Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#CrazySexyCool, The Problem With Telling Your Side...

Of The Story...days ago TLC's movie Crazy Sexy Cool movie premiered on Vh1 with 4.9 million viewers tuning in.

It was a huge success for the network. The movie was great, the casting was excellent, and it took everyone down memory lane. TLC was a music group that influenced a lot of our lives. In fact I didn't realize until the movie that I knew the words to every song mentioned. As much as the movie influenced a lot of people, it also pissed people off. See we saw the faces of Drew Sidora, KeKe Palmer, and Lil Mama as they played T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye. If Left Eye was alive, she'd be proud of her role in the movie. The others were definitely happy. However, the people that ended up mad were Pebbles and Crystal Selene Jones.

Both Pebbles and Crystal Selene Jones are currently rumored to be seeking legal counsel. Well, Pebbles has tweeted about it. They are both mad because they think they were portrayed horribly in the movie. You watched. Pebbles was a hardcore manager that gave them $25 weekly food allowances, toy cars instead of money, and constantly tried to hide their contracts from them. As messed up as it sounds, we already knew 90's music labels were super hardcore. Too many artists back then came up broke after selling millions of albums. They told their stories. It's written in history books. However, Pebbles can't handle seeing it for herself because it makes her look bad. How she looks shouldn't matter though.

This is where the problem with telling your side of the story kicks in. Someone will always be mad when you tell your truth. This was the TLC story. It was their experiences starting 20 years ago when they followed their dreams and became legends. It was their story that aired Monday night. It was not the Pebbles story. If she wants a movie about her own life, she can do it her way. Someone needs to tell Pebbles that even if the movie was inaccurate, trying to sue TLC will make her look even more money hungry than the movie did.

Why can't we just tell our stories with no repercussions? Sometimes you just have to release those thoughts that have been bothering you for so long. If I want to write about the jackass that wanted sex, but didn't want to take me on at least a date in exchange then it's my choice. He shouldn't feel the need to get mad because I'm telling my truth. If I want to talk about the people who made me feel awkward as a kid, I should be able to. It was my feeling and they can't argue how I felt. We should be able to tell our stories freely, but that is not always the case.

Crystal Selene Jones is rumored to be getting ready for a lawsuit against the group also. She really shouldn't do it. Many of us had never heard of her before this movie. She should use the platform to show the world she can really sing. There is nothing of her on youtube or google. Maybe she can come out with her own movie "Almost Had It, The Crystal Selene Story: How A Woman Went From Auditioning For Pebbles to Just Another Face In The Crowd." Instead she is being petty.

One day we'll be able to tell our stories freely without anyone stepping in to complain. Today is not that day.

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