Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#HollywoodDivas What The Hell Happened? Season 2 Review

Since joining reality television, the Hollywood Divas have started going strong on movie sets throughout Hollywood. So what the Hell happened for these women to have so much tension toward each other during the 2nd season? Here's my review of each woman and what we saw happen with them. 

Countess Vaughn:
While season one was all about the making of the White Sisters, Countess Vaughn cared more about getting thin. Although she knew she had the movie coming up, she scheduled an appointment to get liposuction. At the beginning of the 2nd season Countess shows off her new body by taking sexy pictures. Her favorite of the pictures was her posing in a thong. While the internet went wild once the picture was released, Countess was Stevie Wonder to it all. Throughout the reason of the episodes Countess seemed to be getting her acting career back on track and adding a real singing career to her resume. That didn't stop her from caring what the other women thought though. 

Elise Neal:
One of the women Countess wanted to dig her nails into was Elise. Instead of hearing Elise say stuff, she kept hearing rumors and falling for them. It didn't matter much for Elise though. Her face was seen the least because she spent a great portion of the season doing what she gets paid to do. Elise has a role in a 2015 movie titled Ladies Book Club. We can assume that was one of the projects that kept her off camera. She also mentioned being in a play this year, which is called Love Don't Pay The Bills. The play was in Dallas, which is probably why we saw no clips of her performing. The camera crew was not traveling. When Elise did return to the Los Angeles, she was sucked right on into the drama. 

Although we know friendships don't exist in reality television, the people in front of the cameras keep trying to convince us that there are friendships there. Elise and Golden Brooks were doing that initially, but then their friendships ended over what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation on the Tom Joyner Cruise. 

Golden Brooks:
If we didn't learn anything else about Golden, we learned to not discuss our views of children in front of her. If you disagree with Golden, don't even bring up kids in her atmosphere. She and Elise were supposed to be friends. However, when Elise made a statement saying she wanted to be married before birthing any children, Golden was pissed. Golden was so pissed that she held onto the anger for the rest of the season. 

The cruise happened last April, but I'm not sure when the taping of the season stopped. Oh, and I was rooting for Golden until she pulled that messiness. Okay, so you don't like someone's views on children. Why the Hell would you lie on them about other stuff because of that? 

Lisa Wu:
Speaking of lying, lets all cheer for Lisa Wu as an actress. Lisa had to go through all the woes of dealing with these crazy ass women. She couldn't tell the truth from the lies when it came to doing business with them. She didn't understand that you can't steal money on a project that has no money attached to it. The only person that seemed to get paid from The White Sistas was Lisa's manager and that's because he wasn't a part of the actual crew. 

Lisa overcame it all though. She can now be seen on TV One's new show Born Again Virgin. She's a real actress y'all. 

Paula Parker:
Paula Parker's acting career is on track too. I saw her on a terrible 2014 play that came on TV One or Centric. I can't remember the channel or the title of the movie, but it was horrible. However, she had a leading role so that means something. 

Paula made a huge transition in this 2nd season of Hollywood Divas. She started off by lying to each woman about other women. Then she transitioned to getting counseling and being in a better place in her marriage. 

Char Jackson:
Let's not forget about Char. She officially became an unofficial cast member. That means she had a lot of television time, but probably wasn't getting paid for any of it. 

One thing is clear. Todd Tucker (Kandi Burrus husband) abandoned his original format for the show. It was supposed to be about four actresses bonding while trying to get their careers back up. Now it's as ratchet as ratchet television can get. Wait, ratchet television can always get more ratchet. 

Season 2 reunion airs tonight. Will you be watching? I don't have cable, so I'll play catch-up at a later time. 

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