Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Shacking In The Bible? + Preachers of LA Is Receiving Mixed Reviews

Since the premiere of Preachers of LA everyone has had some input. Some people are hung on the real controversial words of these recognized pastors, while others are with their actions.

Many familiar names like Bishop T.D. Jakes and Gospel singer Fred Hammond have expressed their views. While Pastor T.D. Jakes is against the show, Fred Hammond has expressed his support of the show via twitter. Below is what Jakes said. You can find Hammond's comments on

Now while the Bishop has some points on material possessions, there are more serious issues being discussed on the show. For example if a man of God goes in the wilderness with his bible as protection, does he also need a gun? The bible teaches us to love and fear God, but one of the pastors also carried a gun on his mission for protection. Then there's a bigger issue that is going to be touched on more in upcoming episodes. That issue centers around shacking up, fornication, and ideas of dating and courting, and marriage. This is wild, but from the second episode of POLA I found out a little about how these preachers feel on these ideas. Not all of them are bible related. 

  • Minister Deitrick Haddon believe shacking is permitted until God

I love Deitrick Haddon. Of all the pastors, he is the most turnt up. They're all passionate, but he's willing to argue even when he has nothing to fall back on. He's intense and in the second episode of POLA, Haddon went real deep when he touched on shacking. 

"What does shacking have to do with anything?"-- Pastor Haddon

In case you missed it, Deitrick couldn't wait to put a ring on his lady's finger before impregnating her. Since they already made the steps when the show started recording they were living together. They're reason for not rushing into marriage is because he did it once before and it ended in divorce. He is not your traditional pastor. In fact, he so 21st century that he embraces the idea of shacking up just as much as Oprah hates the idea of marriage. 

Okay, the can of worms that he opened up about shacking up was it's lack of mention in the bible. Is this true? Is shacking up not mentioned in the bible? 

  • Pastor Jay Hazlip Is Very Traditonal

While Pastor Hazlip's marriage was not discussed exactly, he dealt with meeting a man who was once a woman and member of his church. It was hard for him to deal with. He goes by he bible word for word. This showed up that he is a man who believes whole heartedly in what God wants. 

  • Bishop Noel Jones Loves The Single Life

Forget about man and woman becoming one. Noel Jones says the single life is where it's at. He was married for 22 years and it ended in divorce. The reason was because he dedicated his life to working. Noel does have a woman, Loretta, on she show, but they are title-less. I thought only younger immature men did that title-less shit mess. I wonder if they are having sex too since all other ways of going about the relationship under God has been thrown out the window. I don't know what exactly is going on, but Noel talks like a 20-year old afraid of commitment. 

"We're just discussing whether or not we're going to do something special. We haven't defined special. We're trying to work out special, and I'm feeling noose-ish."- Bishop Jones

In the show he also mentioned that getting married again is a job and he's not trying to retire just to work again. "Do I see myself getting married after I retire, then why would I retire? I'm leaving one job for another." 

  • Bishop Ron Gibson Is Very Traditional 

Bishop Ron Gibson married his high school sweetheart Lady LaVette Gibson and they've been together ever since. He's very traditional. In fact he's trying to guide Deitrick in the right direction by giving marriage guidance to him. 

"Your reputation is what people think about you, but your character is what God thinks about you."- Bishop Gibson

In the last five seconds all I could say was "WHOA!" I'm tuning in for more of this worldliness preaching. BTW, I looked up shacking in the bible. It's not directly looking, but it is considered a sin in the eyes of the beholder. How do you feel about Preachers of LA? 

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