Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gag Orders On Baby Mamas Mean Nothing, According To Laura Govan

Recently in an Instagram post Gilbert Arenas let the world know that he had a gag order on Laura Govan. His gag order had been placed during her Basketball Wives days so she wouldn't be revealing a lot on the show. However, his court ordered document means nothing to her.

Remember when gag orders meant something to the baby mamas of famous men? Our first acknowledgment of the power came from Royce Reed, one of the many mothers of Dwight Howard's children. Royce was one of the original cast members of Basketball Wives Miami. Many of us watched her because she graduated from the #1 HBCU and some watched her because she was a dancer that worked her way into basketball player money. The other women on the show didn't like Royce. Because she was a dancer who had gotten pregnant by a basketball player they saw her as a threat.

There was huge one problem with her. She couldn't talk about her life as the mother of a basketball player's child. She was the only one on the show not talking. Shauni O'Neal talked, Evelyn Lozada talked, and of course Tami Roman talked the loudest of all the women. Other women on the show talked too, but Royce tried to do something different. She either stayed defending herself against the other women or she focused on her career. Not once did she show her child or talk about her experience as a mother. It was all because Dwight had a gag order on her.

Later on down the line Royce did break the gag order by posting a picture of her son, but more drama between her and her baby daddy broke out from it. Too bad it didn't make television. However, she did show us just how quiet a gag order could keep a woman.

However, Laura Govan is a different type of woman. Laura and Gilbert Arenas had four kids together. She would have had a 5th, but a miscarriage occurred. After four kids, an engagement ring, and a miscarriage their relationship was officially over. Instead of taking her regular checks from Gilbert and going to a quiet place, both of them stay in the blogs arguing.

According to Gilbert, Laura takes stories about him and feed them to the media. According to Laura, he's a terrible person who cheated, had STD's, and had children outside of their relationship. Clearly in her world a gag order doesn't matter. She's not worried about the checks no longer coming or her ex suing her. Just look at her Instagram posts.

Picture above via Instagram.

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