Monday, July 27, 2009

New Poem

Life is all about finding yourself, right?
So how do you
In a world where people tell you to
Dress up
Wear a nice suitable dress
Or buy a 3 piece suit
Make it look nice
If you want to succeed in life
Gotta look the part
But all you can think is
Uncomfortable on me
So you throw on some short shorts
And a tight shirt
Heard that’s what all the men like
And you can get a job later
Focusing on the man is what happening now
But the men look at you as just another hoe
Don't hear a word that came out your mouth
All they see is your big juicy lips
Nice sized breasts
And the way your hips switched from side to side
They chew you up and spit you out
Or should I say take away the innocence
you choose to give them without getting anything in return
Oh wait, you were supposed to get the pleasure
But the pleasure from the man is lost when you find out you gave a valuable part of yourself with no cost…
You turn mean…
Start dogging out every man that comes your way
You aint nothing but another mothafuckin bitch ass nigga…
Is what you say
You’re now wearing a lot of flared out jeans
And t-shirts
Just a real laid back comfortable style
You think can’t nobody touch you now..
Yeah, for the first time in life you feel like you’re finding yourself
But low and behold
You already know the saying
With friends like these who needs enemies
And to think listening to others is what got you in this situation in the first place…
But you listen to your friends
They want you to be more like them
Nothing you do is right
So you follow in their light
Once again losing yourself in the process…
And as you’re doing this you start to realize
Maybe life is'nt about finding yourself…
Maybe it’s about becoming someone else

written by Lashuntrice, 2009

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