Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Joined A Dating Site (Meld)

There is this dating app called Meld. This app is made for Black professionals to meet. It's located on iTunes and really easy to find. Meld connects your LinkedIn job description with five photos from Facebook. Then you start looking at profiles. This was my first time trying online dating, so learning about this app was exciting. I quickly downloaded the app, joined and started looking at profiles.

Initially I was excited at the profiles I could view. I was embarking on a journey of discovering men that I otherwise never would have known about. However, upon finding out I could only view five profiles in a 12 hour period, it became less fun.

Then I ran into another problem. The way this app works is you have to meld or pass. If you meld with a person and they meld with you, then you can chat with them. However, you have to like each other's profiles. The curiosity of waiting for a guy's whose profile I had already liked to do the same to mine was initially cool. There was a thrill to it, but then after two days I remembered that I'm an impatient person.

Also two men had clicked that meld button on my profile, but it was taking forever for me to find their profiles. I could have sped up the process by paying iTunes to see who they were, but paying to see a man that isn't naked doesn't work for me. I've never paid to see one naked, but you get the point.

The part of this dating app that drove me crazy was the connection part. I actually connected with a guy. His profile said he was a sports reporter. I didn't message him when the connection was made, but within a couple hours the connection disappeared. I'm still confused on that.

The thing about this dating app is I wasn't looking for a boyfriend or future husband on it. I just wanted to meet new men. I wanted to get absorb some of their personality, have a little fun, and maybe get new writing material for a possible story. Meld may not have been the place for that. I'm going to try plenty of fish next and report back to you all with what happens.

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