Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cedric The Entertainer

Poetry is words without the music behind it, so don't sleep on poetry. As a matter of fact go write down how you feel and it might just turn out to be a poem.

In this video is a poem Cedric The Entertainer wrote to the poets.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Poem

Life is all about finding yourself, right?
So how do you
In a world where people tell you to
Dress up
Wear a nice suitable dress
Or buy a 3 piece suit
Make it look nice
If you want to succeed in life
Gotta look the part
But all you can think is
Uncomfortable on me
So you throw on some short shorts
And a tight shirt
Heard that’s what all the men like
And you can get a job later
Focusing on the man is what happening now
But the men look at you as just another hoe
Don't hear a word that came out your mouth
All they see is your big juicy lips
Nice sized breasts
And the way your hips switched from side to side
They chew you up and spit you out
Or should I say take away the innocence
you choose to give them without getting anything in return
Oh wait, you were supposed to get the pleasure
But the pleasure from the man is lost when you find out you gave a valuable part of yourself with no cost…
You turn mean…
Start dogging out every man that comes your way
You aint nothing but another mothafuckin bitch ass nigga…
Is what you say
You’re now wearing a lot of flared out jeans
And t-shirts
Just a real laid back comfortable style
You think can’t nobody touch you now..
Yeah, for the first time in life you feel like you’re finding yourself
But low and behold
You already know the saying
With friends like these who needs enemies
And to think listening to others is what got you in this situation in the first place…
But you listen to your friends
They want you to be more like them
Nothing you do is right
So you follow in their light
Once again losing yourself in the process…
And as you’re doing this you start to realize
Maybe life is'nt about finding yourself…
Maybe it’s about becoming someone else

written by Lashuntrice, 2009

Sista Queen

Those people that know me knows that I'm not the average girl (whatever that means) so I don't take advice from the average girl....

I do however take advice from those real strong women like Sista Queen

Check her out in this video from Def Jam Poetry
Poem Try Being A Lady


Lately I'd been having problems with a girl who was supposed to be a friend. Well, she'd been very self-centered and called herself trying to change me. She'd touched my stuff without asking me and then tried to take credit for words that were mine. She'd been pushing my buttons for a while, but the last and final time was when she called me with mess right as I was getting out of church. I was still in the church parking lot. I hung up the phone on her because she was getting on my nerves.

At one point in time I would have been nice and let her walk over me, but a lot of situations have happened in my life to the point where I cannot allow that now. Even more I have a friend (we've been friends since we were 9 years old. We grew up in the church together. She'd been having problems with one of her roommates for a little while. My advice to her was to not let her roommate take advantage of herself. I'd been through the drama so I wanted to see my friend stand up for herself.

Looking at her situation and all I had been threw I was not going to let this girl take advantage of me. I was not going to fall into the trap of letting someone else control my life. I decided to follow my own advice.

To everyone out their follow your own advice. Don't let someone else control your life. Do what makes you happy.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Like many people I'm about to take a second and use this blog as a quick diary. At the beginning of the year I set several goals. I don't quite remember what all them were but one was to get on stage and recite a poem. Well...
Tonight, July 23,2009, I got on stage and recited my poem titled "Love." It was my first time ever going on stage. I was nervous. I did not know what the crowd would think of the poem. When my name was called to go on stage I started to feel colder. I knew everyone could tell I was nervous, so when I got on stage I told them not to pay attention to my nervous. Just listen to the words and they did just that. I heard people shaking their shakers during certain words I said and I heard the shakers as I walked off stage. This meant that they loved my poem. After the show was over someone came to me and told me they really liked my poem. I felt great because I knew I had accomplished something and someone had liked it. It was only my first time so I'm still not as good as some of the poets that get on stage every week but I hope to get to their level one day. Actually I'm thinking about getting on the stage again next Thursday.

I have a section on this blog titled "Without The." So far I have put great things about the Internet on it, but getting on stage and reciting poetry could just be the next addiction I talk about...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black Beauty

I created my Black Love section in honor of Black Marriage Day, which is the 3rd Sunday of every month, but it has been brought to my attention that there are many African Americans that need to see many forms of black love.

In the 1990s sitcoms, such as Moesha and Living Single, flourished. In these sitcoms children and young adults could watch successful beautiful black women. Now other than Tyler Perry sitcoms and Jada Pinkett Smith acting, it is rare to see a show featuring a beautiful black woman. Instead kids and adults are getting this idea that Miley Cyrus is the idea of beauty..

Well, starting today I'm going to try my hardest to keep black beauty alive by posting up pictures of beautiful black women....

Today's feature women are India Arie and Kim Fields


Kim Fields


When I'm most tired
All Alone
And feel like I have no one to keep me going....
I escape reality...
Go to a far, far awwwwwaaaayyyy place....
That type of place that can only be found in a good book...
And right about now...
I'm at that breaking point...
Like headaches all around....
So time to excape...

Everybody In The Church Aint Saved by Patti Trafton
.When you think of the church you think of a place where you can excape and just focus on God. You think of a place where all your troubles dissappear. Well, in this book the church is where everyone's issues are laid out in the open.

After getting in trouble for being late to choir practice several times, three girls leave their church and join the Love, Joy, Peace, and Deliverance Community Choir. This choir is filled with a lot of unsaved people. They like to party, cuss a lot, and a number of the men are gay. Since the girls feel they are not ready to be saved they join the choir. There they get in touch with their deepest issues, become saved, and realize God's ultimate plan for them.

This is not just another christian book. It uses cuss words, slang (words those people tend to use within their circle of friends), and it does not hold back any type of drama. It'll make you see the church in a new light and this is why you should read it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only Cute When You're a Child..

As I was reading facebook statuses earlier today I realized something. It is very important to educate our kids. While math, science, and foreign language is imporant children also need to know about the history of their culture or they grow up with the most outrageous thoughts. Keep reading and you'll see what I'm talking about.

As I mentioned earlier I was looking at facebook statuses. One facebook status was written by a black man who (every chance he gets) loves to express his love for white women. Whether he likes women in other races the world does not know. In this status he was naming off names for his future children. At the end he expressed that he was happy he was having mixed (biracial) children.

After going to an HBCU (Historical Black College and University)I've learned that slaves black women had no choice in having sex with their white slave masters. These slave masters did this just because they could. The mixed children born in slavery were considered black and technically had no fathers. Some of these mixed men and women developed a mind set that they were better than darker skinned blacks because the lighter the skin color the easier life was for these people.

Even after slavery this mentality continued. While studying Booker T. Washington I learned the whites rejoiced on his intelligence simply because he was mixed. They thought he was smart simply because his father was white.

Also, in history the whites have not been the only ones separating themselves from blacks. Light skinned blacks and mixed people with black in them have separated themselves from the darker skinned people because they thought they were better (slavery played a role in this mentality).

I recently read a book called "Everybody In The Church Aint Saved." In this book one of the women marries a light skinned man. This girl is dark skinned but their skin tone is not a problem. However, the man's sisters have a problem with her because of her dark skinned. Eventually she puts them in their place by telling them if it was still slavery they could be lynched just like her. Although this is a fiction book, it was written and published in 2008 and fiction books are examples of how people think.

I could go on and on, but I'll end it with this. He may have thought what he said was cool and his immediate friends may have laughed, but he knows better. We get taught about our past for a reason, so we don't make the same mistakes...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim

In my last "Ordinary People" section I posted a quote pertaining to marriage. Well, women want men to marry them because to a woman it shows that no other woman can top her when it comes to pleasing him...

To express this I have chosen Mary J. Blige's song..


Nate Kofa

Why are women always pressuring men into Marriage? Women I’ma tell you women a little secret, the only reason Men get married is so we don’t have to wear Condoms any more!
---Nate Kofa


DROP DEAD DIVA is Lifetime's newest series. On this show a girl who is shallow and very skinny dies in a car accident. At the same time a lawyer dies after being shot in the office. The skinny girl goes to the gates of heaven gets mad at her gatekeeper and presses a return button. This return button sends her back down to earth, but in the body of the lawyer who is overweight and lacking in confidence.

No one knows who this woman really is except for her best friend and her gatekeeper (who has actually become her guardian angel because of her behavior). She is now a different person in every aspect of her life. She still has the memories from her life as a skinny woman, but she has to function a lot differently. She is now making a living helping others, but she is trying to find out how to help herself and gain a new confidence.

This show is really good. It makes you question who you are and where you are in life. It makes you question what you are doing to make others happy and are you really happy with yourself. It is a real eye opener and that is why this show is worth watching. It comes on Lifetime Original Network every sunday at 9pm est.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tyra Banks..

When texting and writing on the internet words can come across as either meaner or more sexual.

Tyra Banks said this on her show yesterday when referring to texting. I decided to add the internet to it too because this problem occurs on social networks too.


Earlier today I turned to Dr. Phil. On this particular episode there was a guest on. This guest had a problem with her diet and eating. She said she always had food with her. She said she even stored food in certain places so if she got hungry or just felt like eating the food was there. She told Dr. Phil she knew she had a problem. She said at one point she thought maybe if she started smoking she wouldn't eat so much. Interesting, isn't it?

I stopped watching the show after that, but what she said made me think of conversations I'd have with different people. One conversation may have been about boys. In this conversation a girl may have said in order to not think about boys she would find herself a hobby to be a distraction. This sounds reasonable, but this conversations about boys and the woman's mentioning of smoking in order to avoid eating brings a question to my mind.


People do this all the time. The woman on the Dr. Phil show was trying to distract herself from dealing with her eating problem by thinking about maybe starting to smoke. Single women always try to distract themselves from thinking about relationships by finding hobbies. People try to distract themselves from their insecurities by pointing out other's problems. Even when people ask for advice more times than not they do not want the advice.

So, why are we running from our issues? These are just my thoughts but if you don't want to hear any advice don't ask for the advice and definitely don't surround yourself with people who will give you advice anyway. If you know you need help deal with it. Don't try to run from your problems. It doesn't work. They issues always pop up at a later date.

Last but not least LIVE YOUR LIFE...Deal with your problems and be happy. It's the best way to be.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today's episode episode of Tyra was about teens who are sexting (texting sex messages). While this issue is serious because it involves children the video I'm about to show is not....

So, check it out.


The Wendy Williams Show

If you thought The Tyra Show was crazy Wendy Williams now has her own talk show on BET to prove to you she can be crazier. On this show Williams talks about all the latest celebrity gossip and makes sure the world knows her opinion on every one's lives. Everything she says is hilarious (and not to mention ghetto). Plus, the people in her audiences have opinions of their own and each and every person in the audience has unique personality of his/her own.The Wendy Williams Show has no real message behind it, but her personality leaves it very entertaining, which is why you should watch. It comes on weekdays at 11 est.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pet Peeves (Money)

MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND...Many people would probably argue that the statement above is not true, but it is. Money controls our everyday actions.
At the beginning of every month rent is due on an apartment or house. There is a monthly bill for communicating on the phone. It costs money to eat. Since the recession hit (depending on the club) it costs money for women to go to the club and it's more expensive for men.

Money is an essential need to survive and it controls our moods. Having money means excitement, joy, independence, etc.

Having no money means feeling sad, depressed, etc.

Money either gives us a perception of maturity and responsibility or worthless and dependence and this is why it is a pet peeve of mine...

Money leaves me feeling great because I know it's there and I know all my responsibilities will get taken care of. Then again, money leaves me miserable because either I don't have enough of it or I don't have any of it (and depending on others is not always the answer).

I hate money cause it continually sends me on an emotional rollercoaster that will probably never end.

Now for a song...
This is not a hip hop song at all, but it gets my point across.
Blur-Money Makes Me Crazy

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have mixed feelings about this song. When originally hearing it I didn't like it because it reminds me of the Oedipus complex, but the more I listen to it the more the song grows on me.

Also we all knew Twista was good, but the girl singing chorus is talented...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If nobody is hating then you must be doing something wrong...Have you heard that phrase before? I remember hearing it several times through k-12th grade. Since I've been in college the phrase hasn't been as prevalent, but haters have. Seems like every time I turn around there is either someone hating or someone claiming they are being hated on.

For a while I thought haters were a huge problem, but after an experience recently I came to a realization.

YES!!! People in America are obsessed with the thought of hating. People in America need at least one person who hates them. Before you react just think about it.

*People ask others to judge them (usually this is done so someone will eventualy say something negative.)
*People use haters as an inspiration (I've heard a lot of people get praised for all the good accomplishments they made, but they only began to realize their talents when someone said something mean to them.)
*Everything can be going right in someone's life, but if no one says anything negative to them they feel everything is wrong..
*People love drama. It's shown on tv. Art does imitate life.

So, do you feel as I do? Do people really love hating or is it just a misconception?

Here's a clip on Katt Williams talking about Haters...

Friday, July 3, 2009

A First Date No-No

One first date no-no is...
Do not ask a male what he does for a living.

This question makes men feel like...
-They are being interviewed and a date should not feel like a job interview.
-The woman talking to them is a gold digger and women do not like to look like they are only after a man's money.

Now go out on a date, have fun, and avoid the question of what a man does for a living...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's a new month and the second half of the year. The new fiscal year has begun, which means new rules for every state. However, that's not the best news of the year....
The BET Awards happened last Sunday and lets just say that's an awards show that will be remembered for years...
During the awards show Tiny from Xcape advertised for her show Tiny and Toya, which premiered on June 30th. From watching the commercials this show seems to be just another waste of time, but it is pretty good...

You have Tiny who's biggest issues does not seem to be T.I.'s prison time. Instead, she is battling with the fact of T.I. wanting her to be a stay at home mom and her urge to be a working woman...

Then there's Toya, who is Lil Wayne's ex-wife...Toya knows what a good life feels like so she is trying to rescue her mom from a life of drugs. She is also trying to be a better mom and friend to her daughter than her mom was to her....

There are a lot of people consumed with wondering what happened to Tiny's face. I admit it does look bad, but when you really look at the plot it is kind of sad and moving. If you watch Tiny and Toya you might just find yourself crying for them and hoping that their situations get better...

Tiny and Toya comes on Tuesdays at 10pm est

Here's a song...

In The Rain by Xscape