Friday, June 19, 2009

How Does It Feel???

When this song and video came out, I was old enough to where I was having raging hormones about boys but young enough to where my mom wasn't ready for me to start seeing men in this way...

D'Angelo How Does It Feel, Live Performance

To watch the actual video go to...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Without The Internet...Part 4

Without the internet. Active conversation would not exist. When you see someone in person sometimes you tend to get nervous and not say what you want to say. You tend to come off as quiet and insecure, very passive. The internet tends to give you time to think...
Then you can make friends, find your future lover, and tell off the person you hate (if you're nervous about them knowing who you are, you can do it through the honesty box)....

And the conversation become so much more fun.
Even E-Harmony supports talking through than internet more than in person.

Pet Peeves (Men)

Some men look ugly. Some men look cute. Some men are nice and some men are mean. Some men have big egos and some men are humbled..Every man has a different personality and it can be soooo enticing....
All men can be headaches. For one they don't listen. A woman can repeat the same thing that frustrates her fifty times and then the man will act like he didn't know.

Then men can be so stubborn. It's what they want or nothing at all..

And then for some reason men can make a total turn around and be so caring and loving and understand, plus all that other good stuff...

It's makes me so sick, it's starts to feel sweet. You know, like you have this bad sweet tooth and then you get handed some candy (ex: purple bag of skittles)...

Oh, what am I saying.. only sometimes men are a pet peeve, but other times.....(I can't even finish the sentence)

One thing is for sure when a man is not being a pet peeve, he has a woman singing praises to him like Chante Moore did back when she had a man....

Chante Moore Chante's Got A Man

Dorlande Jessika Charles

I can stand alone..question your every move..create discomfort along with destruction...try it sometimes
Dorlande Jessika Charles

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Far Will You Go?

It's Sunday (the day most people dress in their best and head to church). For those that don't they wake up and start to prepare for a new week. Now for all of these people at one point in time they were told that they one man they should give their life to is God. They should worship him, love him, and dedicate their life to him, BUT...
In reality God is not the only one women feel they have to do everything for. Women feel in order to get the men they want or even keep the men they have, they have to worship their men.

Women feel they have to jump through hoops to keep their men. Although this is a television show, The Game is an example. Every woman on that show has tried to go out of her way or change her personality to please the man in her life. Tasha Mack tried to change her personality to please Malik's coach. Kelly sacrificed her feelings to please her husband. Melanie tried to hold strong to her own beliefs, but in the end she realized she would have to make some sacrifices to make her relationship with Derwin work.

This show and real life experiences show that women will work hard to keep their men. A woman will change up her look to keep her man interested. A woman will try to make sure she looks better than the next woman so her man will not look (or be tempted to look). A woman will spy on her man when she feels the man could potentially be lying. When a man cheats, a woman will harass the other woman before she approaches her man. A woman will forgive her man in the end just to keep him.
And remember...It's Friends With Benefits season. I talked about this in a previous post. This time of year men start acting real shady and the women who are dedicated to their men might be acting a little bit more protective...

How far would I go for a man??? Well, I haven't figure out my limits as of yet but..
How far would you go to keep that man of yours (or future man) by your side?

Men, how far do you want a woman to go for you?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


"I know I'm kind of strange to you sometimes, don't know a way to say what's on my mind. You know that I've been hurt by some guy, but I don't want to mess up this time."

The words above come from TLC and they're song Damaged is my anthem so listen cause you might just enjoy it as much as me (or it might explain some things)...

Without The Internet...Part 3

Without the internet...
Many people claim they do not like to read. Many people claim that picking up books is the last thing on their minds BUT.
The internet has changed the way people read. The internet brings, the news, autobiographies, fiction writing, and all other types of writing to people with just the click of a mouse. The internet makes the words colorful and even more entertaining than they are in a book....
The internet has shown people that there is nothing wrong with reading and brought a new audience to like reading.
So if you do not like to read a book, just log onto the internet and read the headline news or the fiction a writer just uploaded.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Reality TV is unrealistic, but gets millions of viewers...I used to hate reality shows and then I started watching them...At first I liked them strictly for entertainment purposes, but then started to realize something...
Reality tv shows prove a point and that point is life does not have to be boring.

If you are bored with the dates you go and do like reality tv and spice them up. Take your significant other bungee jumping or get tattoos with them. Reality tv has shown that if you spice your dates up and do fun things such as mentioned earlier then you'll never forget that date (whether good or bad).

Reality tv has shown that if you are spoiled and need to humble yourself the best thing to do is to go on an island with other spoiled people and drive each other crazy. It will definitely humble you (or it will make you never want to associate with people ever again).

Reality tv has shown that sometimes it's best not to complain. If you do you might just miss out on a big opportunity

Reality tv encompasses a lot. You have to pay attention to learn the lessons, but they are there...

So go now and watch some reality tv...

Copywritten by Lashuntrice


For Jada Pinkett Smith being a wonderful mom and wife is not enough..being a successful producer is not enough either...she's once again gracing the television screen as the star of Hawthorne, a television show on TNT that takes a look at the lives of nurses...This show is a way of showing love to Smith's mom, who's a nurse. It starts June 16,2009 on TNT so tune in...

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

Let's Get Into An Open Relationship

(Picture= Some couples say when it comes to sleeping around, ignorance is bliss)

Because of websites like facebook and myspace there is a misconception of the meaning of an open relationship. These websites have made it seem as if having an open relationship means dating more than one person at a time or having an attachment to someone but still free to see others.....and for those people that do not want to be committed for long periods of times (or sometimes not at all) this misconception has worked for them BUT...
But there's an accurate meaning to open relationships. This is being honest, caring, loving, and all the other good stuff that encompasses a relationship. When you're in this kind of relationship you know you can trust your partner and vice versa.

Monique, one of the queens of comedy, promotes having an open relationship. She says there are no secrets between her and her husband..

My thought is when you have secrets and lies then you have no relationship. You don't really know the person you're with and when you don't know the person you're with then you end up turning on the radio and listening to sad songs like..
Toni Braxton's Another Sad Love Song

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

Jeremy Becks

Think about what is really important in life, and focous on the ppl that matter to you, I challenge you to do something different for once, be bold be daring, think outside the box ,make your goal for the day to turn some heads...hey lets shake things up in 2009
Jeremy Becks, Florida A&M Student

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pet Peeves (Internet Questions)

Websites like myspace, facebook, and twitter make it easy to ask questions when you're not face to face with someone but...
It's so annoying when you ask someone a question on the internet and they choose not to answer.

What are you afraid of by not answering the question? Do you not want to lie so you avoid the question altogether? Do you just step away from the computer at the moment the person asks the question and then decide it's too late to answer later on?

Wait...Wait...there's no excuse for avoiding a question. Just answer the question and the world will be a better place.

Without The Internet...Part 2

Without the internet...
The internet has found a way to put smiles on our faces by letting us type in lol, omg, lmao, haha, j/k, and putting up smily faces at people's comments even if the comments are not funny.

The internet has also brought us to laugh at our comments to non-funny things and laugh at "liking" things that are not really worth liking...

Without The Internet...

Without the internet we wouldn't be able to.....
Be ourselves and have great conversations with people that we would ordinarily see in the streets and ignore..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Imani Rose

Truth of the matter is I'm in love with this one painting I'll never let it go away . It has me hypnotized . I'll protect it tll the end.
Imani Rose

Lyfe Jennings S*E*X

It's Friend With Benefits Season, but we have to keep in mind of how far we will go before it starts to mess with our pride. This song is a great song to remind us of how important the word NO can be...
(NO= the most powerful word in the English language because it's the only word than can stop someone from doing anything)

Lyfe Jennings SEX


Every year around the time it starts to get hot outside and people start changing. Couples break up because they decide they want to experience other things (or people). Men start looking for women they can just have sex with but not have to give a title (aka wifey, girlfriend, boo). This is also called looking for a friend with benefits..
(Friend With Benefits= someone who you barely know but you go to them and only get close to them on a physical level)

Some women say no, but there are always women who agree to keep the relationship strictly sexual (no feelings involved). I used to be the girl who thought maybe it's just like that sometimes. Maybe you just have to go with the flow but.
When is this cycle supposed to end? I believe there has to be some point where two people decide they want to know each other on a personal (not just physical) level. There has to be a point where a man (or woman) decide they need only one person in their life and they've experienced enough "others." There has to be a point where a person starts respecting him/herself enough to where they decide they cannot male/female that they see..

It takes two to tango so there has to be a point where two people only want to tango with each other...

At what point does a person trade the "Friends with benefits" in for someone they truly care about?
How long does it take for a person to decide that they're ready for love and commitment?
At what point does a person decide that they are tired of just fucking?

Until someone answers these questions....enjoy the 2009 "Friends With Benefits" song

Lil Wayne ft. Drake Every Girl

Copywritten by Lashuntrice


Okay, okay...advice givers are good. I applaud everyone who takes out their time to try to lead someone in the right direction, but it gets irritating when someone continually gives advice and they are not following through on that advice themselves...

...Don't say another word until you've done what you are telling others to do. If you want someone else to work harder then you work harder. If you want to uplift someone uplift yourself first cause...

There's nothing more annoying than someone who always wants to tell you what to do but doesn't do that themselves....

I don't know if this song matches this post but here goes...
Lyfe Jennings River

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

Saturday, June 6, 2009

IBW (Mary J. Blige)

Mary J. Blige, born January 11, 1971, is a recording artist, producer, and actress. She has managed to touch the lives of everyone she's known and touched the lives of everyone whose heard her music...

Mary J. Blige deserves the honor of being an inspirational black woman because her songs describe a step in everyone woman's life. If you feel like your life is making a downturn all you have to do is listen to a Mary J. Blige song and she'll remind you that life goes on...

I'm at a stage in my life where I'm in love with her songs from the 90's because they fit what I am going through now and later I'll start to love her other songs more...

And here's a Mary J. Blige song for you to listen to...
Mary J. Blige Real Love

Copywritten by Lashuntrice


Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because GOD counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.....

Friday, June 5, 2009


The people in fighting for our freedom are very important, but usually there families seem to be left in the background...

ARMY WIVES, a television show that will be starting it's 3rd season soon, shows what the families go through. It features the good times army families have and the disasters than can take place. It shows the problems that the army men and women face and how their families deal with it...

It is a show that everyone should watch and it will be premiering it's 3rd season on June 7,2009 at 10pm..
Copywritten by Lashuntrice

IBW (MoNique)

She's one of the Original Queens of Comedy, has been on a countless amount of comedy shows, Showtime At The Apollo, had her own show called The Parkers, been in a countless amount of movies... This woman had her own show on Oxygen Network and tried to empower women on the first Season of Charm School. This woman is...

Monique has not only been successful as a comedian and actress. She's also brought confidence to big women all over the world...She phrased the term "Skinny bitches are evil" and then wrote two books from that phrase. Not only has Monique brought confidence to big women all over the world...

She's also showing the world that true love exists. In 2006 she married her childhood friend and brought a new meaning to "open marriage." Many people think open marriage means two people who allow each other to have sex with others. For Monique this means having a husband who has no secrets she doesn't know about and vice versa...

All of the above and the fact that Monique is not finished with the world yet makes her an inspirational black woman...

copywritten by Lashuntrice


A couple of weeks ago Tyra Banks did a show on hair...questions about what good hair is were asked and there were children as young as three on the show who did not love their hair. These children claimed they did not like their hair because it was "nappy" and they wanted to have the silky type of hair.I thought Tyra would would tell these little children that their hair was pretty no matter how it was or try to uplift them in some other way. She didn't and that was upsetting but...

There is a show on BET that teaches black women to love themselves. This show is called "My Black Is Beautiful." This show gives facts like how the blacks on black people's gums represent the melanin in their skin (not cavities). This show tells black women the best products to take care of their skin and to love the wonderful color of their skin. It tries to empower black women in every way sooo...

All black women should be watching this show...

Next showing of "My Black Is Beautiful" is on June 7,2009 and for more information go to

Most importantly always remember that your black is beautiful...


If doing was as easy as saying, all this shhhhh would be out the window and there'd be no "used to be's"
Ashleigh Beverly, journlism student at Florida A&M

The Truth

The truth is there is nothing more beautiful than black treat your black women like they are queens and women treat your black men like they are kings...

And enjoy this beautiful song by India Arie...

India Arie-The Truth

My Black Is Beautiful

BET has a new show called "My Black is Beautiful." This show is great because it teaches black women how to love the skin they are in..

One artist I think celebrates her blackness very well is India Arie and a song that represent this is...

India Arie- Brown Skin

GETTING HERS...By Donna Hill

When I'm most tired
All Alone
And feel like I have no one to keep me going....
I escape reality...
Go to a far, far awwwwwaaaayyyy place....
That type of place that can only be found in a good book...
And right about now...
I'm at that breaking point...
Like headaches all around....
So time to excape...

Book of choice for the moment is Getting Hers by Donna Hill

This book is about 3 women whose lives have taken a turn for the worst. They meet up together in a doctors office and form a unique alliane and with each others help they regain what they've lost...

I'm not finsihed reading it, but it is an excellent book as of this moment... (Picture of Donna Hill)


HATERS stems from the word hate. Hate means you do not like anything someone does. You put all your energy into making them look like failures...At least that is what I thought.

I really hate it when people use the word HATER out of context.

A hater is someone who doesn't like you at any cost, so if someone is giving you constructive criticism don't claim them they are a hater. They're not hating on you. They're trying to help you. They are not putting you down. They are trying to lift you up. They are not telling you your life is a waste. They are saying continue on your journey but this might not be the extact route you need to take sooo...

People learn to use the word HATER in it's correct context..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Blessings and Curse of Being A Strong Black Woman

Since I stepped foot on the campus of Florida A&M four years ago I've always wondered why are men so quick to want to fuck a girl, but not quick to give that girl the title of his girlfriend...I always wondered why men refuse to listen when a woman speaks her mind because don't these men really want to get to know the women they claim they like...
Then today I read this article posted by a friend on fb and always posted on Black men you really need to read this because you have to do better...


Why are black men so threatened by strong black women? What's even worse is that I find that some of the strongest men actually prefer a docile woman. Have black men become so mentally and spiritually weak that they no longer appreciate the worth of a strong black woman? Oh, and, I hate the cliché’s: 1. Black women have too much attitude. (The same attitude your mother gave you to put that fear in your heart about those slipping grades that got you through school) 2. Black women are too loud. (You never seem to mind it when we're busy sticking up for you.) 3. Black women are too bossy. (In this day in age, we'd rather give you a command than a suggestion, especially when we know your life is at stake. So, if I come across as bossy when I tell you that you should be applying for this job instead of that one because I know how brilliant you really are, or when I say you should eat this and not eat that because I want you to live far past the estimated age of black men, excuse me for loving you that much. I'm sorry.)

Let me remind everyone that black women are strong by nature. When our men were brutally killed and/or taken away, we led the household. But, not by choice. We've been force-fed this idea of superhuman strength for centuries. When our men marched, we marched. We our men were slain while fighting for justice, we picked up the torch, bounced the baby on our hips and carried on. No one will ever love a black man, like a black woman. It's a love that's deep-rooted in our souls; a kinship perfected over time. And, now we're being crucified for the very thing that shapes our identities as black women.

Danger: I'm about to make a bold statement. It's not that we're too strong, it's that many black men have become weak. Too many times, we women try to campaign our positive points instead of really pinpointing the underlying problem. Point blank truth: black men are not stepping up as leaders and our families are paying a detrimental price. Instead of protecting our honor and shielding us from becoming distorted images, they've demoted us to shawty, bitch, and ho'. Instead of re-affirming the essence of our natural beauty, they've gladly given the world the right to define us according to the cock-eyed standards they've embedded and capitalized on. Let's gather the opinion of our local video ho' ....."...." Oh, that's right. They don't actually speak.

I'm not generalizing all men. I whole-heartedly believe that many black men are good-natured at heart, but as much as we'd like our hearts to represent us, we all know that it's your choices and actions that do the talking. I do thank God for the real men...though you are outnumbered, you shine brighter than any diamond-encrusted crown swinging from the neck of an empty-headed fool. Let's not forget the intelligent, witty, successful fool. Or, the fist raised to the air Marcus Garvey quoting fool. They exist too.... Hiding in the flimsy shells of their egos, fearful that a woman might pose a challenge.

When are black men going to become worthy opponents instead of looking for an easy win?

Monday, June 1, 2009


I just threw up my thoughts...I thought it would work
-Tavares Kennedy, SBI student at FAMU

Black Love (June 2009)

It's a new month...If you're single one day you'll meet that special significant other that's just for you... If you're in a relationship continue to keep that relationship going strong... If you're married remember to keep up those vows you made on your wedding day. Keep the love going strong and remember...

The third Sunday of the month is BLACK MARRIAGE DAY so celebrate extra hard on that day...


So, I was looking at this advice guide and stumbled upon this list. It is a list of 10 thing things not to say to a guy after having sex...The list goes like this
1. It happens to a lot of guys
2. Do you mind I finish myself?
3. Everyone has an off night.
4. Want to try again?
5. Man, I'm starving.
6. It's not you. It's me.
7. Are you okay?
8. Why'd you stop?
9. What do you want to do now?
10. That was nice.

I thought this was funny cause we women tend to say stuff like that, but here's the secret men...
When we say any of the 10 things on the list it's because you haven't done your job. Men sometimes you can be SELFISH...You focus on getting your own pleasure so much you forget about us women (you know the ones that you want to be pleased by).

I preferably will say any of those ten things to get a reaction of a guy. If I don't like him then I want to insult him. If I do like him I'm saying one of the 10 things on the list because he's played with my emotions and it's time to get even...

SO MEN, if you don't want your feelings your (don't want to hear any of the 10 things on the list) then think about the person you're with before you think about yourself...

(P.S. Maybe I should think up a list myself. More to come so stay tuned....)


Sometimes you find yourself working so hard or trying to work so hard. You find yourself trying to impress others and you forget that you are your top priority...

Whenever you start to feel that way find something to remind you of yourself...Sit back, relax, and just chill...

Song of the moment
Let's Chill by Guy