Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Don't Promote Protecting Police Officers or Women In Public Places

Recently a Houston officer was murdered while getting gas at a gas station. The officer was not on duty at the time. He was just an ordinary citizen doing what all of us have to do when our gas tanks get a little low. He wasn't bothering anyone and no one should have bothered him. But of course crazy people will do what they want. The killer was caught quickly, but the story was played on the news everyday until the officer's funeral. (I think the story is still playing on the news.) Then the funeral was publicly aired for everyone to see. The situation was overall tragic, but news stories that aren't needed have come from it. 

Do police officers really need protecting? They are the ones that are paid to protect us. However, a story of a deputy constable and a teen made it's way to the news. This constable happened to be a woman doing the same thing the murdered officer did. She was at the gas station when a boy walked up to her saying he just wanted to protect her while she got gas. Sounds creepy, doesn't it? In telling the story she admitted she was kind of creeped out, but she let him stand there. Afterwards the boy walked off, but she caught up with him and took a selfie with him. The story wouldn't have been good without a picture to match it. While she and many other people seemed excited over what happened, not all of us were. 

Look, no one has ever offered to protect me while I was getting gas and I don't want them to either. 

I've had the man that asked for money because rent was almost due and he didn't have enough. Why would I help someone out with their rent when no one is helping me? I give him some bucks and next thing I know I can't make my own payments. Nah!  

There was a guy that asked if I would put $2.50 in his gas tank so he and his daughter could get home and that didn't even make sense. I wasn't dumb. I didn't see which car he came from. That area is also notorious for the scam artists. Their car stories are so crazy that you don't know if they are for real or if they are trying to kidnap you. They used to walk up to my job area with the car schemes, but ever since we started having a security guard on the premises they've disappeared. 

There was a guy who played hide and seek with me when I was trying to get gas and that was weird. I think he just wanted to see what I looked like, but from his original spot he couldn't get a good luck. When he noticed that I saw him he spoke. He said, "You look nice," and then turned around and got in his car. 

These were all during the day too. Do these stories sound like something to be proud of? See the officer that was killed was a man, but the officer in the news story is a woman. Not only does it make it look like officers need heavier protection now, but it makes it look like us women need even more protection since shit is happening in this huge world. 

What do you think about this situation? 

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