Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Baby Mama Fantasy

Before you read this I'm a traditional girl. I'm the type that grew up in a two parent household. Although my real dad was never  in the picture it did not ruin my Barbie dreams. I held onto the fantasy of creating my own family. I created this picture of what I would like my husband to be like. There were several names chosen for my unborn children. A white picket fence was never my style, but a big beautiful house was sketched out. The point is I had it all planned out, but plans don't always go the way you want them to.

Now it seems more like the family in that beautiful house living happily ever after might not happen. So, I've been thinking of other plans. What can I do to still have some of that fantasy? Dating for the rest of my life  is not an option, because men get crazier. Having a kid could still be in the plan, but I need a man for that. That's where my baby mama fantasy kicks in.

I have this baby mama fantasy. In my mind it all works out. When I'm ready for a child I meet a man who is willing to have sex without protection. I give him the best night of his life and I get pleasure out of it too. I want good sex. Then I leave. He'll probably call me a couple times because good sex makes a man want to meet up again. However, I'll ignore those phone calls. Soon I'll find out I'm pregnant with the child I always wanted.  I might have to move to a different city or state, so the baby's daddy does not find out. My child and I will live happily ever after. If she's a girl I'll teach her how to be independent. If he's a boy I'll teach him how to treat the girls better than I was treated.

However, before you start thinking about it there are some problems with the plan. First of all you can't hide a baby. Someone is going to tell someone and then the whole world will know. Then you'll have an angry man on your hands. Also, you can't just have a baby with a man and move on normally. Halle Berry is showing us that now. She wanted a baby and now she's stuck with a crazy baby daddy. He's crazy in her mind. The only way this plan can fully work out is if he's a deadbeat man. But that is his choice, not mines or any other woman's.

My pan has a few issues, but for now it's just a fantasy. That man that creates my dream household could still slip into my life one day.

(Disclaimer: Brought to you by a girl who only halfway believes in happily ever after)

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