Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Immature Is Back With A New Song Called Ghetto Angel

Back in the 90's Chris Stokes created a popular kid group called Immature. As the grew up they eventually changed their name to IMX and then split up. Well, recently they decided to join forces again and make a new song. The song is called "Getto Angel."

It's actually Marques Houston's song, but features the other two members. Check it out below.

P.S. I definitely judged the title since Marques Houston is in love with a white woman and it's odd that the third member didn't even have a solo spot.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: If A Girl Wants To Get Oral Sex In A Room Full Of People

not related to topic
There's this video on of some people at a Florid A&M University Sigma hosted party. The party is called Pajama Juice Jam and it happens every year. I've never been, but I've seen how people looked after the party. During my freshman year on campus a bunch of girls from my dorm went. They were cute when they  left, but sticky and dirty when they returned. I never asked what they did to look  like that. Anyway, in the video this girl gets oral sex from a guy and somehow someone taped it and sent it to World Star Hip Hop. However, unlike other people I don't have a problem with it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Is Whitney Houston? --- Guest Blogger

Where Is Whitney Houston?
By Miss Sex and The City
Its been a little while since we heard from Whitney Houston. Granted she came out with her last album "I Look to You" I didn't buy it. I did like the "Million Dollar Bill" song and its really cool. However what I enjoy most is her voice when she's singing gospel. 

 I've been wondering when she's going to come out with another soul wrenching album about trials and tribulations and going to God in prayer. I listen to the songs from Preacher's Wife all the time. Yes, they are just as good when they came out in 1996.

But I think its time that Whitney tells us again why she loves the Lord so much and about his mercy and kindness. She needs to  remind us how going to him always helps. Of course I want to hear songs of pure encouragement. I do hope we hear from Whitney soon on the gospel circuit. I have to admit, I'd almost be tempted to see her in concert, but only for gospel.

So I'm hoping that Ms. Whitney will be gracing us with her presence again, only on the Gospel scene.

Camille Daniels aka Miss Sex And The City is a graduating senior at Florida A&M University. She's from the state that everyone dreams of visiting, New York.

Sexy Advice: Girlfriend Is Not A Job Title

To the right Jim Jones Girlfriend
A few days ago, Monday, I was watching "Love and Hip Hop." I can't remember all the girl's names, so you'll have to excuse me on that one, but there was this argument that broke out. The argument was between Jim Jones' girlfriend and the wanna-be rapper. To justify herself the wanna-be rapper kept asking Jim Jones' girlfriend what her job title was. Then she said it was being a girlfriend. That girlfriend part was supposed to be a way of her saying the girl knew nothing about judging music. However, I had a problem with this. Being a girlfriend is not a job title.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Looking For Someone To Love Me Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige has a new hit song for 2011. Lil Wayne and P. Diddy accompany her on a new song called "Looking For Someone To Love Me." I absolutely love her vocals on this song.

Sexy Advice: Either You Follow Someone Else's Plan or You Create Your Own

A few days ago I went to see "The Adjustment Bureau." It was a wonderful movie. It was a love story and a motivational story rolled into one. If you haven't seen it don't read any further. If you have let me know what you think at the end of this. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wear Cake This Spring and Summer
For those of you who  love to wear your thoughts on your shirt, there's a new fashion company for you. This growing company delivers sweet threads to young rebels. The clothes are so fun they keep you running back for more. This spring/summer they have fun, flirty, and socially conscious clothes made just for you.

The company is called Cake Apparel and it's based out of the country's fashion capitol, New York. While Cake Apparel is fairly new, it has already received financial backing from and celebrity endorsements from Nilka Hendricks, a former contestant on Hell's Kitchen. They also just released their spring/summer collection of clothes. Check out the clothes and purchase what you like at

The company is run by creative director and owner Lorin Jones.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Baby Mama Fantasy

Before you read this I'm a traditional girl. I'm the type that grew up in a two parent household. Although my real dad was never  in the picture it did not ruin my Barbie dreams. I held onto the fantasy of creating my own family. I created this picture of what I would like my husband to be like. There were several names chosen for my unborn children. A white picket fence was never my style, but a big beautiful house was sketched out. The point is I had it all planned out, but plans don't always go the way you want them to.

Now it seems more like the family in that beautiful house living happily ever after might not happen. So, I've been thinking of other plans. What can I do to still have some of that fantasy? Dating for the rest of my life  is not an option, because men get crazier. Having a kid could still be in the plan, but I need a man for that. That's where my baby mama fantasy kicks in.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Keri Hilson One Night Stand Music Video

Keri Hilson and Chris Brown have dreams of sexing each other in their latest music video for "One Night Stand."

Sexy Advice: If It's White It Must Look Right

Before you read I just want to let you know I'm not shallow. I also love my men black, but exceptions can be made. However, if he is not black he must look right. Right stands for fine. Less than fine is unacceptable.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sexy Advice: Women That You Don't Want To Be

‎"There is absolutely nothing the same as it was ten years ago"-- Jennifer Hudson

Nothing is the same. Women have changed because of experiences. Men don't look at women the same because of experience. However, one thing that all of us women can relate to is our need to find the perfect mate. We don't approach dating and relationships the same way as our parents, but there are some ways we need to not be. I compiled a list of the types of women we should not turn into. Check them out below.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pastor Preaches Forgiveness In A Unique Way

Forgiveness is my biggest struggle.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Do Not Give It To Him Every Day

A while ago I watched Tyler Perry plays like they were the bible. There was one play called "Diary of A Mad Black Woman." In the play one woman had just gotten divorced. Days after the divorce was official she found out her sister was in a relationship with her ex-husband. She was very pissed, but she couldn't help but reminisce on some of the times she spent with him. There was one specific scene where she talked to Madea about sex with him. She told Madea during the first year she was married she had sex with him every day. Madea then told her that was her biggest mistake. According to Madea you should never over do it when it comes to sex  or he gets tired of you real fast. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Chris Brown Drops Album and New Music Video

Today millions of people have been paying attention to Chris Brown.

To celebrate the release of his album F.A.M.E. Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America show this morning. His interview went well, but after the interview he had a terrible outburst. He was mad because people seem to never leave him alone about the Rihanna incident years ago. After millions of people started talking about it Chris Brown managed to change their focus back to his album.

After hours of promoting his album, Chris Brown announced the release of a new music video to his song "Beautiful People." The song is also on F.A.M.E. Check it out below.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Best Sex Is When You Wait

I'm only guessing that they have perfect chemistry.

The best sex is when you wait. I waited a couple of years in between sexual encounters and I didn't even know why. Part of it was because I was single and did not want to come off as a sex addict (aka hoe). Most women get the label even if they've only had sex one time. Another reason was I wanted to  be in control, but it felt like the guys were in control at the time. So I stopped and waited. You all probably thought I was going to say something else. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Anyone Can Reach Star Status, James Bland's Story

I'm drooling over him and yes it's because he's fine. His skin is perfect, his sex appeal his high, he keeps teasing his Facebook friends with photos, and he's super smart.

 His name is James Bland and he's making some big moves. I was first graced with his presence on the campus of Florida A&M University. Although he was a business student you could find him anywhere. He was the student government vice president. He was involved in several theater activities on campus. He even had his own popular show being broadcast in Tallahassee. There was one semester where I saw him quite a bit in a psychology class. Mr. Bland was a walking powerhouse and he's not stopping any time soon.

Recently MultiThousandaires did an interview with James Bland. In the interview he talks about his short film "Cocoa Love," which as featured on BET, and other projects that he is working on. Check the interview out here.

P.S. James Bland may not be on Will Smith's status yet, but he's a star.

Lyricist Lounge: Kelly Rowland "I'm That Chick"

Kelly Rowland has a hot new dance track out called "I'm That Chick." I definitely like it, because her previous songs sucked.

50 Cent Is Not Hood Rich Anymore (Forbes Magazine)

When 50 Cent first came out he was definitely a hood rich rapper. He wasted his money and enjoyed his rise to fame. However, he is far from those days. Now According to Forbes Magazine 50 Cent is making 100 million dollars per year. They've also listed him as a future billionaire.

With the way 50 Cent is making moves I can see that billionaire status coming sooner than later. Also, the latest issue of Forbes mag. listed all black rappers/producers as future billionaires. That's shocking since the magazine caters to people of a different skin color.

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Toot It and Boot It Fantasy

There's this song by YG called "Toot It and Boot It." The song came out last year and was an instant hit. It is basically about a guy who has sex with a girl and then moves on to the next girl. The song is degrading women, but it's a club banger. You can't help but dance to it and.... if you're a girl who's been hurt by a couple guys you can't help but to want to "Toot It and Boot It" one day. I say one day because that's on my bucket list of things to do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Daddy's Little Reader

Earlier I went to  Borders. This wasn't my first time going this year, but it was the first time I decided to purchase some books. Once I arrived in my favorite section (the African American literature spot) I began to browse through books.

The first book that caught my eye was a book called "Bitch is The New Black." It was kind of high up so I struggled with reaching it. Some people ask for help, but I try to get it myself. Once I picked it up I saw that it was a memoir and it was $25. As much as I wanted it, I didn't want to spend that much money on a book. So I moved on to other books. In the end I bought two books and paid a total of $31. Reading is not cheap, which brings me to my point.

These trips to Borders used to be done with my dad. Of course I was little then and could not go on my own. I was a fast reader back then, so he would take me often. I would grab as much as six books and did not worry about the total cost. He never bugged me about the cost of the books either. He would just let me pick then out and then he would purchase them. Even if the cost did bother him, my happiness was more important.

I guess that's why he always made sure to give me gift cards to bookstore on my birthdays and Christmas. Other gifts were bought, but the gift cards were always sure to be there. I became used to them until they stopped coming.

It's weird. One day the trips to Borders stopped happening and the gift cards stopped being given. Maybe it was because I became a teen and my lifestyle became more expensive. It also could have been because I went off to college and we weren't near each other anymore. The excuse really does matter. The trips and gift cards stopped coming and something replaced it.

Constant complaining...

As a 24 year-old who is desperately trying to get to a point where she can take care of herself financially, I can't do anything right. Absolutely nothing!!! He's always complaining to me about things that I can't change with a snap of my fingers. That's why Borders brought back the memories. Back then I was young and allowed to enjoy myself without any worries. Now that is gone. I'm not saying I want it back, but where did it go?

What did your dad or some other special person in your life used to do, but does not happen anymore? What's been replaced by it and how do you feel about it?

P.S. The books I bought were "The Liar's Club" by Layla Jordan and "Unconditionally Single" by Mary B. Morrison.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Travis Porter Bring It Back Music Video

If I was a stripper Travis Porter's song "Bring It Back" would be the song I'd play every day before work.

A Single Tear (Poem)

I promised myself I would stop posting poems and concentrate on a book, but here's another one. It's a little sad. The next one will either be a happy poem or a sexual poem, so until then enjoy. 

A Single Tear 
Written by Me
I almost started to cry
In fact I could feel the tear form
But it stopped
Well I stopped it from coming
Even though it hurt to avoid it
Pain is only temporary
Which means tomorrow is another day
And feelings always change

Rest In Peace Nate Dogg

Sexy Advice: Something A Blogger Should Never Do

A couple of months ago I started following this blog called The blog was great for music content. Every day Toya updated her audience on the latest song from celebrities and underground artists. If she didn't like the artist she would express her opinion to the fullest. An example is her posts on Ciara and Keri Hilson. We all know how she feels on those two and it's not pretty. However....

A couple of weeks ago Toya stopped blogging. She told her audience she was taking a break to handle some personal matters. No one knew what those personal matters were at the time and we respected her for letting us know she'd be taking a break. At least some people respected her. Not everyone had respect though.

A couple days ago came back up. Originally I thought Toya was back from her break, but when I saw an advertisement looking for new writers on the blog I knew it was not her. It is some other girl, whose name I don't care to mention. This other girl started off with good music posts. Well, some of the posts were current enough for her to post, but she did anyway. However, after a couple of music post her hatred for Toya started to show.

First she used journalistic ethics. She posted up how readers felt about Toya. Apparently although they kept coming to her website, they never liked her. Then she went even further and exposed Toya's problems. Toya stole some money and now she's having legal troubles. She could also be facing prison time, but that's not important.

This girl who took over Toya's website started to slander her name. She called Toya mean, dumb, and a couple other choice words. She even laughed at Toya, but the confusing part about all of this is she's writing on Toya's blog. She's using Toya's name to get her name out in public. She's disrespecting the person who gave her the position she has. This is something a blogger should never do.

First of all, it's wrong to slander anyone's name no matter how you feel about them. Then it's wrong to slander the hand that feeds you. Toya gave her that position. Why would she turn around a be so malicious? Finally, it's absolutely an unwritten code of ethics rule that you never talk bad about another blogger. You might need that person one day. As a writer you don't talk bad about the blog, newspaper, or television station you work for or want to work for. At least you don't do it in public.

Just imagine what would happen if Toya came back. That girl would get dissed to an extent that she would want to kill herself and then we would forget that she exists.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Underwear Obsession

The Underwear Obsession
Knowing Which Bras and Panties To Slide On Your Beautiful Skin
I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with buying underwear. I love buying all types. The more options of panties I have in my drawer, the sexier I start to feel down below. The more bras I have in my possession, the more confidence I have in walking out the house with just a bra on (that would never happen though).

This obsession developed back when I was a child. My mom would always take me to the store and then buy lots of underwear for herself. She would buy me some every now and then, but it wasn't the cute kind. It was the kind designed just for wearing. So, when I got the opportunity to start purchasing my own underwear I got carried away. I still go crazy when I'm around a bunch of cute bras and panties. I lose my mind when they are on sale. But as much underwear as I have, I still suck as picking out what types of underwear should go under clothing. That's why I patiently read this article called "Understanding Your Garments" on

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Wiz Khalifa Roll Up Music Video

Wiz Khalifa has a music video to my new favorite song "Roll Up." The crazy thing is this is not a love song and it's not about weed. It's the 2011 Sideline Hoe anthem.

Lyricist Lounge: Everyday I'm Fucking Him (Remy Ma Throwback)

Recently while watching a Kid Fury broadcast Remy Ma's name came up. Remy Mas is the hood rapper who started the half black/half blond hair trend. She's also the the rapper who did the hit song "Coneited" and remixed Rick Ross's "Everyday I'm Hustlin." She was also last known for shooting a woman and running away from the crime scene. The woman didn't die, but Remy Ma is in prison at the moment. 

Well, when her name came up a friend was with me. That friend then asked me who Remy Ma was. For some reason she expects me to know everything. However, when I described Remy Ma she had no idea who I was talking about. So for those of you that are like her take a look at the picture and listen to the music. They are throwbacks, but they are not that old. 

Lyricist Lounge: Sean Kingston Is Looking For The One

Well at least in his new song called "The One" Sean Kingston is thinking about love. This short song features rapper Tory Lanez. Check it out below.

Sexy Advice: He Took A Part Of Me

(Disclaimer: Since I love to talk about relationships, I'm going to try to stick to relationships on this one.)

Each person takes a part of you. Whether you realize it or not you give up a part of yourself to someone you have feelings for. Those feelings can involve family matters, romance, and even friendships.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: "You Got To Be A Freak To Take It In The...."

Recently Joy Daily had sex talk with adult film star Lisa Ann and vixen Sasha Delvalle. Check it out below.

"You gotta be a freak to take it in the ass"- Joy Daily
I guess I'm not a freak because I haven't done that yet. 

Kevin Hart Takes His Rap Career Seriously

Months ago we were introduced to Chocolate Droppa. For those of you who don't know, Chocolate Droppa is Kevin Hart's rap alias.

For the last three months Kevin Hart has been dropping some funny rap lines via twitter. Everyone who read the lines laughed. However, now he's taking it a step further. Recently he started doing performances. Check him out on the road below.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Have Sex When You Are Young

I have an announcement today. Everyone have sex when you are young. Some of you may be shocked by this. You go to church every Sunday and you strongly believe in no sex before marriage. Others of you may have had sex at a very young age and think that people should wait until they are old or married, but I say have sex while you are young.

Yesterday I went to a school yard sell with my mom. Everyone in there was a lot older than me. Some of these women had great bodies. Despite having children they'd managed to keep their coke bottle shapes. Well even the ones that had stick shapes all their lives had managed to keep those stick shapes. However, there were some women that looked like pears, big pears on steroids. The pairs weren't juicy either. Even though their men probably love their shapes and still have sex with them, I could not help but think about it.

See, we all have self image issues and sex will be good when you meet the right person. But the sex isn't going to be good if you're nervous about every messed up part of your body. Even when you're young your body is not perfect, but it is a lot better than when you get older. When you get older your metabolism slows down and curves start to turn into flabs. Then when it comes to sex you only want to do it with the lights off. Some people with body issues will even go for the lights off and under the covers.

However, at a young age you can keep the lights on and you can do it on top of the covers. Hell, you can do it on top of the kitchen table and not feel ashamed of the way your body looks. Okay, there's someone who is going to read this and go "Why is she promoting sex with so many diseases and pregnant teens running the streets?" With all the protection on the market there's no excuse for diseases. Strap up before you get into the act. Even with pregnancy, if the condom breaks there is always the morning after pill. Girls who accidentally get pregnant just don't want to spend that extra money.

So have sex when your body is at it's best peak. When you can still fit into a size 2, your curves are as perfect as they'll ever be, and you are confident in yourself show some man you how can work it. Don't just do it because your body is perfect though. Make sure you are mentally ready and don't let a man use you.

This was brought to you by my shallow thought of the week.

Lyricist Lounge: Naked by D'Melody, Drew, and Inikio

"Naked" is the name of the song. The words are almost poetic. They force you to crave sex, yet at the same time the beat makes the song nice to dance to.

The song is done by a couple cool people I know, Drew, Inikio, and D'Melody. It's produced by Asiah Dio. Check it out below.  Also, after the video the words are listed if you want to get a more poetic feel out of it.


Girl take off your clothes,
I wanna see something.
Yeah, you should have known.
That I ain't frontin'. 

Take all off your clothes,
I wanna see something.
Painting things unknown.
You know that you want it.

Come here let's get acquainted 
I know I speak your language,
if you let me explain this,
I'll take your life and change it. 

Single is overrated,
Come mingle get faded.
Cuz' when the colors drip drop,
The whole canvas naked.

I'm into body art.
You and me can probably start.
A masterpiece so hot,
That it's bound to spark.

Let's make a hit. 
Off the charts.
A hit the club scene 
when it's hot and dark.

You see those flashing lights.
We looking past the price,
cuz' it's all on me.
You can have a night.

The lavish life.
My pad is right,
past down town 
where the lights are bright.

But we can cut em' off,
dim the mood.
Cuz' I'm so into you.
Now let me interview,

What we could do,
in the nude.
I'll make sure 
that you always remember Drew.

Girl take off your clothes,
I wanna see something.
Yeah, you should have known.
That I ain't frontin'. 

Take all off your clothes,
I wanna see something.
Painting things unknown.
You know that you want it.

Can you feel the emotion,
up and down rollercoasting.
So enjoy this motion,
swimming deep in your ocean.

Your bodies loud,
I hear the sound,
It's like you glow,
cuz' you had me sold.
No promotion.

Oh' my goodness you look so good,
it's a pleasure.
To see you fly, 
with no feathers.
I've been trying to get ya.

You look so good it's a crime.
I'm willing to do the time.
Cuz even when I'm behind these bars,
you are on my mind.

But once you know about me,
You can't go without me.
If you never doubt me,
then you might get the house keys.

Chilling, driving Audi's.
Trips, vacations to Maui.
Now you reppin' dream team
on the scene proudly.

Take off all my clothes,
I wanna show you something.
Painting things unknown,
I know that you want it.

Take off all my clothes,
I wanna show you something.
Yeah, you should have known.
That I ain't frontin'.

No Limit Poem (Some Collaborative Fun)

This is a collaborative poem done by myself, Courtney Henderson, and Tavares Kennedy (in that order). 

No limit
That was the plan
We’d take the time
To explore each other’s mind...
Swim in each other’s memories
Dig deep into each other’s secrets
Until we found ourselves weeping
Trying to take away the other’s pain
Wrap ourselves in each other’s arms
Until we forgot each other’s names
Replaced with…
My man was my favorite
But the plan was interrupted
We forgot more than each other's names
we forgot ourselves
got caught up
wrapped up
in the identity of being the other persons significant other
not boyfriend
or girlfriend
because he was already a man
and i already a woman
but as we jumped off the deep end
ready to swim in each others memories
we forgot the most important part
to bring a piece of ourselves to each others water
I in his
He in mine
Two people each in love with the idea of the other
but not quite fully realizing the idea of an US
but this was towards the end
farther down the road

At first it was amazin.I could enter her and leave myself.Exiting the world where my probs existed.High off her I was gettin lifted.Layin wit her felt so good,We jus got lost n a lie.I knew what I wanted,To me it was alright to give nonsense a try.Partyn with the Devil,"If u drinkin, ill buy," he saysSo I went forward.And we both fell for it.When I was with her I really felt alive.For me to feel alive meant the truth had died.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chris Brown Says Be More Selfish

Selfishness seems like a bad thing. When you see a selfish person, you always turn your back because they don't care about you. They're rude and they never take your feelings into consideration. They end up hurting you and showing no emotion towards it. However, in a recent interview with New York Post's Page Six Magazine Chris Brown said if he had the chance he'd tell his younger self to be more selfish.

“This kind of sounds bad, but initially, be more selfish. When I first came into the industry, I was more open. I thought everybody was my friend, and it was like Wonderland. I was in the industry without a care, because it’s so fun, and there’s money and everything. But you need to protect yourself.”
--Chris Brown

He's been through a lot, so this advice is understandable. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lyricist Lounge: Omarion Come and Talk To Me

As gay as Omarion dresses, I can't help but listen to his music. Recently he really grabbed my heart by remixing one of my favorite 90's songs. Remember "Come and Talk To Me" by Jodeci? Well, Omarion's version is below.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relationship 101: This Is Not A Disney Movie and He's Not Prince Charming

Today as I hopped in the car a whole month flashed before my eyes. Every single memory crossed my mind. It's been a nice month. At the same time Nicole Hardesty was writing a blog post on about how we are not Disney princesses and they are not our prince charming. My point in mentioning her post is going to come later.

I discovered my fear of commitment wasn't as big as it originally seemed. Maybe the fear was only there because I wasn't committed to anyone. Well, the fear could have been there because people in relationships always tell single people to stay single.

I discovered that I could actually handle being in a relationship. There hasn't been one moment where I've felt tempted to cheat or even playfully flirt with another guy. Maybe flirting is cheating.

There was a moment where I realized how much I liked him and it scared me. This past month taught me that there was a man out there worth falling for. I fell for his charm, also called swag. I fell for his honesty. He said some stuff that most men would take to their graves. I fell for his smile. He deserves to be happy. I fell for the way he laughs. Maybe this came from seeing him so much. I fell for the way he looks in my eyes. I couldn't just see the look. I could feel it. It was love.

I also fell for his weaknesses. He's not perfect. He even told me he didn't think of himself as perfect. After all he is human and I'm human too. I respect his mistakes. That is one reason why I didn't get mad when he told me he didn't want that committed relationship with me anymore.

Yeah, he said it but it didn't come out mean. He spilled his heart out to me. My friends call what he said "game," but at least he said it. He told me a bunch of stuff that I would rather not reveal on here. However, the point of it all was he couldn't handle being in a relationship. He handled it for a month, but the realization caught up to him. He was living in a Disney movie for a couple of weeks, but when he woke up he realized he was still young.

He doesn't want to feel trapped in a relationship with so many vaginas walking around. Temptation is a bitch. This journalism student I know said college men can't focus on one woman because of all the other vaginas surrounding them. He also wants to have as much fun as possible and get every inch of his life together. That's the biggest excuse they all use. Even more he still wants me to be around. He wants to be selfish with his cake, but still be able to take a bite of mine. He may not even see his actions this way, but I can still respect him because he's not prince charming and this isn't a Disney movie.

In a Disney movie there's no such thing as temptation. The princess, or soon-to-be princess has her eyes set for only that one prince charming. She's also never had her heart broken or abused. Prince charming doesn't have to convince her that a good man exists.

In a Disney movie Prince Charming only has eyes for his princess. When they are dancing at the ball (Cinderella)  no one else exists. When they say happily ever after they mean happily ever after.

In a Disney movie they put their significant other before everything else (Little Mermaid). They give up their lives for the unknown. In reality we are not giving up everything. We're looking if we give up a part of our lifestyle for love.

This is not a Disney movie and he's not prince charming. He's not a cartoon character that I looked up to when I was a child. He's a real man with real emotions. However, there is one thing that he does have that a Disney movie also has. Nicole Hardesty forgot to mention this one. Prince Charming always tells the truth and so does he. He hasn't given me any reason to to not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

This is not a Disney movie and he's not Prince Charming, but that doesn't mean we have to ignore everything Disney movies tell us.

Dollicia Bryan Responds To Her Recent Haters

Recently Dollicia Bryan did an interview for Joy Daily about fashion. In the interview Ms. Bryan talked about some must have shoes that in reality no one can afford. Those shoes were Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms. She even went as far as to say Beyonce wears the shoes. Over 11,000 people viewed her video, which I posted a few days ago, and a lot of controversy was stirred up. Many people judged her because of her fashion tips and she has since responded via twitter. Her statements are below.

Wednesday 3/9/2011

Let's put it this way: All the people who is saying this argument is stupid & who cares about what shoes your wearing (cont)
(Cont) then later those same people that said the shoes were stupid later made it a point to start wearing Red Bottoms all the time

Later on yesterday she wrote: 

I was speaking to people in entertainment .... I would hope anyone out of entertainment wouldn't be concern with their shoes or bag

I forgot show's like "Fashion Police on E" & "who wore it best" on the blogs or "best and worst dressed " in magazines & red carpets (cont)

Is because we don't care what celebs wear!!!!! Yea right... I see blogs post every 5 seconds about a celebs shoes

While the video was surprising, it's obvious Ms. Bryan is into fashion. Even if I can't afford the Red Bottoms I'm not going to get mad at her for wearing her shoes. After all, fashion rules and her statement was true. People do judge on according to what you are wearing. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There's A Poem Lingering Inside of Me

There's A Poem Lingering Inside of Me
written 3/9/2011

There's a poem lingering inside of me
Sometime between my dreams and now it wrote itself out
It used my vivid imagination to express its thoughts
Thoughts of me and it together
Whether on a pen and pad
Or typing it out effortlessly on a computer
It wanted me to want it
It wanted me to suffocate it until it became a part of me
It tried to get into my mind
It claimed it was the truth
All of my dreams and goals combined
All of the memories, tears, smiles, happy moments made into one
It claimed it was just like me
Weak and filled with emotion
Looking for a way to let it's feelings out
The poem
It was hardcore
It kept knocking at my brain's door
Telling me to let  it escape
But the realization is it would come with pain
Pain that I couldn't handle alone
It would come with insecurities
Insecurities that I had let build up for so long
Expressing some of it might put a smile on my face
But I'm not sure if the happiness is worth it
So a poem lingers inside of me
Cries out to me
Tells me to let it be free
Every time I close my eyes I see it
It entices me with a beautiful picture
Every time I open my eyes I can hear it
But yet I still ignore it

P. Diddy Still Has A Soft Spot For Shyne

A few days ago I wrote a post about artists P. Diddy  probably doesn't talk to anymore. Shyne was one of those artists. However, maybe P. Diddy does still have a soft spot in his heart for his long lost friend.

Recently he was on the airwaves with  Charlamagne. As Charlamagne dissed Shyne, P. Diddy looked in the other direction at Angela Yi. When he was asked about his feelings on Shyne's music, Diddy still sat in silence.

I think it's sweet how Diddy did not want to make any mean comments. Check the video below.

Check the radio broadcast here.

Lyricist Lounge: Make It Rain Remix with Rick Ross and Wale

Sometimes Wale can be every woman's perfect man, but other times his ho-ish side comes out. In a new music video with Rick Ross Wale uses the ho-ish side to produce some good music. The song in the video is the "Make It Rain" remix. Check it out below.

Warning:  If you have sensitive eyes, they are in a strip club.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Some People P. Diddy Might Not Fuck With Anymore

Over the last several months the media and gossip sites have focused on the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. It's been a crazy beef, because Lil Kim has grown angrier by the minute and Nicki Minaj has started laughing more. However, Lil Kim hasn't just went after Nicki Minaj. She's also tried to attack P. Diddy for his loyalty to her, or lack there of. Unlike Nicki P. Diddy didn't get angry and he didn't laugh. He simply responded that he don't mess with people that aren't on his level.

It was an interesting answer considering the amount of people that P. Diddy has needed to elevate his career to the level that it is now. So I decided to compose a list of people P. Diddy has worked with, but doesn't talk to anymore. Check out the names below. Some of them are pretty obvious.


Jamal Michael Barrow, also known as Shyne, is a rapper who signed with Bad Boy Records in the '90s. Not only was he a rapper on the record label, but he was good friends with P. Diddy. He was such a good friend that  he claimed a gun that was involved in a Manhatten night club shooting was his. With him that night was P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez. However, after going to prison P. Diddy cut off all ties toward Shyne.


Total was a trio group that released two albums under Bad Boy records. Some of their hits include Sitting At Home Waiting For You, Trippin, and Kissing You. Trippin was one of my favorite songs of theirs. The group lasted until 2000 when they all split up. While their vocals did a lot for P. Diddy, I'm pretty sure he's not in communication with them anymore. There's no money flow between him and the girls.


Mason Durell Betha, better known as Mase, was a rapper signed to Bad Boy records in the 90's. Well, he wasn't just another rapper. He was one of P. Diddy's best friends. They were on songs together and they both danced badly in music videos. Mase was on top of the rap game until he decided he wanted to leave and become a pastor. I'm pretty sure P. Diddy supported Mase' decision, but he still cut his ties to Mase. In 2004 Mase made a come-back, but not with Bad Boy records. Instead he did some songs under G-Unit. Now Mase is nowhere near P. Diddy's level, so I'm sure P. Diddy isn't drinking beer with him.

Day 26

Day 26 was a group created from P. Diddy's television show "Making The Band." Almost as soon as the show was over the group split. They don't have any hit records, so I'm pretty sure P. Diddy's not inviting any of them to his studio.

B5 was a child group signed to Bad Boy records. They had one album, which was released in 2007. If you blinked when their album came out, you probably missed them. As of 2009 they are no longer with Bad Boy records and they have changed their name to Audio. I don't know what happened, but I'm guessing P. Diddy's not going to invite them to feature on any songs of his.

There are probably a lot more people that P. Diddy chooses not to be bothered with, but on the bright side he's making money.

Now P. Diddy's not all the way heartless. There are a few people he still keeps in contact with.

P. Diddy feels obligated to keep in touch with Faith Evans. Faith Evans is the mother of one of the Notorious B.I.G's children. While Cassie sucks at singing, P. Diddy can't cut ties with her just yet. That's his loyal sideline chick. While Mario Winans only released one album under Bad Boy, P. Diddy hasn't cut ties with him. Winans was one of the executive producers on P. Diddy's 2010 Diddy-Dirty Money album.

Standing Out Physically: Your Fashion Dictates The Level of Your Career

Recently model/actress Dollicia Bryan broke down her thoughts on fashion to Joy Daily. According to Ms. Bryan in order to climb up the ladder of success, your fashion has to be on point. Check the video below.

Lyricist Lounge: Willow Smith 21st Century Girl Music Video

Willow Smith has officially dropped her new music video for 21st Century Girl. Check it out below.

Lyricist Lounge: Chris Brown Bomb ft. Wiz Khalifa

Breaking News (Part of Story)

Breaking News (First Chapter of Untitled Story)

Tami looked at the empty seat in front of her. Then she looked at the time. Her cell phone said 8:15 p.m.
“Damn,” she said out loud, “not again.” It was a Saturday night, MiMi’s restaurant was crowded with people, and she had been stood up. Tami wanted to give him more time, but she came to her senses and got up from the table. The date was scheduled for an hour ago, so apparently he was not going to show up.
He, whose name didn’t deserve to be mentioned, was a fine yellow-boned man that she’d met at the news station she worked for. While she had been working at the news station for almost two years he had started two months ago. The moment they saw each other their eyes had locked. She had noticed him because of his beautiful sculpture. Later on she would discover his 6-pack hiding behind his shirt and the v-cut that proved he was packing.
On the other hand he had noticed Tami because of her skills. While Tami wasn’t the best person to stick in front of the camera, she knew everything there was to know about production. So when he was having trouble with his first news package, he called upon her. She’d helped him turn horrible b-roll into perfect shots for his package. Then she had edited his whole video, including interviews, for him. When the news package finally aired it looked as if it had been done by a veteran reporter. After that he decided he would use her as much as possible.
And use Tami is what he did. Ninety percent of his news packages for the station had been written and edited by her. At first Tami didn’t want to believe he was using her. One of the reasons was because of his sex game. In the two months that they’d known each other, he and Tami had managed to have sex on 8 different occasions. There were five different times that they’d met up on the weekend and three times where they’d left together after work. Each time they got together for a sexual escapade it was mind blowing. He made sure to make her climax every time. He was no selfish lover. He even told her that if a woman left his presence with her hairstyle still intact and an unhappy expression on her face, he wouldn’t be able to smile at himself. However, abandoning women on dates didn’t bother him at all.
This was the fourth time he had stood her up on a date. Three out of the five times they’d had sex on the weekend was to make up for his absence. However, tonight was the last night. Either he needed to start acting like he cared for her or she would have to find another man.
Tami decided to call him one more time before she headed home. As she sat in her car in the parking lot, she dialed his number.
“What’s up?” he said.
“Nothing,” Tami said, falling right into his zone as if that was a normal way of answering the phone. “I just left this nice restaurant that you were supposed to meet me at.”
“Oh shoot,” he replied. “Was that tonight?”
“Yeah, it was tonight,” Tami answered back, “and this is not your first time doing this to me. Are you trying to hurt me? Do you not care about my feelings? Let me know.”
“Whoa,” he said. “I thought we were just co-workers having a little fun.”
“Fun?” Tami sighed to keep from yelling. While she was the nicest woman anyone could meet, her attitude could go from happy to burning mad in five seconds. “Yeah, things have been fun but I thought we had a connection.”
“What connection?” he asked. The only connection on his mind was their sexual connection.
“Well, if you must insist,” Tami said as she thought about everything they had in common. “We have the journalism bond. I’ve helped you with almost all of your stories. We have a friendship connection. We can talk about anything. We have,” before she could name anything else he interrupted.
“We can’t talk about anything. I only do it because of our work environment. Most of the stuff that comes out of your mouth bores me. We do have a good sexual connection though, but that’s all. I never wanted to go out on a date with you. I only said yes to make you happy.”
Tami was shocked. She didn’t know whether to start yelling or start crying. This was very unexpected. Before she could come up with anything he started talking again.
“You probably want to yell at me now,” he said. “You might even want to hate me, but remember we work together. You’ll have to see me every time you step into the news room.”
Tami thought about what he said for a minute. He was right. They would have to deal with each other. She tried to keep the hatred that was bubbling inside of her to herself.
“You’re right,” she said. “We do have to work together, but remember this one thing. You’re a horrible reporter.” Then she hung up the phone, so she could start dialing numbers. One of her friends needed to hear about this craziness.