Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Walk No Shame, Amber Rose Is Reinventing The Slut Walk

Amber Rose is changing the meaning of the Slut Walk.

The slut walk is a march that started as a way for women to claim their bodies back after being sexually assaulted. It's about not using the way a woman dresses as an excuse for a man to rape her. Sexual assault does happen often and women don't have to show skin for it to happen either. Sometimes a woman is feeling herself and dressed for the world to see it. Other times she can be fully covered and some man will still think he has a right to her body. That's the only way I can describe it. Some men just think they have a claim to a woman's body whenever they want it.
Sexual assault is not something to play around with and that is where Amber Rose comes in. We don't really know what kind of message Amber Rose sends. One minute she's priding herself on having control of her body and the next she's mad because people are seeing her as only a sex object. One of those people is her ex husband Wiz Khalifa, who made a song calling her a hoe to the fullest extent. However, she's also a mother, the leader of her household, and a business woman. She's also taking pride in her body and the way she uses it to do her own version of the slut walk.

Don't be confused. Amber's slut walk is not about sexual assault. It's about taking pride in being a slut. Every single thing that a man might see as a woman being a hoe is going to be celebrated in her slut walk. She's also speaking to every woman who sits around and judges other women for the way they look. Even the walk of shame, which is a woman leaving a man's house the next day after a great night of sex, will be celebrated. In a Funny or Die clip below Amber proudly shows her walk that has no shame in it.

I have mixed emotions about all of this. I admire her for being able to take pride in her looks and not let anyone scare her into dressing like it's winter all year long. However, I also wish we could talk about growing up as girls, dealing with sexual assault, unwanted attention, becoming mothers, breastfeeding, navigating the business place, being on our periods, and anything else without it becoming a political statement. 

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