Monday, June 15, 2009

Pet Peeves (Men)

Some men look ugly. Some men look cute. Some men are nice and some men are mean. Some men have big egos and some men are humbled..Every man has a different personality and it can be soooo enticing....
All men can be headaches. For one they don't listen. A woman can repeat the same thing that frustrates her fifty times and then the man will act like he didn't know.

Then men can be so stubborn. It's what they want or nothing at all..

And then for some reason men can make a total turn around and be so caring and loving and understand, plus all that other good stuff...

It's makes me so sick, it's starts to feel sweet. You know, like you have this bad sweet tooth and then you get handed some candy (ex: purple bag of skittles)...

Oh, what am I saying.. only sometimes men are a pet peeve, but other times.....(I can't even finish the sentence)

One thing is for sure when a man is not being a pet peeve, he has a woman singing praises to him like Chante Moore did back when she had a man....

Chante Moore Chante's Got A Man

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  1. damn girl,LOL! whats good,Is this how you really feel? What your man do to you/jk. U did refer to us "men" as loving and caring; thank you for that. Im going through relationship hell so,this was kool to read.