Sunday, July 31, 2011

He Didn't Lie (2011 Poem)

He Didn't Lie 
(This was inspired by a conversation)

He didn’t lie 
His chivalry just died
Impressing used to be his high
He’d get high off his woman’s happiness
The way she smiled when he opened doors
Her surprised face when she received flowers
Dinners and movies 
Late night walks in the park
Early morning wake up calls
And if she didn’t like it he’d find out what she did like
Cause making his woman happy was his style
He didn’t ask for much
Maybe some respect in return
Responses to his texts and phone calls
Good conversation to keep up their vibe
Lots of hugs and unlimited kisses
A woman who looked fine all the time
Took the time to look good just for him
And if she didn’t cook 
He wanted her to pick out the best restaurants
A man’s gotta eat and a woman’s gotta feed 
Real love
That’s what he wanted
But somewhere somehow in some strange way she messed up
And her mistake was unfixable 
So when he said he was a good man
But wanted you to come over to his house 
Instead of hitting the movies to show off his new cutie
And in the middle of watching cartoons when he put the moves on you
The scenery was all wrong but the mood was just right
You felt that connection but also felt some kind of way
When you slept with him anyway 
And in the end he told you that you were special 
He didn’t lie 
He meant every word 
And when he said he was unlike any other man 
He was speaking the truth
In his past he tried to impress
But eventually started feeling like he was being used
He didn’t lie 
He used to be one of a kind
But since his chivalry died he looks like every other man

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Gucci Gucci Remix

Recently Kreayshawn of White Girl Mob became popular off of her hit song "Gucci Gucci." Now the official remix is here. It features Mika Means and a few other female rappers, so check it out below. The girls on the remix are all black.

NABJ 2012 (The Goals Are Coming Closer To Me)

Within the last few days my twitter has been flooded with conversations on the National Association Of Black Journalists 2011 conference. It's right around the corner for those that are going. This conference has been bitter sweet for me this year because somewhere somehow someone has inspired me to be more passionate about this goal of being a journalist. I actually prefer the term writer, but journalist sounds more professional.

Making a goal of going to this conference has been more than about networking. It's has grown into an experience where I can surround myself with like-minded people. In June I went to another conference, which was directed towards authors and the experience was wonderful. It was actually surreal. Some of these people were so big on meeting like-minded people that they forgot to sell their actual product and that's what I'm looking for. PASSION. So going to the NABJ conference has become about achieving passion and meeting people as passionate as me.

However, money wise I couldn't make it this year. The conference was too far, price of plane ticket and hotel would be more than I have, and that wouldn't even include getting into the conference and buying food. So I just couldn't make it happen. But in the midst of not making it happen I've received some good news about the NABJ 2012 convention.

Next year's convention will be in New Orleans, which is only about four-five hours away from me. This means  either the flight will be significantly cheaper or I can drive. I'll also easily be able to book a nice hotel and pay for the conference since I do have a full time job and plenty of time to save money.

It's going to be great. NABJ 2012 conference in New Orleans is about to take over my dreams. This is extra special because it means my goals are coming closer to me. I hope to see you there next year if you go.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Even Prince Charming Has Some Issues

He's not a prince, but he looks good.
There's a problem with every man I encounter. When I say every man I mean every man. Some of them are heavy weed smokers or alcoholics, some have criminal records, others have babies and baby mamas, and some don't have good enough jobs. Would you take a 28-year-old seriously if he said he was a manager at McDonalds? However, there are also some really good men who still have issues.

Some of these good men take chivalry to the highest extent. They want to wine and dine women, give women romantic moments at the crib, and at the end of the day feel proud of themselves. If they can't make a woman feel special they way they want, then they give up. Some of these same men that take chivalry to the highest extent also have the biggest commitment issues. A woman has to take the power of chivalry and use it on these men to make them feel good again, but that's a post for another time.

Prince Charming is the man we all dream of. Sometimes he's tall, dark, and handsome. Sometimes he's light skinned with hazel eyes. Other times he's not even black, but point is he's prince charming. However, while we encounter so many messed up men, we also have to remember not even prince charming is perfect. Disney movies taught me this.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

V Nasty Gets In The Kitchen And Cooks

V Nasty is a member of a white girl rap group out of Oakland, California. Despite her lack of great lyrics and perfect rhymes, she can cook. Well, she knows how to cook with money. Watch in the video below as she gives some of her (possibly) best free style lyrics in the kitchen.

I find it hilarious that she calls herself V Nasty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Career College Student (They Just Love College)

I have a cousin that once spent ten years in college. Well, it wasn't that long exactly, but he stayed in the college town for that many years. He couldn't figure out what he wanted to pursue, so he kept changing his major. He changed it so much that he made a career out of it. However, as we all know, unstable careers always come to an end. His college career ended with a lack of money and no degree to show off. He eventually ended up moving back to wherever he came from and getting a job in a nice cozy grocery store. I'm lying. I don't know where he works, but that doesn't matter. The point is there are some people that love college so much they find ways to make careers out of going.

No one in this (so called) messed up economy is really unemployed. Well all have a hustle. Some people work in these big fancy pharmacies, some work in big fancy banks, some teach at big fancy schools, some write long fancy books, some hold up big fancy signs on the street and big for money so their bills can be paid, some are entrepreneurs pursuing whatever they think will get them the American dream, and some spend their days in classrooms waiting for their next assignment. I call that last group of people career college students, because they essentially make college their careers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Don't Have To Work All The Time (Or Say You Do)

A lot of people love to say all they do is work. You ask them what they are up to and they will respond with working 24/7. Some even like to say 25/8. This basically means they're working every day and all day with no breaks and no rest, which we all know is impossible.

Well not everyone say that is a work-a-holic will use these phrases. For some, they never know what to do with their time off. They think of things to do for their whole break until it's time to work again, but they never have any fun. Then they turn around and complain about not having fun, but the depth of their mentality floats around money.

I like to call these people work-a-holics. Here's the problem with their mentality and some math for all of you to think about.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Reflections: There Should Always Be An Ultimate Break

It's been a while since I took a "real" break. The months of unemployment do not count because I was constantly stressing and searching for a job. However, from the moment I started working my hardest task was learning to take breaks.

Breaks are essential to life. They help you find your sanity point once again. However, after stressing for so long I wasn't sure how to gain the sane moments back. I thought it would come with a job, but the job only reminded me of how much I needed a break.

The first break was supposed to come in March of 2011. During that month one of my best friends got married. I was originally supposed to be one of her bridesmaids, but money troubles kept that from happening. Then I was supposed to attend the wedding as a guest, but money troubles and family issues kept that from happening. However, I didn't let it get to me too much. I then planned for another (hopefully achievable) break.

This break was supposed to be a trip to California either at the end of the summer or for my birthday. California isn't happening either though, but there's a better reason then money troubles for the prevention of this trip. I'm not doing this trip because my best friend wants me to be in Hawaii for her graduation and birthday in May of 2012.

There should always be an ultimate break. Some should come sooner than others, but they should always happen. Ultimate breaks are what helps to return a smile on a person's face. This one will definitely be ultimate because I'll see my best friend again. It's been too long since we've been separated. Talking on the phone or texting almost every day isn't enough. This will be a much needed ultimate break.

Until that ultimate break that should always happen to everyone, I'm continually taking little breaks. These involve moments at the park, going shopping, movies, and hanging with friends. This weekend I had one of those breaks that really took any stress away. I was able to see old high school friends. It was a refreshing reunion and it was nice to not roll solo for once. It was also nice to roll with people that didn't have any set curfew.

Everyone needs a break where they can really feel relaxed. When was the last time you had one? When was the last time you planned one? Start today, because it makes you feel much better. Our goals shouldn't just involve hard work. They should also involve lots of fun.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Greatest Interviews With The Most Unlucky Businessmen (Part 1)

The following is something I probably shouldn't write. Someone's going to read it and steal my idea or they probably already have this idea too, but they are just waiting for the right opportunity to act on it. They may just be able to accomplish it before me, but that won't matter. We're all different, so if they get to this dreamy interview before me it'll be okay. My questions are probably different anyway.

You're probably wondering what I'm referring to. In the world of namedropping many people (especially writers and reporters) are standing in line and enduring tough times just to talk to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Jay-Z, etc. Well, there are many with dreams of interviewing top notch reporters just to find out how they made it or how they can be like them. While I want to talk to top-notch people and (hopefully) get advice, they are not the only ones I want to hear from. The greatest interview is not with the most successful people, because they will tell you what you already know.

Instead the greatest interview (and my dream interviews) is with the person who made it to the top and fell to the bottom real hard.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Independently Independent Woman And How She Can Never Depend On Anyone Bullshit

Do you like that title? I know it's kind of long, but this issue has been sitting on my mind for a few days. As you can tell, its been a few days since I delivered a thought provoking post to you. But I'm back. The following is about being totally independent and how being totally independent is pure bullshit, but at the same time it might just have to be done. As you read make sure to pay attention to the ways us women have to be independent.

Throwback: Heather Headley In My Mind

Have you ever wondered what happened to that significant other (or potential)? Heather Headley's "In My Mind" used to be that jam. It's still a beautiful song.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Can I Be Dependent On You? (2011 Poem)

I've always thought of myself as a very independent. Like everyone else there have been times where I needed a little financial assistance, but physically and emotionally I've been alone. Well, I'm discovering that I have friends that are willing to be there for me during emotional times, but for the longest I've always felt I had to hold it in. Even recently someone very close to me talked to me about never depending on anyone whether it be for financial needs, emotional needs, or physical protection. So I wrote this poem called "Can I Depend On You." Check it out below.

Lyricist Lounge: Pussy Money Weed Music Video

K' La has released a video for her 2010 hit "Puss, Money, Weed" off her her mixtape The Coldest Winter Ever. Check out the music video below.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freedom (2011 Poem)

I'm trying to get out as much about love, so one day I can actually be ready for it. So check out the following poem. I wrote it today.

He has nothing to do with poem

One day I’ll set you free
You’re not happy I can tell
But I can’t let go of this unhealthy obsession for you
Your big brown eyes
The smell of your cologne 
The feel of your skin against mine
Your hugs and kisses
The moment where I can tell it’s me you miss
Unlike other men you have a drive
Plan A, B, and C
And rejection doesn’t hurt you

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I’ll stick by your side
You’re not a doctor yet
Too long before being a lawyer is confirmed
There’s no money in being a 21st century artist
And the industry keeps shutting down your rap style
As hard as I try the sex is never good enough
The cooking sucks
And the bills keep piling up
I don’t even live with you
But you feel trapped
You’ll never admit it though
Never show emotion
For as long as I hold on you will too

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I can’t let you go
Don’t know when to let go
But can’t sleep in an empty bed
Can’t forget the man that changed the thoughts in my head
Made me believe in love again
Too poor for 5 star restaurants
But just good enough for picnics in the park
Gave fake flowers cause real ones die anyway
Admitted it was about more than sex
The chemistry was too strong to ignore
But now the chemistry is gone 

One day I’ll set you free
You’ll finally be happy
But not in the arms of me
With some other girl maybe
Or perhaps you’ll be one-deep
You’ll have a smile on your face
Created from success
You’ll have made it in the world
People will finally care about your words
But I won’t be in the picture
Your memory of me will be gone
Cause all I do is hold you back
Remind you of what you don’t have

One day I’ll set you free
But for now I can’t 
Don’t know if I can manage on my own
Lonely is scary
Don’t know if I’m ready for that road
So one day I’ll set you free 
But for now bear with me while I hold on. 

Lyricist Lounge: Drake- Trust Issues

What makes people continue to listen to Drake's songs is the fact that they are so relateable. His latest release "Trust Issues" is no different. 

In the song Drake talks about loving only money because women are too flawed to be trusted. Women love this song as much as men, because the roles can easily be switched. Bottom line is we all have "Trust Issues" so we can all vibe to this. Listen to "Trust Issues" below.

Sunday Reflections: Would You Sex The Man With A Prosthetic Penis?

When it comes to sex, people come up with new ways to be pleased and please others everyday. There's music for every kind of  lover whether it's a one-night stand, short relationship, or you're together for life. There are plenty of sex toys that range from tying a significant other up to sticking something inside of someone. For the women, when the worse and loneliest moments come there's the vibrator.

The vibrator is arguably the most popular sex toy on the market. Almost every single woman has one and pulls it out in those desperate times. However, we all know there's nothing better than the real thing.

It's Broken And Can't Be Repared
There's nothing better than having that readily available sex toy that forms a life of it's own and doesn't need your help to operate at it's best speed. That is a real-life penis attached to a man. An actual penis is better than a vibrator for the simple fact that you don't always have make a man's penis jump at your attention. However, what would happen if you met a man with no penis? In fact, what would happen if the real-life penis was replaced by a prosthetic one? Would you still sex the man with the prosthetic penis?

Lyricist Lounge: Satchmo Playtime Iz Over

Florida artist Satchmo has dropped a new song called "Playtime Iz Over." If you love listening to talented men freestyling from the heart, you'll love this song. Check it out below.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

That Awkward Moment When You Realize A Relationship Never Began

Warning: I'm about to make myself look bad, but then somehow get my angel wings back again.

That Awkward Moment When You Realize A Relationship Never Began

I just read this post on Very Smart Brothas about the awkward moment when a relationship ends. It was written by Panama Jackson and he gave a very logical reason from a man's point of view. It basically stated that a man knows the relationship is over when he no longer wants to have sex with his significant other. He also stated some other awkward moments during a relationship. However, there was one awkward moment he didn't touch on. 

Well, this awkward moment probably wasn't brought up, because his post was about actual relationships. But this awkward moment is a moment that many people experience. It's the moment when you realize the relationship never began. 

It happens to about 95% of single women.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Not Show Love To The Black Barbie?

Yesterday I searched through my many lists of blogs to read and stumbled upon several stories about how Lil Kim recreated her black Barbie image from the 90's for her 37th birthday. The story would have been cool if every blog would have stuck to the facts. However, in order to get viewers one particular website put up the title "Lil Kim Fires Shots At Nicki Minaj By Posing As Black Barbie In New Photo." That same website ended their very short article by telling Lil Kim to grow up.

Everything about the way the website presented the story was a hot mess. The biggest part was the fact that it was Lil Kim's birthday. They can say something nice every year about Tupac, B.I.G, and all those other dead people, so they should have showed respect to the legend in the rap game on her birthday. A few other problems I have with the article and how people treat Lil Kim are listed below.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Abandoning The Myths (Love And Relationships)

I just had a whole week by myself. It's too bad that it can't be like this every day yet. At the beginning of this break I was angry. One of the parents left me in a horrible mood, because my actions  just weren't going their way. That anger forced a million thoughts of the past, present, and future to run through my head.

Have you ever just sat and reflected on everything? Do you remember the first piece of advice someone ever gave you and you followed through? I can't remember that far back, but I do know the advice didn't end their. Anyone that has given me advice has always found a way to think up new ways they wanted to influence me. If I didn't listen I was the worse person in the world (to them). Do you know what it feels like to have someone rip you apart for one thing you don't want to do? It feels awful, but everyone that influences you will try to make you believe that it's in your best interest to do as they say. Well have news for you.

Always doing what others say is not in your best interest. Doing what you want to do is what is in your best interest. Sometimes listening to them will only put a smile on their faces, not yours. For instance, someone can convince you that your private place (room maybe) should always look a certain way. They forcefully decorate that area, check up on that area, and tell you what they think you need to fix. Well, you can listen to them, but at the end of the day that is still your private place. Are you happy with that? There are too many opinions and not enough people who want to listen to yours. Follow your heart and shut all the voices out. That's easier said than done.

The "it's in your best interest to listen to others" is just one of the myths that I constantly run into. A few others are listed below.

Lyricist Lounge: I Look Good by Seazon All

"I Look Good" by Seazon All is definitely one of my favorite songs this summer. Check it out below.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Black Women Love Sticking With Black Men (Why It's Okay)

At one point relationships and single people issues were kept between the people who had to deal with them. However, in recent years (well as long as I've been in the dating game) relationship issues have been a topic that's discussed among everyone in the world. These issues are so big that the media has managed to pin point the problems to a certain group of people, black women.

As a black woman I've been compelled to pay attention to what the media says and the studies have been shocking. (The following is a summary of what I've read). According to the millions of studies there are more single black women than any other race, black women are the most compelled to settle for less than they deserve, they won't date outside of their race, are ugly, and conceded. The last two came from the Pyschology Today article that people could not stop talking about for weeks. Basically all these results together have led me to the conclusion that society thinks black women cannot get into fulfilling relationships that last forever because we're doomed.

While I just stated a million different reasons, the main focus is on black women not wanting to date outside of our race. This topic has been on my mind heavily lately because I'm one of those black women who don't like dating outside her race. However, a recent conversation justified why I'd rather deal with black men than widen my dating pool. It all started with a Facebook status.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Monica- Anything To Find You

In the past couple of month's I've been desperately wondering when Monica was going to do a new song. Well, the song is finally here. It's called "Anything To Find You" and it features Rick Ross and Lil Kim. I love Lil Kim's verse the most.

Check out "Anything To Find You" below.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teach Me How To Love (Summer 2011 Poem)

Upon seeing the title many of you will have flashback's to Musiq Soulchild's song. However, this was actually inspired by Lil Wayne's song How To Love and K' La's version on her recent mixtape, Freedom. It came from somewhere deep in my imagination so I hope you enjoy it. 

Teach Me How To Love

Teach me how to love
Because all I can see is rain
Every time a thunderstorm hits I pray to drown
Wash away all this pain
Cause failing hurts
Getting a F 
Or rejected at a job interview
Being fired
Told you’re not good enough
Or even to good to be there
Must depend on other’s 
Cause all you know is you can’t make it on your own
You’ve been proven wrong
Only way to make it seems to live out someone else’s dream

Teach me how to dream 
Cause I’m losing sight of my own
Used to close my eyes
See girls that could fly
Girls who changed the world through babysitting
A girl who found hope in the skin she was in
Girls begging for change
Discovered men who enticed me with strange words
Suicidal girls with magical powers
Boys who could predict the danger of their fathers
Saw men who died and learned to live again
And discovered people who lived out their wildest sexual fantasies

I dreamed
But somehow I woke up
Now everything seems unreal
Looking down watching a girl who’s confused
She did everything she was told 
But then started feeling used
Used by those that influenced her 
Told her all she had to do was listen and she’d make it
Shouted at her for failing
Not what they wanted
Not who they thought they knew
Not the girl they’d spent so many years molding
What did they do so wrong to make her turn out so confused
They told her to peacefully dream
So why did she wake up?

Teach me how to drop down to my knees 
Cause I’m not really confused
Just don’t know how to get to where I need to be
In my own world dreaming peacefully
Where’s the girl who could get lost in a book
Who found solace in made up words
The one who cried 
Because her book was tossed outside the bus window
Secretly hiding for hours doing nothing but writing
No one would understand 
But everyone would be ready to clap their hands
Or hold up their shakers the minute the words left her mouth
Where is she?

Help me drop down to my knees
Find the girl I used to be
Someone told me you could make it happen
So I’m begging
Please help me find me

Teach me how to love
Unless you feel I’m doing everything right
Give me some advice
Teach me how to care
Remind me of those that are there
Bring up my achievements
Motivate me
Teach me how to love me

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Antony Is Innocent, The Defense Attorney Should Be Celebrating

Casey Anthony is innocent of all charges involving the killing of her daughter. Well, according to the 12 jurors who sat in the court room, looked over the evidence, lack of evidence, and studied the case from Day 1 to the day she finally became a suspect, Casey Anthony is innocent.  However everyone, their mother, their dad, grandparents, great grandparents, unborn children, and God is discussing the case with mixed emotions. Some of the conversations are going something like this:

"How could a woman so guilty be innocent? What was wrong with the jurors? What kind of life does she think she's going to have now? Why is the defense attorney celebrating his win? Will she look for love again? Will she get pregnant again? Who  would love her now? What's going to happen when she has another child? Why is her defense attorney so happy? Why is he popping bottles of wine? Why would he be happy?"

There are many reasons why Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney, would be celebrating. Continue reading to find out why Jose Baez is one of the best attorney's in 2011.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fashion: Royce Reed Dresses To Impress For Her 30th Birthday

One of the hardest things for small women do to is find the perfect freakum dress. While tall women can easily find short, sexy outfits, small people battle with finding clothes that they can fit perfectly. However, Royce Reed (of Basketball Wives) easily wore the perfect freakum dress for her 30th birthday. 

The dress is above and it's hot. Plus she looks more like she's turning 21 than 30. See, if me and Royce were friends I'd just borrow the dress.