Friday, July 30, 2010

Week In Review (Some of This Week's Forgotten News)

This is basically news/gossip that I heard this week, but chose not to talk about until now. First was the latest craziness surrounding Foxy Brown.

Recently she reverted back to her old ghetto self and started arguing with her neighbor. In the midst of the argument she decided to reveal her ass. That's the lowest sign of disrespect. The dispute ended with the cops going to her house and breaking it up. However, that's not the end of it. Today she made her way into the media again because of a fight she was involved in last night. The difference between the earlier drama and last night is she abandoned the scene before the cops showed up.

Also in this week's news...

Kanye West decided to entertain the nerds that run facebook. This happened on Tuesday and in the video some of the nerds actually seemed entertained. Could this be a new way of Kanye getting more publicity or is he trying to expand his audience? He also hit up the nerds of twitter so I think he was trying to expand his audience.


Brandy made several blogs when she was photographed in a cute dress and some cute white shoes.


After watching an old school video, Got To Be Real, for the first time I found out that Smooth (known as MC Smooth at the time) was 8 months pregnant. I can't tell. Can you?

And finally...

I've been ignoring this, but I must mention it now. People are still talking about Tiny and T.I. and how they finally got married. After two kids and several affairs T.I. finally decided it was time to settle down and put a ring on Tiny's finger. Wait, let me rephrase that. After several affairs and two kids Tiny was happy to marry T.I. I could say so much to this, but I'm going to just stop and say I hope they work out.

A Dollar?

I'm pretty sure this picture is old, but I saw it on someone's facebook page recently. P.Diddy is looking at the bill as if he's never seen a bill that small in his life. However, I can understand his state of confusion because nothing costs a dollar anymore. The dollar menu at McDonalds isn't even a dollar.

Height Doesn't Mean A Thing

Sometimes I feel inferior to others because of my height. I'm only 4'10. There are moments when I feel that my height gets in the way of people respecting me as an adult, people seeing me as an adult, and men seeing me as the strong woman I am. However, when I look at a cute couple like Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony (who just recently got married) I know that height doesn't mean a thing.

Chris Brown's New Tattoo

Chris Brown has a new tattoo. Recently he posted the picture up on his twitter page. The only problem is I can't figure out what it is.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty Girl Swag

"This right here is my new hairdo, different color nails, got a mean shoe game. It's Rasheeda mane and I'm off the chain"

LOL, I love Rasheeda's music.

Searching For My Star

After thinking of several name (and seeing that several names were taken) I finally came up with a new name for my blog. It's called Searching For My Star.

While the name has changed the blog will still contain the same content, so readers I am not going to change up any topics on you. I might come up with new ones if they pop into my head.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chasing The Stars...New Blog Name Coming Soon

Soon I'm going to change the name of the blog. I've thought about changing the name for a long time and earlier today I came up with the perfect name.

It will be called "Chasing The Stars."

I think that name is more appropriate because Hollywood life is what I write about most. Even when I'm talking about myself I reference myself as if I'm one of the rich and famous. Although I'm making the change soon, I'm still keeping my poet name which is "Miss Too Sexy."

White Girl

There's this new video by Trina called "White Girl." It's all about having fun and partying like white girls. I don't know if white girls really party harder than us black girls, but if they do I want to party like them too. The video looks fun.

Chris Brown and Usher

Chris Brown uploaded this picture to his twitter earlier today.

 I love it. The moment was really captured.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ricky Rozay Shows Off His Jewels

Last night Ricky Rozay, aka Rick Ross, showed off his chest and jewels on twitter.

I wonder how much all of that cost.

Foxy Brown In New York Last Weekend

This is Foxy Brown last night at a concert in New York.

I suppose if I had a body like hers I'd have nothing but tight clothes in my closet to show off my figure. I do love the blue nail polish and the outfit does look cute from the side.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Lebron Way Or The College Way?

Recently Lebron James became a controversial household name because of his decision to play for the Miami Heat. During this ordeal I listened to everyone's opinion of what he should have done. After hearing several opinions I was confused. I didn't know whether to agree with those who were made at James or those that were overjoyed with his decision. However, now I'm starting to agree with the choice that he made. This is why.

While still in high school James became a household name because of his skills in basketball. Then while only 18 he was the number one pick in the 2003 NBA Draft by Cleveland Cavaliers. Before he even started his basketball debut in the NBA he signed a $90 million contract with Nike. Since then James has also gotten endorsements with several other companies, such as McDonalds and State Farm Insurance.

James started off with the Cleveland Cavaliers. While with them he became Rookie of The Year (2003-04), NBA Most Valuable Player for the last 2 years in a row, and he got payed pretty well. If he's spending his money right he'll never have to work another day in his life after he retires from basketball. James has received lots of success since he career started. The only thing missing for him was a championship ring. That's when his latest controversy hit. Some people feel he decided to get traded to the Miami Heat for more publicity and others feel it was because he wanted to get a ring.

On the other hand I'm just a college graduate who will soon have a lot of loans to pay back. Before I graduated high school my parents had already decided the college they wanted me to go to. They'd decided I would get my bachelors and then head straight back to get my masters. They decided that as soon as I graduated I would have jobs lined up and they probably even made up their minds that I would be back in Houston. Well not all of their plans worked out.

I went through 5 years of college to receive my bachelors degree. The only thing is I graduated at a time when the economy was awful and working for free was a challenge. While applying for free (unpaid internships) jobs and paying jobs I started to realize that I could have started my career straight out of high school. Most of these jobs don't ask for college degrees. They ask for degrees or lots of work experience. Even applying at a grocery store requires years of already working at a grocery store.

I think my life would be a lot different if at 18 I would have had colleges and jobs recruiting me. I would have chosen the money over the loans. In fact I could have learned to operate a camera much faster and have produced a lot of McDonalds commercials by now. I could have already had the most valuable short films by now. I could have even been a published author by now. My parents know my dream of being an author. The  only thing they don't seem to grasp is it costs money to make money. Well they understand that, but they don't understand that I can't just get published for free. If they did understand that maybe I would have been working already. Majoring in broadcast journalism was hard, so it would  have been impossible to work and try to graduate in 5 years. I know students there who have been working since they were 18 and they are going on their 6th year at the school because doing both is hard.

 I do have a college degree, but I've learned that the only difference between working at 18 and going to college is you collect debt doing one. Someone ask Lebron James about debt and he might not even know what it means.

Weird Dreams

This morning when I woke up I remembered a dream I had last night. The dream was weird. It was like it was playing with my unconscious thoughts. See, this is what happened.

In the dream I was preparing for church. When I was outside of the church everything was fine. However, when I stepped inside the church the worse possible thing happened. I looked down at myself and realized I was topless. I had no shirt or bra on. Everything was hanging out. I became embarrassed and nervous at how people would respond once they noticed. I saw a girl near me and asked for her jacket. Then the dream became odder.

She wanted to know why I needed it. I told her why as I tried to cover myself up. All she did was laugh. I didn't understand it because being topless in a church is not a laughing matter. I grabbed her jacket before she stopped laughing and ran out of the church. I went to my car and changed clothes. That's when things got weird once again.

At the car I found a t-shirt that was too big for me. I took off my pants and put on the t-shirt. Then I walked back into the church and felt comfortable. Then I woke up. The only problem with the ending is no one wears just a t-shirt to church or anywhere else.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stuff No One Told Me

A couple of minutes ago I discovered my new favorite blog. It's called "Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway)" It features pictures with funny phrases that make a lot of sense. Here are some of them.

They're cute, right?

The Reality Is...

I live at home with my parents.

My parents don't understand me.

I'm 23 and I've never had a relationship.

Men make me feel shy.

Every time I develop a hint of a sex life something happens to ruin it.

I'm afraid to splurge because I might not be able to stop once I start.

Sometimes I find comfort in loneliness.

I'm a good girl gone bad.

Well I'm only bad in my imagination.

The things I write about is how I wish my life was.

Well, on the other hand I don't want to birth a white baby.

Sometimes I just want to sleep.

I sincerely believe reality is overrated.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Nicki Minaj released her video for "Your Love" today and she definitely has eye candy, aka Michael Jai White, in it.

Just looking at his picture gives me chills.

Am I Black Or White?

Throughout history children of mixed races have had more trouble than others when it came to figuring out where they fit into society. They've also struggled with figuring out what race to claim. At one point in time people who were mixed with African American blood tried to pass as white (or another race) because they were ashamed. However, lately it has come to my attention that many people, even if they have no hint of African American blood in them, love to claim that they are part African American.

It's actually easy to spot a mixed person. No matter how light their complexion, most of the time an African American does not have to say anything to prove their race.

However, what does a blond haired blue eyed white complexioned child do to prove that they are in fact black?

I'm sure that child is going experience many times where people are going to assume she was adopted.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Palm Reading (Trying Something New)

Earlier today someone posted a twitter status about getting their palms read. They had not done it in a while, so they felt it was time to get their palms read again.

Palm reading is something that I've always been curious about. The thought of it scares me a little, especially after watching Eve's Bayou years ago. However, one day I will be brave enough to get it done.

The first step is finding a person to read my palms. Maybe they will tell me all the good stuff about my future. Nothing bad, please.

Shawty What's Up

There's this new artist Dondria and she's growing on me. This is her new video "Shawty What's Up."

DONDRIA "SHAWTY WUS UP" OFFICIAL VIDEO from Jermaine Dupri on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cracked Frame-- Abstract Poem

Earlier today I decided to do some free-writing. I wrote a poem with a lot of detail and then while editing I decided to take most of the detail out of it. I then came up with an abstract poem titled "Cracked Frame." I hope you enjoy it. 

Cracked, no broken
Perfection coming from one view
Vision is blurry
Head hurts
Looking in the mirror
Is that me?
Closing my eyes
Sight is distorted
Not ready
Health is gone
Free no more
The government’s calling
911 help me
The government is stalking me
Dollars magically appear
The real world
Never ever ready
(You have to)
Time to work
Confusion is sad
Got to get this fixed
What’s perfection’s number?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Feelings-- An Old Poem

While cleaning up in my new room I found a collaborative poem I wrote with a girl named Nida in high school. The poem actually surprised me because it's about a girl who is in love with a guy who has fallen out of love with her. The reason that's a surprise is because I never had a boyfriend in high school. I only crushed on them. I guess it was a fear of rejection. However, the poem does express how much I, and the other girl, thought about love.

By Nida and Lashuntrice (aka Miss Too Sexy)

Feelings are quiet words
Standing there. Shadows in the heart
All I can do is stand there
Why don't you look at me?
Are you just shy or is there something wrong with me?
I can still remember the way things were
I remember the times we shared
I could really tell you cared
I miss you,
You should come to me
If you love me still.

Lonely Loner On The Pursuit Of Happiness

Kid Cudi

I don't quite understand his name or even his style for that matter, but I think he's amazing. He dresses out of the norm. He sings about real life stuff. He using his personality to separate himself from the rest of the world. Actually I think he's the male version of me. Each of his songs speaks how I am feeling.

 I'm a lonely loner on the pursuit of happiness. I don't know whether I will find happiness, but I won't stop trying. 

"Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we actually can never have it, no matter what." -The Pursuit of Happiness

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Favorite Show

Last night I watched this show called "Covert Affairs." The show is about a woman who is still hurting from a previous lover and decides to join the CIA. She feels the CIA will keep her from ever getting her heartbroken again. In the episode (which is the first of many) she gets shocked at and cons her way through many  areas in order to get her job done.

The show is good and I think it's one of my new favorites. The only thing I didn't like was the sappy love part. I'm definitely looking forward to next Tuesday's episode.

Single Black Female

This is a classic by Lil Kim that will forever be relevant.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There Goes My Baby

I love when a man brags about his woman and that is why I love Usher's new video "There Goes My Baby"

The Other Woman Part 1 And 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem called the Other Woman Part 2. It was about a girl whose boyfriend was cheating on her and she didn't want to lose him. After writing it I realized I had never put up part 1. Part 1 is based on the sideline chick wanting to trade places with the girlfriend. 

The Other Woman Part 1

Falling in too deep 
But still trying to keep my head above water 
However, he’s making it hard 
Cause I’m still feeling the pleasure from last night 
How he kept kissing me softly 
Never on my mouth 
But wherever his lips were 
They felt good 
He started on my neck 
Sucking until he gave me a hickey 
Then slowly he started working his way down my body 
Planting soft kisses on my breasts 
And then trailing his lips down further 
He stopped at my belly button 
And licked 
And licked 
And licked 
Until pleasure surged through my body 
Then he was ready to go down further 
And I was nervous 
But at the same time excited 
We had done this many times 
But still I played it like it was my first 
Let him help me remove my pants 
And rip my panties off 
And when I was naked he dived in 
Was ready to taste my juices 
And taste is what he did 
He licked, tasted, sucked, and tasted some more 
And I caressed his head 
Rubbed and pressed on him harder 
As I came and I came some more 
And when he was finished 
He was ready to dive in further 
And I was ready for him 
To feel his hardness inside of me 
And as he entered 
I caught myself whispering 
“I love you, 
Never want you to leave me” 

But today is a different day 
And as I feel myself falling too deep 
Starting to drown in 
I catch myself 
Remind myself 
He’s with her now 
The other woman 
She’s chillin’ with him 
Laughing as they watch 
For The Love of Ray J 
Cooking his favorite meal 
I don’t even know what that is 
She’s doing his laundry 
And cleaning his house 
Voluntarily playing wife 
While I’m stuck at home 
Sittin’ by the phone 
Waiting for his text 
That says he’s ready for more 

She doesn’t know about me 
And neither does his friends 
See me and him were never supposed to happen 
But one class assignment 
Forced us to exchanged numbers 
And during one meeting 
We were supposed to discuss the assignment 
But talking lead to touching 
And touching lead to kissing 
And kissing lead to… 
Fucking, which is now the depth of our relationship 

And unfortunately I want more 
Want to know his hopes and dreams 
What makes him happy 
And what makes him sad 
How to stroke his ego 
Without first stroking his 
And most importantly 
I want to switch places with her

I decided to post this because a lot of people saw it on my facebook profile and are still talking about it. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Groupies-- The New In Thing

As each new day approaches I'm being reminded that it is still a recession and jobs are still hard to come by. I'm continuing to apply to as many jobs as I can while thinking of other options. The other options that are being presented to me all involve giving up my dream for the moment. There are people telling me to go to grad school (which I'm tired of school), people telling me to teach, and people telling me to go into a totally different field (such as banking). Then there's that phrase that keeps popping up over and over again.

It's becoming a groupie (also known as a gold digger). 

While being a groupie has been around since the beginning of time, it became popularized this year with the show "Basketball Wives." The majority of these "wives" were never even married to the basketball players that they had relationships with at one point in time, but they were still rich. None of them were hurting for money. However, although they were living their lives lavishly off of basketball players they once claimed they loved, they were always quick to call other women groupies. They despised groupies because the groupies were the ones their men were cheating on them with. 

However, unlike women with college degrees who are having to settle for low paying jobs, such as a McDonalds employee or a starbucks employee, groupies aren't worrying about money. Groupies are getting the same treatment as wives, sometimes even better treatment. They are getting a roof over their heads, food to eat, money to buy only the latest styles out, and lots of publicity. In fact, the public is making them even richer. If you don't believe me ask Katstacks how much richer she has gotten in the last few months. 

Groupies are living the best lives and they are not even worrying about what a college degree is going to do for them. In fact groupies are the new "in" thing. I think I'm about to jump on the bandwagon and become one before being a groupie goes out of style. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too Much Future In The Present?

Can thinking about the future too much hurt your present?

Lindsay Lohan hasn't went to jail yet, but she's already trying to profit from an interview she will do afterwards. To be exact she wants $1 million for an interview on the day she is released. That's great, but she hasn't done any time yet. She's still free to live life the way she wants (minus alcohol and other drugs) until she has to start her time. However, she's focusing on profiting on time she hasn't done yet. Is thinking about the future hurting Lohan more?

Clearly she will get $1 million from someone from that interview. She started off as a child star, which means there will always be a  reason for the cameras to be on her and her money to keep flowing. However, I'm just a college graduate trying to live out my dreams. I'm imagining that one day I will have my own talk show, my own editing company (videos and books), and my name will be in several books in all the top book stores. That's how I'm picturing my future, but the reality is I'm broke and I'm depending on my parents. I never imagined it would be so hard to find a job, but it is.

At the beginning of the summer I went to a club. While at the club I let go of all my worries and had the time of my life. The girls that I was with thought I was a little wild. However, I had to be wild because I was letting go of the stress from the past and forgetting the stress that the future would bring. That really was a fun night. However, since then my mind has been on the bills that are awaiting me in the future, the job that I don't have yet, the city that I don't live in yet, and moving back in with my parents (which is something I never wanted to do). I love my family, but I love my own space more.

So much has been on my mind that days like that night at the club seem to be gone. I don't know how to enjoy the moment with all of the pressures from the future on my mind. I can only hope that this lack of excitement doesn't hurt me in the long-run.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

At The Expense Of Someone Else

Sometimes I wonder if a man purposely tries to hurt a woman's feelings or if he is just trying to get stuff off of his conscience. Either way it's cruel. While he may feel better afterwards, the girl is left to find the pieces of her broken heart by herself.

P.S. Men stop breaking our hearts if we don't ask for the truth. Some things really are better when left unsaid.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strippers To Stay Clothed?

It's hard out here for a pimp, but it's becoming hard for the people that are being pimped too. By this I mean it's becoming hard for strippers in Mississippi. While strippers are notorious for getting paid to dance seductively while taking all of their clothes off, a law being passed in Mississippi could prevent strippers from doing their job.

According to CNN the law would prevent strippers from taking their clothes off, touching patrons serving drinks, and staying open past midnight. This means that horny men would have to result to going home to their wives or watching porn with their pets. This law could also effect 3,000 people's lives. Not only would the people be effected though. Strip clubs bring Mississippi $4.5 million in sales tax, so if the law goes through the state might lose some money.

This news is actually funny. Who would ever think strippers could be prevented from getting naked and why is their closing time the same as a teen's curfew?

Friday, July 2, 2010

BET Petition

There's a petition going around trying to shut down BET (Black Entertainment Television).

BET, founded by Robert Johnson, is the first television network dedicated to entertaining African Americans. This year BET is celebrating 30 years of being on television. However, there are some people who are not pleased with the network at all. They have gone as far as to start a petition to get rid of the network. Their reasons for getting rid of BET is that it does not educate African Americans anymore.

                                BET Petition
We Are In Need Of Educational Programs On Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.)

Many African American's have a big issue with BET Networks. Anyone with common sense can see that BET is no longer a channel dedicated to uplifting, informing and educating African American's, it's now a channel that is based on makingmoney off our ignorance, and stupidity. What's funny is that a large portion of black people are the ones keeping the ratings up for this channel. They enjoy watching shows that highlight negative images about us.

BET is a business out to make money, and they are NOT in the best interest of a small portion of people--meaning US. The fact is MORE Black Americans like BET than those Black Americans that don't. BET isn't appealing anymore, and haven't been in over 10 years. The percentage of those who aren't satisfied with BET is small compared to those who are. Let's change that!

I don't understand why these people are getting so worked up. You don't see white people putting together petitions to shut down MTV.