Friday, September 11, 2015

Help Me Stay Away From Misogynistic Views This Weekend

A beautiful Friday is upon us once again. 

This time last Friday I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how to trick my sleeping pattern into letting me sleep through the night for a long work day on a Saturday. Ew, I know! 

Then upon getting a little less than enough rest that Friday night, I barely made it through Saturday. Upon getting off Saturday I should have fallen asleep but instead my tired body lost a battle with a curious and wide awake mind. That wide awake mind led me to arguing with men suffering from huge doses of misogyny. One of those men got blocked, but the views didn't end there. Those men kept their views going throughout the week, because in their minds only women are messy. 

For real, one of the men said he likes married women because to him married women have less opinions than us single women. 

That brings me to my point. As this beautiful weekend off falls upon me, I plan to spend it enjoying myself. I'll sleep until the afternoon on Saturday, smell the roses, maybe go window shopping at the mall, or find myself in a free lounge on Saturday. Whatever happens the plan is to stay away from the misogynistic views that some of these men have. 

Okay, maybe a lounge is a good place to meet up with misogyny, but at least I don't have to listen to the men speak. 

P.S. The guy in the photo may or may not fit into the category of misogyny. He's actually someone that was nice enough to let me live out my fantasy of being a club photographer and take a photo of him. 

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