Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kim Kardashian and The Art of Selling Sex While Pregnant

If we didn't already know how selling sex works, Kim Kardashian West has shown us just that in the past couple years.

She's gotten into a relationship and married a man with a similar personality as her. With the help of her husband Kanye West, Kim has worn the wildest and most skin tight maternity clothes available, posed naked on the cover of a very popular magazine to show off her fabulous mommy figure, and continues to sell sex.
Ciara Mack 

In it's purest form, sex is meant for a man and woman to create this intense passion which leads to a baby. Sometimes sex does lead to pregnancy and once pregnant a woman's body goes through a whole lot while that child is growing inside of her. Those changes can also affect how she starts to feel about her body. Maybe she might not feel as attractive, but she has to keep up that appearance of attraction. This is what Kim and other women are doing. What do you think?

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