Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Living a Life Of Never-Ending Goals

I have this issue with talking about my goals. You've probably heard everyone say stay quiet about your future accomplishments until you've actually gotten them done. Some people say that to shut you up, but others really want to see what you've done instead of what you want to do. My mind doesn't work that way though. I have to talk about what I want to eventually happen.

And talking is what I do when I feel frustrated or too comfortable. Then my talking gets thrown in my face because the big stuff hasn't happened yet.

I want to move, but I haven't moved yet. Instead I've done a little bit of traveling and currently have no money to keep taking trips to the places I want to be in. However, because I've been talking about moving for a while, it gets thrown in my face that I haven't. Yet I can't stop mentioning it when I get the chance to.

Other than moving, I want that picture perfect family. I can't say that I've done a lot of dating, but I've met a lot of men. Some I've dismissed almost as soon as they said hi, but others I've gotten to know enough to where they clearly weren't the ones to start that family with. I have at least one friend who tried to hook me up with a guy. This particular guy was totally opposite of what I was looking for. I wasn't into long-distance relationships, but he was long distance. He was a cousin of her husband's. She knew that I was into more adventurous guys, but this guy lived in a small city where he had a simple lifestyle. Oh, and the only fun we would have together would be in conversation through the phone. He wasn't about to leave his small town life to actually meet me and I had no interest in traveling to a small city. My friend took my lack of interest in him as me just running away from the good men. Others have taken me being single still as me not really wanting a relationship.

There is so much more that I want. Once upon a time I dreamed of having my own place. I hated roommates throughout my college years, but I always had one. It wasn't until I moved back to Houston that I couldn't wait any longer. I put my idea of saving enough to leave Houston to the side to get an apartment of my own in the city. I didn't want to be in the suburbs. Now there's more pressure. Some people, such as my parents, think I should be looking for a house. Others are actually purchasing homes, which adds to the pressure. I'm still holding onto my plans to leave, but haven't figured out how I want to do it yet.

I still have more plans on my mind, such as becoming an author. Every writer wants to be an author and then internet has made it easier for anything to get published. I'm not trying to rush. However, I do know that once that goal and others get accomplished new goals will follow. If you didn't know before, I'm a dreamer who never stops dreaming.

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