Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When We're 'Making Love', R&B Artist Marquis Allen Sets The Mood

When you hear R&B artist Marquis Allen's song Making Love, you will be in the mood to have passionate sex. Via Urban Magazine, Allen's music "proves that soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics never go out of style." Below is an excerpt of his interview.

Name some of the artists who have inspired or influenced you. Tank, Avant, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, there are a lot of them. You see I grew up on them basically and always listened to them every day. Some say I have an Avant type of voice – smooth and sexy, but I don’t hear it. I just hear Marquis Allen.

How would you describe your style? My style is more of a 90’s vibe to it. Then again I am still young so I have to add some of the young flavor to my music once in a while. I’m really an old soul in a young man’s body.

What separates you from other artists? My music is relatable and real. My lyrics are simple but yet they still make you think. I speak truth, about my past or what someone else has been through but can’t sing it. In general, my style of trying to sing real R&B is what separates me.

The interview was done by BE'N ORIGINAL. Read the full interview at Urban Magazine and make sure you check out the song Making Love above. 

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  1. Congratulations keep it up we need more LOVE songs like this!! Proud of u