Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspirational Poem For The Future: Yesterday I Committed A Murder

(Disclaimer: This is a repost in case you didn't read it before)
During the 2010 year I wrote what I'd have to say was some of my strongest poems. One in particular was called Yesterday I Committed  A Murder. After writing it I was in awe of what I read. Even now when I read it the passion that I put into it at that moment still inspires me. Since my 2010 resolution was to inspire someone else I'm posting it again. Enjoy and have a great 2011

Yesterday I Committed A Murder
Yesterday I committed a murder, risked receiving twenty to life, all for a glimpse of excitement, wanted to see what it was like to live the Barbie lifestyle, throw on my blonde wig, ride out reckless and wild, but no Ken for me. Instead seduce the Wayne’s, Diddy’s and then kick them to the curve for my own television show. After all p*ssy rules the world, so I’d use my sex and have all the guys on TV screaming “THAT’S A MILLION DOLLAR GIRL.” Have my motto be “I’m so bad, I’m so hood, I’m the girl yo’ man wish he could,” work my way to the top using the road other girls would rather not travel, then jump just to see what it feels like to fall, but the fall wouldn’t happen because someone would catch me, put a mic in my hand, stick me in front of an audience to reveal the secrets to success, but I wouldn’t be a success. More like a hot mess, but hot mess sells. Thinking of the entertainment industry as I talk, I would tell them to kill their goals of being doctors, lawyers, and counselors and instead go for the next female rapper or video girl or Barbie like me. Money over everything would be so embedded on me that people would have no choice but to call me the baddest b*tch, worship every ground that I walk on, and try to imitate my style. They wouldn’t be able to copy me though, cause I’d be so off the wall I’d have Oprah in awe. I’d be so praised committing that murder would be more than worth it; killing the innocent, scared little girl would pay off; killing the boring, monotonous, tiresome, always stuck in the same routine girl would be the best thing in the world. Yesterday I committed that murder; decided I wouldn’t do twenty to life cause barbies aren’t fit for prison. Instead I jumped, discovered happiness, and found out taking the risk of falling might be the best thing that ever happened to me. 

P.S. For 2011 I'll have a part 2 to the poem. 

A Lesson To Remember From 2010

A Lesson To Remember From 2010
(Inspired By Trey Songz and Random Events)
"You don't know how this pressure be. I guess I got some stress in me."- Trey Songz

For my readers, I'M BACK. I hope you enjoyed my Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards (if you read any of the categories). I'll make another have another awards at the end of next year. Anyway I've been figuring out a good way to interpret this year. It's been crazy. The beginning of the year was great, because I was looking for to graduating from college, but after that things went 180 degrees.

That's why it's been so important to interpret the year of 2010. This year was the beginning of a new decade, so maybe that's why my expectations for myself was so high. It was also the year I graduated and was expected to begin my career. 2010 was also the year to figure out exactly what kind of effected the messed up economy would have on me. More than anything else this year was the year that I decided to focus 100% on my writing. I don't know what it was about 2010, but I couldn't interpret it until I heard Trey Songz song SK shit.

That's where this year's lesson comes in. It's short and  it's simple. It's what 98% of the world does.

"When life starts to confuse you get lost in music."- Me

Actually when life starts to confuse you get lost in whatever it is that you love to do. It will be hard to focus on whatever that love is again, but it will be worth it.

(P.S. I made up the statistic.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Songs of 2010 Award Goes To....

This award should be easy, but it's actually kind of hard. I'm just going to pull a couple of songs from youtube  that got stuck in my head this year. You can decide which one is the best.

Usher- There Goes My Baby
I was looking for my baby (boo) everywhere I went after hearing this song.

Monica- Love All Over Me
I fell in love with the thought of love again after hearing this song.

Fantasia- Bittersweet
Every time I hear this song a certain man pops in my mind.

Ciara- Ride
I'm still practicing so I can ride my future man perfectly. Thanks Ciara for the practice song.

Nicki Minaj- Right Thru Me
This song only got stuck in my head because it got more airplay than every Michael Jackson song ever made.

She Said Don't Cum In Me- Young Ray ft. Erika Kayne
This video and song is just hilarious. I never get tired of playing it.

Keri Hilson- The Way You Love Me
I don't know whether I like this song because of the controversy or because it was a good song, but I love Keri Hilson's music.

If you're reading this and you want to add to the list go ahead.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Star of 2010 Award Goes To...

50 Tyson

Every year everyone claims that they will ultimately gain the success they are looking for during that year. However, Antonio Davis crushed many dreams when he stole 2010 away from everyone. 

Antonio Davis, aka 50 Tyson, is a boy who started uploading youtube videos of himself in 2009 rapping. Some were done in his house while others were done outside. Some of his viewers supported his videos because of his mental condition, but others watched his videos just so they could get a good laugh. Whether talented or not he definitely entertained his audience.

This will to entertain led him to star status in 2010. At the beginning of 2010 he was gaining new fans. Since then he's made two music videos and was featured on the Comedy Central show Tosh.O. That is why 50 Tyson gets the award for the Star of 2010.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cutest Kid Star of The Year Award Goes To...

Willow Smith

Willow Smith
Age 9
Occupation: Singer, fashion icon, child star

In 2010 Willow Smith melted hearts with her smile and then made kids and adults whip their hair back and forth. That is why she gets the award for cutest kid star of the year. Keep doing your thing Willow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sexiest Rapper of The Year Award Goes To...

This was a tough award, so I decided to use a rapper chosen by others. That rapper was 50 Cent. He's been shot several times, he's dissed every other rapper, taken pictures with his money for fun, and he continues to shine. He is hot. To here the rest of the rappers that can in 2nd through 10th place check out the video below.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Most Secretive Celebrity of The Year Award Goes To....

Jurnee Smollett
Jurnee Smollet is an actress that has been seen in several television shows and in movies. My favorite movie that she was in was Eve's Bayou. She was only a kid then. The best thing about Smollett is we only know her  for her roles she play. We barely know her personal life.

Well, the 24-year old recently let out a big secret to the public. She's married. For that I have to give her the Most Secretive Celebrity of The Year award because she didn't just get married. She's been married for a little over a month now? WOW, how does a person keep that to themselves. Well, anyway congratulations.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girl With The Best Style of The Year Award Goes To:

Nicki Minaj
106 and Park
Nicki Minaj has definitely earned this title. Nicki Minaj wore almost every color of the rainbow on her head this year. When she got bored with one specific color on her head she started wearing a wig with multiple colors. 

Nicki also wore clothes so tight it was hard to tell if she could even breathe at times. Check the photo of her on 106 and Park. That's actually my favorite outfit because it makes me want to hire her as my cleaning lady. 

Her clothes wasn't the only way Nicki kept herself in the limelight fashion-wise. There were also several reports of Nicki getting butt injections and wearing butt pads. Someone must have told her that men like women with big butts. 

The best thing about Nicki's style is there's always a more creative look waiting for someone to try and Nicki will be that girl to try it out. So, I'm keeping my eye out for what she wears in the future. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favorite Hustler Of The Year Award Goes To Lil Kim

And the first award goes to Lil Kim for being my favorite hustler of the year.

At the beginning of 2010 Lil Kim was just a legend trying to make a come-back. Come back was what she did in the form of a beef. Well, the beef wasn't the beginning. First Lil Kim tried by sending nice words out to Lindsay Lohan. People were confused about that one.

Then she started the beef with Nicki Minaj. Nicki was the best person to target since she and Trina were the only female rappers doing making music world-wide. She first addressed this beef by saying Nicki never gave her props. Well, although Nicki took a huge bite out of Kim's style it was true that she didn't respect Kim. Check her music. Nicki doesn't like the older females. That only got people's attention a little.

Kim's next move to get the public's attention was by dissing Nicki in concerts. This got people's attention because Kim had other celebrities (such as Ray J) backing her up. While it got people's attention, the world needed Nicki to strike back in order for them to really care.

Nicki finally did that in a song called Roman's Revenge. Roman's Revenge would have been boring if Eminem wouldn't have been on the track. He was the perfect candidate to help Nicki since she's always angry. He also helped Kim because she had the full attention of practically everyone who likes to gossip.

While all of this was going on Kim, along with her cousin, was also opening up hair salons. Can you say she'd accomplished one of her hustler goals? Several celebrities and crowds of people showed up to her grand opening. However, that wasn't enough for Kim. She had to find other ways to keep her fans entertained and keep the money flowing. So she took more jabs at Nicki.

The Monday before Thanksgiving Nicki dropped Pink Friday. Then the Friday after Thanksgiving Kim dropped Black Friday. Black Friday was a diss track toward Nicki and the sad part about it was it could have been so much hotter. Where Kim went wrong was she said things in the track that the public already knew. But we also knew that she didn't really hate Nicki she just needed to do it to make more bank. Or maybe I just thought that.

Well Kim proved that it's not about hate on the Hot 97 radio show with Angie Martinez recently. See, Angie Martinez was the perfect person for her to go to since they did the Ladies Night remix together back in the day. On the show Kim said several thing about the beef and they all lead to money. One thing she said is that she'd do a song with Nicki if the money was right. Kim also said she would never put anyone on her album if they weren't paying her to be on it. The biggest thing Kim said was she's not about to leave Nicki alone anytime soon. That means she's going to run this beef into the ground until her career is back where she likes it. Can you say the word hustler?

Kim is also continuing to make appearances everywhere, working on new songs and videos, and her look is appearing to get better. Also, Kim is the number 6 most talked about person on twitter of the year and she's only been on twitter for a month.

(P.S. The the biggest achievement that Kim could make is to get P. Diddy back on her side. With her hustler mentality it just might happen. (Or maybe not))

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Foxy Brown/Lil Kim Beef

Looks like Foxy Brown's tears of happiness on the MoNique Show wasn't enough media attention for her. Now she's planning  on coming out with a new song on December 24th. It will be called Christmas Massacre and the massacre is directed at Lil Kim.

That's odd because I think Nicki Minaj is where the money is. Along with the diss Foxy Brown will send a shout out to Nicki Minaj. Someone needs to  let her know that Nicki Minaj doesn't like has-beens.

XBOX Angers (My Video)

I haven't made a video in a while, so I decided to make a new one today. It's called Xbox Angers and it features my eight year old brother, who was getting angry because he was losing. Watch it. You'll laugh.

Make sure you tune in to see who wins tomorrow's award.

Comeback Star of The Year Award Goes To...

This award was hard to give out. Several celebrities competed in this category. Lil Kim came out with a diss record. Foxy Brown talked about change and then went back to her same mean ways. Red Man, Monica, Faith Evans, Ronald Isley, and R. Kelly released new music. P. Diddy came out with Diddy-Dirty Money. Rasheeda released mixtapes and Trey Songz started rapping. It was a lot of competition. However, I gave the award to Brandy Norwood.

Brandy did a lot. She cried on national television and talked about events people had forgotten. She hyped people up about a rap career that lasted five seconds. She talked about a lover who'd moved on by the time the show aired. She then revealed to the public that she had not had sex in six years. She danced on a show full of forgotten celebrities. While doing it all she showed off her great fashion sense. Congratulations Brandy.

The biggest thing Brandy did was have the paparazzi stalk her like she'd just released a new song. That's an accomplishment.

What Interests You? (Documentary: Are You An Otaku?)

Picture via
Often times we struggle, because we live in a society where people want us to be like them. When we are different, others tend to not  like us. Well, the people in the following documentary are not concerned about what anyone thinks. They have a passion and they are enjoying it to the fullest.

Documentary: Are You An Otaku?

Monday, December 20, 2010

How To Be Super Rich: Excerpt From Russell Simmons New Book

I'm excited about Russell Simmons new book  Super Rich. Since it's not out yet I'm reading every excerpt that I see. Below is the latest excerpt that was released. 

Even though I’m going to keep encouraging you to look past the money, I want to make it clear again that when I ask you to focus on looking inside for your strength and happiness first, I actually view that as very concrete financial advice.

Certainly any success I have experienced as a businessman is due in large part to the fact that I’ve poured my passion into ventures that made me happy—even joyous—before they ever made me a red cent. Whether it was in the music, clothing, film, or even financial services industries, I’ve only chased things that I thought would make others happy. Never money.

That’s been true since the start of my career, when Rick Rubin and I were running Def Jam Records out of his dorm room at New York University. Even though we were so desperate for funding that we literally begged a bank for a loan (as famously recreated in the movie Krush Groove), making money was never our primary concern. I can honestly say that when we showed up for work each morning (to say nothing of the countless nights we slept at the office), what motivated us wasn’t the money, but the fun and happiness we experienced helping make hip-hop records and then sharing them with the world.

Passage via

Rihanna Shines In Q Magazine

Rihanna is really shining in Q Magazine. For the magazine spread she got bedazzled. Interesting is all that comes to mind. For the interview she talks about everything except Chris Brown.

My Life Your Entertainment Shirt

I saw this shirt on earlier. The shirt is cute and says My Life Your Entertainment. It goes on sale in January. If I have extra money then I'll buy it. I might even rock the stockings too.

Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards

Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards

Tomorrow night I'm going out of town, so instead of updating on the latest news I'll be giving you my first annual Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People Awards.  This awards idea came from the fact that every year many people make their claim to 2010. They say it will be their year of success. Most of us don't reach all of our goals and that is why these people deserved to get some attention from their accomplishments.

The awards will be given out in these categories:

  • Comeback Star of The Year

  • Favorite Hustler of The Year

  • Girl With The Best Style of The Year

  • Most Secretive Celebrity of The Year

  • Sexiest Rapper of The Year

  • Cutest Kid Star of The Year

  • The Star of 2010

  • Best Songs of The Year

A new winner will be announced everyday starting tomorrow. The winners in each category wins some attention on my blog. Make sure you check everyday for the winners.

P.S. There will be no post on Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Simmons Sisters and Their 50 Million Dollar Business

(In my last post I discussed the look of the young business woman. Well Angela and Vanessa Simmons, the daughters of Rev. Run, can be added to that list.)

Angela Simmons
Age 23

Vanessa Simmons
Age 27

Many older people don't immediately understand the concept of the young business woman. Before they can fully believe they have to see the product in work. According to that's what happened with the Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Check out the video of them talking about the business below.

They started with an idea for sneakers and had to convince their father it would work. It definitely paid off. Now they are marketing sneakers, clothing, and Barbie dolls.

Candy Pumps
I must admit I've never been a fan of sneakers, but the minute I saw Pastry shoes I bought a pair. They're one of my favorite shoes to wear. Soon, I think I'll upgrade to some Pastry heels.

These are definitely hot. 

Sunday Reflections: The Look of The Young Business Woman

Necole Bitchie, 26
20 years ago in order to be respected  business women had to have the nice business suit. Some women chose to wear dress pants and a dressy jacket like the men while others stuck to dress skirts. These women stuck to these suits because they wanted to blend in. They wanted to be respected. They didn't want to be seen as sex objects or people that could be walked over. That was then, but now the look of the business woman has changed.

I'll Fall In Love Keyshia Cole and Faith Evans

Keyshia Cole's album comes out this Tuesday, but a track another track from the upcoming album has been released. It's called "I'll Fall In Love" and features Faith Evans. This is definitely a hit. Check it out below and you just might fall in love with it.

Keri Hilson One Night Stand

Keri Hilson has a new song with Chris Brown. It's called One Night Stand. This is probably the most soulful song I've heard since Monica's summer 2010 songs. Check it out below and also check out the video of Keri Hilson talking about the song.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Akilah Piper Mccoy of Running Russell Simmons (IBW)

Age 23
Fashion Director for

"Fashion is not about one designer's thing. It's about that thing fitting in you."

"Just wear what makes you feel good."

"People recognize authenticity."

Akilah Piper Mccoy, only 23, is the Fashion Director for However, she didn't just apply to the job. Last night on The Joy Daily Show Piper talked about how she was in the paper (mgazines, newspapers) industry as a writer and the industry was fading at the time. She had to make a decision as to where she wanted to work, so she wrote Russell Simmons an email and applied as the fashion director. The twist was the job didn't actually exist at the time. She had to convince Russell Simmons how the job would be valuable to his company. That's a smart business woman.

P.S. One  of my friends and I has a joke about how journalists don't know how to cook. Well, Piper is one of those journalists that's not good in the kitchen.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Body's Yearning (A Sex Poem)

My Body's Yearning 
By Miss Too Sexy

My body’s yearning for him. Can he hear me calling? It’s 3 in the morning. We should be sleeping, but the television entices us. Visions of phone sex, sexy women, fine men, 4 hour, 8 hour, and  pills to keep the sex drive going all weekend long blurs my vision. My hormones start raging. Lust clouds my mind. Thoughts of foreplay teases my soul as I glance at him and he glances back. “Touch me” I whisper in my imagination hoping he’ll hear my thoughts. Just one touch could send my body heat rising… body heat leads to teasing and teasing leads to pleasing to the fullest… My body’s yearning for him. Can he hear me calling? Wondering if he does it nice and slow, will plant kisses on my  lips as he caresses my pussy with his dick, and hold hands afterwards, cuddle cause he stills wants to fill my body combined with his? Or could he be rough, slam himself inside of me and then leave me sore, sex me from behind while he pulls my hair, and leave right after cause getting caught up in emotions isn’t his style? Or maybe he’s the nice guy that will get up off the couch, leave a kiss on my forehead as he says bye, and disappear leaving me wanting more. My body’s yearning for him. Can he hear me calling?

Some Things You Have To Do By Yourself

Lately I've had moments where I just wanted to be alone. I didn't want to see my parents. I didn't want to deal with my brothers. I didn't want to be face to face with friends. Silence just seemed like bliss. So, I took opportunities to get out of the house and be by myself. Remember months ago when I said I was just learning how to drive? Well, this involves a driving experience.

Hulk Hogan Shows Off His Wedding Ring

Tuesday Hulk Hogan got married for the second time, but that wasn't the only thing he did that caused attention. Usually we are used to women showing off their engagement and wedding rings. Well, Hogan decided he wanted to switch things up and show off his wedding ring.

For the fact that I really don't pay attention to what's on the fingers of men, it's nice.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lil Kim Is Ready For The Music Video Scene Again

Lil Kim, my favorite Barbie to look at, is getting ready for the big cameras again. Recently some footage from her upcoming music video to Black Friday was released. She's also working on a new song called Clap Back.

P.S. I've also noticed some conversations on whether beef in the music community is real or is just for entertainment purposes. When I look at this Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim beef I know that it's all just entertainment. Lil Kim used that fake anger to get back into the music scene. After all Dancing with the stars wasn't going to do it for her.

Also, I hate how music bloggers hate on the artists their talking about, but Lil Kim's Black Friday song was average. Why make a music video to that?

What If You Don't Like What's Growing Out of Your Scalp?

Some people say natural (unprocessed) hair has been a way of wearing hair for many people since the beginning of their time. However, not everyone has been into the kinkiness of their hair texture. Everyone has a different reason for why they'd prefer anything else. Some Black women do it because they'd rather have the silky smoothness of the white woman. Some do it because their jobs won't allow the kinkiness of the roots. Others buy lace-front wigs because they love changing up their hairstyles. It's the same reason for wearing sow-ins and extensions. Some Black women would rather lace it up, weave it up, and braid it up because they just don't like what grows out of their scalp. So what if you don't like what's growing out of your scalp?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Was Gettin Some... Shawna Speaks To Vibe on Departure From DTP Records

Remember the lyrics "I was gettin' some head"? Everyone was singing them. Those lyrics came from female singer Shawna. Shawna used to be under Ludacris' label DTP Records. After she left the record label she became another one-hit wonder. Well, recently she sat down with Vibe Magazine to talk about her departure. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Supporting Leads To Success?

If you've ever surrounded yourself around a lot of people, I'm sure you've met those people that claim to roll "one deep." They focus on bettering themselves and only themselves. If you have dreams similar to theirs they'll knock you down, because they feel they deserve the opportunity to succeed more than you. If they catch you taking a break from hard work they'll belittle your work ethics. They'll find any and every way to make themselves appear smarter, better, and more capable.

Ciara Reminds Us of Her Dancing Skills on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Earlier today on The Ellen Degeneres Show Ciara reminded us of her dancing skills. She wasn't the only one dancing hard. Her background dancers, one by the name of Cyrah Hawkins (he went to FAMU), all danced their butts off too.

Soulful Reads/Ordinary People

Author Nate Holmes, in the middle, with fans
As much as I like blogging about people that everyone knows about, I also like to highlight some hidden talent. That special person that captured my attention for today is author Nate Holmes. Check out information about this author below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Can You Feel My Pain by Kandi, Tiny, and Rasheeda

Kandi, Tiny, and Rasheeda have come together again to make a new video. Check out the new video below. I'm loving Tiny's hair.
P.S. Kandi Coated is in stores today.

The video can be found at Below she talks about her new video and the meaning of all of the songs on the new album.

Hot Winter Trends: The Lace Manicure

While browsing blogs earlier I ran across a a hot new trend in nails. The style is called The Lace Manicure. Check it out below.
If you'd like to try this design at home the directions on how to create the look are at

Toy Soldier by Keri Hilson

Here's a new song that is off of Keri Hilson's album No Boys Allowed. It's called Toy Soldier.

New Hairstyle Idea (Inspired by Necole Bitchie)

In the summer of 2009 I was struggling to think of a good hairstyle. I knew I wanted cornrows in my head, but I also wanted a bang. The whole creation of the bang using the ponytail never worked for me, so right before it was time to get my hair done I found some extra weave from when I'd gotten a sow-in done.The girl who did my hair then created the above.

Since then I've had dreams of doing that style again, except I'd want more weave so my hair would feel fuller. At first I wasn't sure if getting it done would be a good idea, but yesterday I saw Necole Bitchie on 106 and Park rocking my dream hairstyle. To the right is what it looked like on her.

Doesn't it look cute? I don't know when this style will happen for me, but thanks Necole Bitchie for being brave enough to wear it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie Has Her First Appearance on Television

Most bloggers are people that you can only read about, know their opinions on others, and see the interesting designs of their blogs. However, the computer screen is not the end for every blogger. Necole Bitchie, owner of, proved that today as she made her first appearance on 106 and Park.

Chelsea Handler Adds Fuel To The 50 Cent Rumors

Earlier today Chelsea Handler added fuel to rumors about her dating 50 Cent. For weeks it seems as if their relationship has been a joke, but she hopped of twitter and tweeted a photo of them in bed together.

"I'm On My New New" Ray J and Brandy: A Family Business Review

Last night the second show of the second season of Ray J and Brandy: A Family Business aired. Because Brandy was on Dancing With the Stars recently, it seemed as if the attention would be on her. However, instead it's been on Ray J.

Sunday Night Reality Show Thoughts: Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives

Last night I got home a little late, but still managed to catch up on all the reality shows. Some of them were not surprising at all while others definitely caught me off guard. However, from all of them these are my thoughts.