of his songs and they definitely put on a show. 

When We're 'Making Love', R&B Artist Marquis Allen Sets The Mood

When you hear R&B artist Marquis Allen's song Making Love, you will be in the mood to have passionate sex. Via Urban Magazine, Allen's music "proves that soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics never go out of style." Below is an excerpt of his interview.

Name some of the artists who have inspired or influenced you. Tank, Avant, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, there are a lot of them. You see I grew up on them basically and always listened to them every day. Some say I have an Avant type of voice – smooth and sexy, but I don’t hear it. I just hear Marquis Allen.

How would you describe your style? My style is more of a 90’s vibe to it. Then again I am still young so I have to add some of the young flavor to my music once in a while. I’m really an old soul in a young man’s body.

What separates you from other artists? My music is relatable and real. My lyrics are simple but yet they still make you think. I speak truth, about my past or what someone else has been through but can’t sing it. In general, my style of trying to sing real R&B is what separates me.

The interview was done by BE'N ORIGINAL. Read the full interview at Urban Magazine and make sure you check out the song Making Love above. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#FreeTheNipples, Naomi Campbell Goes Topless On Instagram

Warning: The following contains Naomi Campbell showing her breasts to the world. Click read more to continue.

Walk No Shame, Amber Rose Is Reinventing The Slut Walk

Amber Rose is changing the meaning of the Slut Walk.

The slut walk is a march that started as a way for women to claim their bodies back after being sexually assaulted. It's about not using the way a woman dresses as an excuse for a man to rape her. Sexual assault does happen often and women don't have to show skin for it to happen either. Sometimes a woman is feeling herself and dressed for the world to see it. Other times she can be fully covered and some man will still think he has a right to her body. That's the only way I can describe it. Some men just think they have a claim to a woman's body whenever they want it.
Sexual assault is not something to play around with and that is where Amber Rose comes in. We don't really know what kind of message Amber Rose sends. One minute she's priding herself on having control of her body and the next she's mad because people are seeing her as only a sex object. One of those people is her ex husband Wiz Khalifa, who made a song calling her a hoe to the fullest extent. However, she's also a mother, the leader of her household, and a business woman. She's also taking pride in her body and the way she uses it to do her own version of the slut walk.

Don't be confused. Amber's slut walk is not about sexual assault. It's about taking pride in being a slut. Every single thing that a man might see as a woman being a hoe is going to be celebrated in her slut walk. She's also speaking to every woman who sits around and judges other women for the way they look. Even the walk of shame, which is a woman leaving a man's house the next day after a great night of sex, will be celebrated. In a Funny or Die clip below Amber proudly shows her walk that has no shame in it.

I have mixed emotions about all of this. I admire her for being able to take pride in her looks and not let anyone scare her into dressing like it's winter all year long. However, I also wish we could talk about growing up as girls, dealing with sexual assault, unwanted attention, becoming mothers, breastfeeding, navigating the business place, being on our periods, and anything else without it becoming a political statement. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Claim Him If He Belongs To The World? #LilWayne

The word on the internet streets is Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are over. However, did we really think they were a real official couple? I didn't.

Lil Wayne belongs to the world. Once upon a time he made a song called Every Girl. It was all about how he wants to fuck every girl in the world. There was no sugar coating it. Maybe some people thought of the song as just art, but 99% of the time these rappers mean what they put in their songs.

As of 2015 Wayne has four children by four different women. He's only been married once and never speaks of one day getting married again in his interviews. Maybe it's because no one ever asks the question. Although he and Christina Milian did that one horrible song together, we were never given any real signs that they'd last a long time. However, we were given a sign that she wasn't the only woman in the picture.

While Karrine Steffans has a history of falling for men that do her no good, she continues to get involved with these men. However, he relationships can never go on too long and Wayne is probably part of that problem. For years Karrine has been expressing her love for him. She has even written a book titled How To Make Love To A Martian, which was all about being with him. Her obsession with him has been the craziest, but somewhere in that obsession even Karrine recognizes that Lil Wayne does not belong to her.

Now I've met men that have expressed interest in me but in the same breath mention not wanting a relationship. I used to be want to give them a chance just because I had that yearning for a significant other, but now I realize there's no point. If his interests seems to always be in getting with every woman he finds pretty, then why try to claim him?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Help Me Stay Away From Misogynistic Views This Weekend

A beautiful Friday is upon us once again. 

This time last Friday I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to trick my sleeping pattern into letting me sleep through the night for a long work day on a Saturday. Ew, I know! 

Then upon getting a little less than enough rest that Friday night, I barely made it through Saturday. Upon getting off Saturday I should have fallen asleep but instead my tired body lost a battle with a curious and wide awake mind. That wide awake mind led me to arguing with men suffering from huge doses of misogyny. One of those men got blocked, but the views didn't end there. Those men kept their views going throughout the week, because in their minds only women are messy. 

For real, one of the men said he likes married women because to him married women have less opinions than us single women. 

That brings me to my point. As this beautiful weekend off falls upon me, I plan to spend it enjoying myself. I'll sleep until the afternoon on Saturday, smell the roses, maybe go window shopping at the mall, or find myself in a free lounge on Saturday. Whatever happens the plan is to stay away from the misogynistic views that some of these men have. 

Okay, maybe a lounge is a good place to meet up with misogyny, but at least I don't have to listen to the men speak. 

P.S. The guy in the photo may or may not fit into the category of misogyny. He's actually someone that was nice enough to let me live out my fantasy of being a club photographer and take a photo of him. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#HollywoodDivas What The Hell Happened? Season 2 Review

Since joining reality television, the Hollywood Divas have started going strong on movie sets throughout Hollywood. So what the Hell happened for these women to have so much tension toward each other during the 2nd season? Here's my review of each woman and what we saw happen with them. 

Countess Vaughn:
While season one was all about the making of the White Sisters, Countess Vaughn cared more about getting thin. Although she knew she had the movie coming up, she scheduled an appointment to get liposuction. At the beginning of the 2nd season Countess shows off her new body by taking sexy pictures. Her favorite of the pictures was her posing in a thong. While the internet went wild once the picture was released, Countess was Stevie Wonder to it all. Throughout the reason of the episodes Countess seemed to be getting her acting career back on track and adding a real singing career to her resume. That didn't stop her from caring what the other women thought though. 

Elise Neal:
One of the women Countess wanted to dig her nails into was Elise. Instead of hearing Elise say stuff, she kept hearing rumors and falling for them. It didn't matter much for Elise though. Her face was seen the least because she spent a great portion of the season doing what she gets paid to do. Elise has a role in a 2015 movie titled Ladies Book Club. We can assume that was one of the projects that kept her off camera. She also mentioned being in a play this year, which is called Love Don't Pay The Bills. The play was in Dallas, which is probably why we saw no clips of her performing. The camera crew was not traveling. When Elise did return to the Los Angeles, she was sucked right on into the drama. 

Although we know friendships don't exist in reality television, the people in front of the cameras keep trying to convince us that there are friendships there. Elise and Golden Brooks were doing that initially, but then their friendships ended over what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation on the Tom Joyner Cruise. 

Golden Brooks:
If we didn't learn anything else about Golden, we learned to not discuss our views of children in front of her. If you disagree with Golden, don't even bring up kids in her atmosphere. She and Elise were supposed to be friends. However, when Elise made a statement saying she wanted to be married before birthing any children, Golden was pissed. Golden was so pissed that she held onto the anger for the rest of the season. 

The cruise happened last April, but I'm not sure when the taping of the season stopped. Oh, and I was rooting for Golden until she pulled that messiness. Okay, so you don't like someone's views on children. Why the Hell would you lie on them about other stuff because of that? 

Lisa Wu:
Speaking of lying, lets all cheer for Lisa Wu as an actress. Lisa had to go through all the woes of dealing with these crazy ass women. She couldn't tell the truth from the lies when it came to doing business with them. She didn't understand that you can't steal money on a project that has no money attached to it. The only person that seemed to get paid from The White Sistas was Lisa's manager and that's because he wasn't a part of the actual crew. 

Lisa overcame it all though. She can now be seen on TV One's new show Born Again Virgin. She's a real actress y'all. 

Paula Parker:
Paula Parker's acting career is on track too. I saw her on a terrible 2014 play that came on TV One or Centric. I can't remember the channel or the title of the movie, but it was horrible. However, she had a leading role so that means something. 

Paula made a huge transition in this 2nd season of Hollywood Divas. She started off by lying to each woman about other women. Then she transitioned to getting counseling and being in a better place in her marriage. 

Char Jackson:
Let's not forget about Char. She officially became an unofficial cast member. That means she had a lot of television time, but probably wasn't getting paid for any of it. 

One thing is clear. Todd Tucker (Kandi Burrus husband) abandoned his original format for the show. It was supposed to be about four actresses bonding while trying to get their careers back up. Now it's as ratchet as ratchet television can get. Wait, ratchet television can always get more ratchet. 

Season 2 reunion airs tonight. Will you be watching? I don't have cable, so I'll play catch-up at a later time. 

Don't Promote Protecting Police Officers or Women In Public Places

Recently a Houston officer was murdered while getting gas at a gas station. The officer was not on duty at the time. He was just an ordinary citizen doing what all of us have to do when our gas tanks get a little low. He wasn't bothering anyone and no one should have bothered him. But of course crazy people will do what they want. The killer was caught quickly, but the story was played on the news everyday until the officer's funeral. (I think the story is still playing on the news.) Then the funeral was publicly aired for everyone to see. The situation was overall tragic, but news stories that aren't needed have come from it. 

Do police officers really need protecting? They are the ones that are paid to protect us. However, a story of a deputy constable and a teen made it's way to the news. This constable happened to be a woman doing the same thing the murdered officer did. She was at the gas station when a boy walked up to her saying he just wanted to protect her while she got gas. Sounds creepy, doesn't it? In telling the story she admitted she was kind of creeped out, but she let him stand there. Afterwards the boy walked off, but she caught up with him and took a selfie with him. The story wouldn't have been good without a picture to match it. While she and many other people seemed excited over what happened, not all of us were. 

Look, no one has ever offered to protect me while I was getting gas and I don't want them to either. 

I've had the man that asked for money because rent was almost due and he didn't have enough. Why would I help someone out with their rent when no one is helping me? I give him some bucks and next thing I know I can't make my own payments. Nah!  

There was a guy that asked if I would put $2.50 in his gas tank so he and his daughter could get home and that didn't even make sense. I wasn't dumb. I didn't see which car he came from. That area is also notorious for the scam artists. Their car stories are so crazy that you don't know if they are for real or if they are trying to kidnap you. They used to walk up to my job area with the car schemes, but ever since we started having a security guard on the premises they've disappeared. 

There was a guy who played hide and seek with me when I was trying to get gas and that was weird. I think he just wanted to see what I looked like, but from his original spot he couldn't get a good luck. When he noticed that I saw him he spoke. He said, "You look nice," and then turned around and got in his car. 

These were all during the day too. Do these stories sound like something to be proud of? See the officer that was killed was a man, but the officer in the news story is a woman. Not only does it make it look like officers need heavier protection now, but it makes it look like us women need even more protection since shit is happening in this huge world. 

What do you think about this situation? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beauty Behind The Madness (Short Review)

When you combine love, sex, drugs, and save the pain for later you get Beauty Behind The Madness.

Beauty Behind The Madness is The Weeknd's new album. Describing it as the best album of 2015 would be an understatement. It's amazing. Acquainted is my favorite song.

I Joined A Dating Site (Meld)

There is this dating app called Meld. This app is made for Black professionals to meet. It's located on iTunes and really easy to find. Meld connects your LinkedIn job description with five photos from Facebook. Then you start looking at profiles. This was my first time trying online dating, so learning about this app was exciting. I quickly downloaded the app, joined and started looking at profiles.

Initially I was excited at the profiles I could view. I was embarking on a journey of discovering men that I otherwise never would have known about. However, upon finding out I could only view five profiles in a 12 hour period, it became less fun.

Then I ran into another problem. The way this app works is you have to meld or pass. If you meld with a person and they meld with you, then you can chat with them. However, you have to like each other's profiles. The curiosity of waiting for a guy's whose profile I had already liked to do the same to mine was initially cool. There was a thrill to it, but then after two days I remembered that I'm an impatient person.

Also two men had clicked that meld button on my profile, but it was taking forever for me to find their profiles. I could have sped up the process by paying iTunes to see who they were, but paying to see a man that isn't naked doesn't work for me. I've never paid to see one naked, but you get the point.

The part of this dating app that drove me crazy was the connection part. I actually connected with a guy. His profile said he was a sports reporter. I didn't message him when the connection was made, but within a couple hours the connection disappeared. I'm still confused on that.

The thing about this dating app is I wasn't looking for a boyfriend or future husband on it. I just wanted to meet new men. I wanted to get absorb some of their personality, have a little fun, and maybe get new writing material for a possible story. Meld may not have been the place for that. I'm going to try plenty of fish next and report back to you all with what happens.

Friday, September 4, 2015

T.D. Jakes Talks With Angie Stone and Her Daughter Diamond

Remember the time Angie Stone knocked the teeth out of her daughter's mouth?

We've all heard parents make those threats to beat us for doing little to nothing at all. Some children did deserve those threats, but most parents who knew better wouldn't actually act out on what they were saying. There is a certain organization called CPS (child protective services). If they do it as an adult, there are police reports and way too much drama to bring the family together on peaceful times. For Singer Angie Stone, hitting her daughter Diamond caused a lot more drama.

Picture a daughter who has some broken teeth, cops trying to figure the whole situation out, attorneys, the regular media, and online social media. The situation isn't just a matter of jokes later on down the road about what a mother did to her daughter as punishment. Their relationship was totally torn apart.

T.D. Jakes attempted to mend their relationship on his show that is of course named after him. Watch it below to see if he made a difference.

When He Likes That 'Black Ice Cream' (Raheem Devaughn Song)

Like Black Ice Cream...

Summer time has an ending, but ice cream is good throughout the whole year. But you know what's better than ice cream? SEX! That is exactly what Raheem Devaughn is talking about in his song, Black Ice Cream.

Often times we women complain that there aren't enough representations of Black women in music videos. However, Raheem Devaughn always shows us love. In fact his leading women in the Black Ice Cream video are chocolate sisters that look sorta like me. He's a freak too.

Watch the video below. I'm going to find a man that wants to taste me like some ice cream.