Friday, November 29, 2013

Traci Braxton Gives Off Red Hair Envy #BraxtonFamilyValues

Via Twitter
In the latest episode of Braxton Family Values all of the women were beautiful, but one stood out more than the others. That's Traci Braxton. Not only was she happy, but she was rocking the Hell out of some red hair.

Of all colors that hair can be dyed and wigs can be made in, red is my absolute favorite. Everyone can't pull this color off, but Traci shined. She was happy. She showed off her brand new radio show. Her sisters were there to support her. Plus, her hair looked great. One day I shall copy the red hair look.

Remember how a few seasons back Traci wanted to be a hairstylist? She took a class at a very expensive school and tried to get money from Tamar to open up a shop. However, Tamar was against Traci having a salon in Maryland. Maybe soon Traci should go back to trying to do hair. Hers is looking amazing.

SWV And Their New Reality Show

The Sisters With Voices are officially back, but not just in front of the microphone. One of our favorite 90's singing groups, SWV, is making their way to reality television. This show will follow the lives of Leelee, Taj, and Coko. We'll get to see how they operate with their family, as celebrities, and what work they get done under the knives. They will be joining The Braxtons and Mary Mary on We Television. Watch the preview below.

Will you be watching? We fell in love with SWV because of the classics like Weak,eRight Here, I'm So Into You, and my favorite Downtown. Reality shows have ways of changing how we view people we once fell heavily in love with, but then again it sometimes makes us admire them even more. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Freakin You ( My Poem)

"Every time I close my eyes I wake up feeling so horny, I can't get you out of my mind."

I want to fuck you
In the middle of the night
On my queen sized bed
With only the glow of a small lamp light
I want you to do me right
But every time I open my mouth to say it
Every time the courage seems to hit me
The words just don't seem right
Shy, Quiet, Afraid to speak up
I've perfected the act so much
I can't help but wait for you to make the first move
I can tell you want to fuck me too
It's written all over your face
The way your eyes follow my every move
The way you part your lips just a little bit
Your sexy ass body is taunting me
I know there's abs under that t-shirt
Abs that end in a deep v-cut
Cause you got a big d**k and you know how to use it
So when you're ready I'll give you my body
With every kiss you'll take a little more of my breath away
And with every touch you'll own a little more of my innocence
Every sexual act I haven't experienced you can have it
My body all over your body
Picture me riding you
Or you hittin' it from the back
We'll do it until I'm too breathless to tell you to stop
I want to fuck you
But under one condition
The first time won't be the last

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Never Meant To Hurt You

Toni Braxton and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds has a beautiful single out right now called "Hurt You." This song is an example of that fresh R&B that leaves you in your emotions whether you want to be or not. Then again, it could be me. Over the last few weeks I've been listening to "Hurt You" on Heart and Soul radio, but over the weekend I decided to listen to it via youtube. Sometimes my internet acts a little funny when it comes to videos, so I was eventually tempted to just purchase it off of iTunes. After so many times of listening to this, I came to a major conclusion. I never meant to hurt you.

The you that I never meant to hurt is actually me. Whether I've put myself in the midst of pain or it was unavoidable, a lot of the hurt has been internalized. It has been buried deep within and it has changed me a whole lot. I'm not the person that can brush anything off her shoulders anymore. 

When I was 10 years old nothing fazed me. If someone was threatening me with bullying, I could laugh it off. If I fell out with the people I called friends, I could easily forgive and be laughing with them the next day. I was the kid that was willing to give food to all the other neighborhood kids until my mom made me stop. I was the person that even when alone was able to find ways to entertain myself. There was no such thing as pain, because it only lasted five seconds before I was seeing the brighter side of things. My hope was restored that quickly. I wish I could get that 10 year old's strength back, but I can't. So I'm sorry for all the pain I couldn't avoid up until this point. I'm sorry for the pain I'll experience in the future. The one person I've never wanted to hurt and never will want to purposely hurt is myself. 

Although "Hurt You" references a person telling their ex that they never meant to cause them pain, in Babyface's interview with Oprah last weekend he told Oprah that the album wasn't done for the fans. It was done for Toni Braxton. 

"You have to know that if you never sell another record, never make another song, that you have done your job. Your music's gonna live forever. Toni Braxton is going to live forever. So you can put out a million things, it doesn't matter so stop putting things out for other people. Put something out for yourself. Say something that you want to say."- Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

Monday, November 25, 2013

#LHHNY Why I Hate Saigon and Erica Jean's Storyline

On every reality show there is one person, or maybe a couple, that absolutely has no business being there. For Love and Hip Hop NY those people are Saigon and Erica Jean. The story line is just plain stupid. Even more it makes them look very dumb and not in an entertaining way.

The season started off with Saigon coming on as a new cast member on the show. Tagging along with him happened to be the dumbest most naive baby mama on earth, Erica Jean. Their story line is they've been friends for years, but not lovers. They became lovers one night when they both got drunk and ended the night with sex. Because they were intoxicated neither considered wearing a condom, so the result was a child. The problem began when Erica started having normal pregnant woman mood swings during her pregnancy. Every woman carrying a life inside of her feels millions of uncontrollable emotions at times. However, even though Saigon is already a father, he didn't take that into consideration. He took Erica's meanness as not liking him at all, so he dipped out of her life before the baby was even born. Then when the baby was eight months old Erica had a change of heart about including Saigon in her and their child's life. 

On national television we are having the pleasure to witness these two get together and decide to get into a relationship for the child's sake. But the camera is catching all the issues. Issue number one comes when Saigon questions whether he is actually the father. He was already a deadbeat ass daddy for disappearing over a few mood swings and then when he actually has the chance to be a good father his first reaction is that he might not be the daddy. Shut The Hell Up! I would have been like "Fuck You" but stupid Erica questions whether or not the paternity test should happen. Of course Saigon took the test and it came out positive. 

Now on this most recent episode of LHHNY Saigon decides to act as a teacher also. He uses google and determines that his child should be more advanced than the baby already is. Now that google has given Saigon a teacher's certification on how to handle babies, he sits Erica down. During the conversation he admits he has a daughter a month older than his son. Well, What The Fuck were the doing trying to have a relationship in the first place? This nigga don't know how to resist any p88sy. Finally Erica gains some kind of sense and gets mad. She continually shouts "fuck you" and walks off. During the confrontation Saigon is dissing her parenting skills over and over. He calls her the hoodrat, but he's the one that doesn't know how to wrap it up. 

See, the real problem with the story line is Saigon is a rolling stone. He's a Bitch-Ass nigga that keeps making dumb decisions. He's one of those rappers that should never air out his dirty laundry, because that mess ain't right. He's the average man that sleeps with women and then accuse those women of seducing him when he was the real thirsty one in the situation. 

What do you think about their dysfunctional relationship? 

Miley Cyrus Gets Overshadowed By A Singing Cat At The AMA's

Miley Cyrus surprised everyone at the 2013 American Music Awards by dressing normal. She arrived in a plan white suit, but the normalcy changed later on when she hit the stage to perform.

It was supposed to be a mind blowing performance of her song "Wrecking Ball." I actually like "Wrecking Ball," but Miley chose to have a singing cat as her background presence. The performance would have been beautiful if that damn cat didn't steal the spotlight. 

R. Kelly & Lady Gaga Act Out A Scandal At the AMA's

Just in case R. Kelly and Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Performance of "Do What You Want" was not enough for you, they decided to perform it again last night at the American Music Awards. Oh, but this time was much better. No one was doing the robot and there was no dry humping. However, there was a scandal going on.

The performance starts off with Lady Gaga answering phone calls for the president. Rumor is she was channeling Marilyn Monroe. That rumor comes from the fact that this past weekend was the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. However, they could have also been copying the popular show "Scandal." As Lady Gaga answers the phone, the president appears on the other end and they sing to each other. From there lots of singing and dancing ensues. It's supposed to be an affair, but somehow pictures get leaked to Instagram. President Robert Kelly isn't feeling it, so he then denies ever being with Lady Gaga. He then storms off and Gaga sings "do what you want with my body" through the pain.

Those two can really put on a show. Watch below.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crazy (Poem)

"I don't know what it is that you've done to me
But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way"
From far away he spills out ideas of dates
Fun adventures they could go on
He wastes no time cause he knows
It's the bigger things in life that make people glow
So he names places they could travel together
It's no secret that she's tired of this place
Anywhere else is better
Dallas to Cali
Cali to ATL
ATL to Jamaica
Jamaica to France
After all France houses the city of romance
But romance is far away
And they don't really know each other
They have to start small
That's what she convinces herself
Small is better than nothing at all
So she finds herself at his place late one night
What happened to going to those numerous places
all the restaurants they could be eating at
the art galleries waiting to be explored
a new movie is always out
but he only wants to watch one movie
he claims it's a special one
and it's premiering between her legs
she's never heard that line before
But before she has time to think about it
he's already making his move
kissing on her
touching all over her body
trying to get her clothes off
but she doesn't push him away
she doesn't fight him
she came all this way
all the way across town
and already knew what would go down
the promises he made he'll soon forget
they'll end up going nowhere
but explore every part of each other at the same time
and it's okay because she likes sex too
plus if she says no
if she begs to stop before they go all the way
he'll be mad at her
and if anyone asks him about her in the future
she'll be known as the crazy girl

Friday, November 22, 2013

Preachers of LA, Staying True to You and Mending Hearts

Each preacher is revealing powerful messages as the season finale of Preacher of LA nears.

Last week we were able to see a powerful sermon that Bishop Ron Gibson did. It revolved around haters. From the beginning of the series people have had issues with Gibson because his wardrobe is very flashy and he carries protection with him during unpredictable moments. Some of his biggest influences have told him that he needs to tone himself down by getting rid of his watches, nice cars, and being more conservative.

However, Gibson addressed some of the other ministers as his haters in his sermon. He spoke about how they voted no for him initially becoming a bishop and that meant he needed to work much harder to get to the position where he is at today. He also put it out there that our obstacles are there on purpose. Without obstacles we wouldn’t be able to make the steps to be better versions of ourselves and God does this all on purpose.

With that sermon in mind, the show allowed us to see Deitrick Haddon’s parents officially embrace Dominique. As the show started we were able to see Dominique get excited about walking down the aisle in the big white dress. She even sat down with the others wives to talk about it. However, the bigger talk she would make is with Deitrick’s mom. The problem was the minute she got pregnant the Haddons immediately tried to protect their son while condemning her. Although she had forgiven them, the conversation was still needed. By the end, their hearts were mended.

While the Haddon’s were becoming a very happy family, Bishop Noel Jones was missing Loretta. As Noel’s doctor told him that he needed to slow down health-wise, he decided part of his problem was cutting himself off from Loretta. No matter how long those two have known each other, Noel and Loretta are clearly the best of friends. Of course because she is such a great person, its also clear Loretta will always be there for him.

Doesn’t this make you want to cherish your experiences and loved ones even more? There’s only one more episode left. Are you going to tune in?

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Surprise Party

100 invitations had been mailed out. Each had a picture of a woman with her back turned to the word. The woman had on a long black dress to represent secrecy and long white hair flowing down her back. Her hands could be seen as they were also behind her. They gently held a note that simply said, "Come."

While the picture was meant to get everyone's attention, there contained a note with more information. It said...

"I'm having a very special once-in-a-lifetime surprise party and you are invited. This is not something you should call and cancel on. You'll want to be there. Make your plane reservations, rent a vehicle, get a hotel room or spare bedroom in a close family members house. No matter how you make it prepare for the time of your life. Prepare to be surprised. Prepare to be happy for me. I can't tell you anymore. You just have to show up." 

I've always thought of popping up one day with a ring on my finger. It would probably be tough, but I've always dreamed of getting a man to propose and then we go elope. Soon after I surprise everyone with the news that I'm a married woman. However, if I ever do get married maybe it could be a surprise wedding. Well, everyone would be surprised when they show up to the wedding, but I would know all along what was about to happen. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Best Man Holiday and The Thug Tears

The tears caught me by surprise. As they came rolling down my eyes, I tried to control myself. I tried to find the inner thug in me. It was just a movie. They were just characters on a screen meant to entertain me. Yet, I couldn't control myself. Throughout Best Man Holiday, my face was drenched with an emotional water flow on several occasions.

It initially started during the scene where Lance was yelling at Harper. Lance saw the cover for the book Jordan had made for Harper. Although he didn't know the full details behind the cover, he made the assumption very quickly that Harper had only came for the holiday in an attempt at a financial opportunity. The tension had already been high between the two. Lance had never forgave Harper for sleeping with his wife. So in the moment of seeing the picture, he immediately started saying the most hurtful things to Harper. They had once been best friends, but he couldn't contain himself. He wanted Harper to hurt as much as he was hurting.

Up until that point I had been telling myself that it was just a movie with really great actors. Then that scene came. It reminded me of the loss of a  lot of friends, some disappeared from hurtful events and others just slowly disappeared. Those hurtful times could have been forgiven, but stubbornness forced us to part and stubbornness forced us to make sure we had no way of ever speaking to each other again. In 2013 that means not visiting familiar spots anymore, deleting phone numbers, and making sure we remove each other from social networks.

It also reminded me of loneliness. Despite having a loving wife and a woman friend to talk to, Harper was lonely. The man he had once called a best friend, had not been on speaking terms with him for years. He didn't believe in God, so having faith that everything would work itself out was difficult. However, within days of spending the holidays with everyone his whole world was changing for the better. Friends recognized his issues and reached out. His only best friend he'd known was speaking to him again. Then in that moment Lance reduced Harper back to the loneliest place a man could ever get to.

In case you didn't know I place a very high value on friendship. During my teens I was so hurt by something that happened that I vowed to never ever have a best friend ever again. However, during college years I met a few friends that are the best types of people you'll ever meet. Whenever I was stressed and needed to have fun, I knew I could depend on one of them to hang out with. Even if that hanging out meant going to someone's house to watch movies and talk, it was still great. Since moving back to Houston being around people I can call on has become harder. I spend a lot of time alone. In fact I've had some of the loneliest moments of my life, but it's all good. Still I rise.

I really pulled myself together after that scene. I reminded myself that it's just a movie and objectively tried to watch it. But with sad moments like I had, there had to be more tears for the sadder moments and the brighter moments.

Now I'm anticipating the third Best Man movie, but if it brings tears y'all won't know. This is not a regular occurrence. The good thing about these thug tears were no one else was sitting on my row. Real G's don't let people witness their weak moments.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Panties, What You Can Learn From R. Kelly

R. Kelly has a new album "Black Panties" dropping soon. R. Kelly is trying to teach you all some lessons and many of y'all need an education on women. 

I know this because I'm in this sex group on Facebook. Everyday people ask several sexual and non-sexual questions in the group. Almost everyday they are the same exact questions. Some are "which position gets a woman the wettest," "is a bigger Ass better," "how can you make the sex better," etc. There are so many questions on how big the penis has to be, or if anyone likes swinging, or the best time of day to have sex, or even how often they have sex. No matter how many times the questions get asked, answers never seem to form. Well sometimes answers form, but then they get ignored. This is usually why they get asked so many times, but singers like R. Kelly are providing everyone with the answers. 

Well, R. Kelly is working hard in "Black Panties" to let men know what the key to life is all about. That key to life is making sure a woman is happy. After reading the track list for the album, I came up with five specific lessons he's providing.

1. Always Physically Admire and Please Your Woman Sexually
There's Legs Shakin', Cookie, Marry The Pussy, Crazy Sex, Tear It Up, Show Ya PussyGenius, All The Way and Physical. He has sex song titles specifically about what you should do sexually to your woman. If you need any more direction, just ask the woman you're about to have sex with. 

2. Women Love Money
There is Throw This Money on You and Spend That. When it comes to dating men are very cheap, but women it comes to the strip club you men will give away three or four paychecks in one night. We women love money. R. Kelly is telling you that. Throw some money on your woman in the bedroom or at least take her out on some actual dates. Life can't always be about just sex. 

3. Every Position Is A Get Us Pregnant Position
There's a picture circulating around the web of a man sexing a woman. In the pictures he has her legs in a position that's bound to have her legs sore the next day and he's trying to get in deep. They call this the "get you pregnant" position, but reality is every position can get you pregnant. I'm pretty sure that's not the message R. Kelly is giving in his "Every Position"song, but it still sounds good. 

4. Women Are A Part of Your Story
Well he does throw women in his song My Story.

5. We Women Deserve Better 
There is a song on the list called You Deserve Better. I'm guessing that's because no matter what men do, we always deserve better. That might also be the reason why marriages are able to last 50 years, 60, or even until death do us part. 

I didn't include Right Back, Shut Up, and Prelude in the five descriptions. We'll just have to wait until the album to understand exactly what lessons are hidden within them. 

Inspiration behind this post came from the blogger who wrote the very fun post 8 Lessons I've Learned From R. Kelly on Thought Catalog. 

(LHHNY) What The Friends With Benefits Title Could Lead To

Have you been watching Love and Hip Hop New York? If yes, then you know about the messy love triangle between Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly.

From the very first episode we knew that Peter and Tara had been together 13 years and have two children together. On the other hand Peter and Amina hooked up and in less than a year became husband and wife. That marriage is real. In fact in Amina's twitter biography she includes all of her artistic skills and also includes being a wife. That ring means a lot. However, she is not the important part of this story. The focus is on Peter and Tara.

From the start I wondered how two people could hook up and last 13 years in a relationship. Actually, how could they have a decade and some kids but no thoughts of walking down the aisle? Of course like all questions, answers soon follow. Recently Tara was a guest on The Breakfast Club morning show. In the interview she talks about joining the Love and Hip Hop cast, how boring of a couple she and Peter were, finding out he was married, and how they first met. See, the rumors are that she was an original side chick, but according to her it's deeper. They became friends which then led to being friends with benefits.

Once upon a time I watched many Disney movies. They involved a beauty trying to tame a beast and live happily ever after, a woman in a deep slumber awaiting a handsome prince getting lost in the woods just to kiss her and wake her up, a beautiful woman being treated like a slave by her family until the prince came along with a shoe that fit, and a whole lot of other weird love stories stories. However, none of them prepared me for the simplicity of what men would do just to put me in the friend zone and still be able to get a piece of my goodies. Read some stories below.

  • One time I was charmed with ideas of helping a guy study for class. The class was Advanced Composition. After a person gets that high school diploma, they are not trying to learn any more grammar skills, but I fell for that dumb lines. It didn't last 13 years years. 

  • There was another time I met a guy and in less than a day we got along so well. Our connection was so intense that by the next night he was in my bedroom. We only kissed that night, but it wasn't the last night we'd see each other. We flirted for some time, but he never mentioned me becoming his girlfriend. He did, however, throw out that he was talking to another girl that I had met through friends. It was confusing. I think he wanted to be with both of us, but my pride wouldn't let it happen. That strong connection began to fade. We didn't last 13 years. 

  • I'll give you all one more story. I met this guy and we immediately began talking sex. He wasted no time revealing where his mind was. I tried to play like I could handle being used for only physical pleasure. After all we'd both be getting pleasure out of it. Then came the night where we had sex. I was initially nervous, but as soon as it started it felt like it was over. He was quick and ready to go soon after. Before leaving he made it a point to remind me it was just a friendly thing. I felt bad, because it was done so fast I should have been getting paid. There was no money left on my night stand though. I began to have seconds thoughts, so I called him days later just to be convinced that what we were doing was fine. I didn't want to quit, because he needed to do better than that horrible sex experience. However, he didn't answer and he didn't return my phone call. Instead he waited two weeks and then called because he was ready to do it again. By then my mind was over it and him. That obviously didn't last 13 years. It didn't last a month. 

I've often wondered what could come out of a friends with benefits situation if it manages to last. Are there children in the future? Could it possibly lead to walking to down to meet him in tux in front of a preacher? Obviously not. The fact is the relationship starts off as fun. If it last long enough, he accidentally puts a baby or more inside of me. We become a family because of carelessness, but decide to deal with it. I eventually get too comfortable and don't demand anything from him except sex and he be a good dad. Then one day he comes home married to another woman and my whole life falls apart. Or maybe I've been watching too much television. Watch Tara's interview below.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Still Watching Thicker Than Water (#ThickerThanWater)

I have some confessions to make. One is that I grew up in the church. That means no matter how wild I tend to act, those bible verses are somewhere in the back of my mind. Another confession is that I'm money hungry. I'm not so money hungry, that stripping is listed on my resume. It's just that everything has a price attached to it, so more money is always appealing. Maybe that's why I keep watching Bravo's new show "Thicker Than Water."

Deep into the second episode this 21st century millionaire family, The Tankards, is showcasing how they work together. They make their functions family oriented, but it's not always friendly. Ben Tankard, the head of the household, uses money to motivate his kids. We were shown a clip where he asked his kids how they plan to become millionaires. The hilarious part is in real life the children will be lucky if they make six figures ($100,000) by themselves. Although, as a single woman six figures is my goal and it is possible.

As mentioned in my last post about "Thicker Than Water," Brooklyn knows a little more about money than the rest of her siblings. She ran her own business, even though it was illegal and she was thrown in jail behind it. Now Brooklyn is embarking on a brand new challenge. That is the weave industry. She wants to one day be the first minority hair enterprise billionaire. So she sets up a hair show and hires her brother Benji as the dj.

Oh, what I forgot to mention about Benji in the first episode is he is married. He's a grown man that is married and living with his parents. I guess that is what we are supposed to do in 2013. His past is a little sketchy, but not talked about much. Maybe in future episodes we'll see why Benji is still in his parents house with a wife. How do they have sex? Maybe they don't.

Anyway the rest of the siblings are pushed to the side as Brooklyn finally gets the attention she's been wanting. I do think fathers need to pay more attention to daughters outside of who they date. Anyway, the day comes and Brooklyn's fashion show happens. There are issues. The one she notices is that Benji doesn't start playing music until she tells him to. It's clear he was waiting until the show was about to start to crank up the music. The rest of the issues are noticed by the audience. No one knows whether it's a fashion show or hair show, the decorations aren't the best, and Brooklyn doesn't even thank her brother for helping her. It wasn't the best of work ethics at all. I will give her one thing. Her weave is up to par in every episode.

On the other hand, Ben's wife Jewel is having sibling rivalry problems of her own. She gets mad at one of her sisters because the sister and husband move. I'm guessing her sister and sister's husband was living under the Tankard roof. It was past time for them to get their own place. However, Jewel didn't see that. I'm confused.

Now I've been looking for the storyline of this, but it just occurred to me that maybe this reality television show isn't scripted. Maybe there really is no story line. much as I don't want to I'm going to keep watching. Are you watching?

R. Kelly & Lady Gaga Show You How Not To Dry Hump

While "Do What You Want" has been heard in Best Buy commercials, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed the song live on SNL Saturday night. In true form Lady Gaga gave us the most awkward performance ever broadcast on television. It involved her and R. Kelly dry humping while singing. They have absolutely no sexual chemistry, but "Do What You Want" is a hit. 

Mariah Carey Does Impromptu Performance of "The Art of Letting Go"

While Nick Cannon premiered a new stand-up comedy on Showtime this weekend, a video circulated of his wife Mariah Carey performing for an intimate crowd. While promoting her new song, "The Art of Letting Go," Mariah gave an impromptu performance where she she sang about a lot of stuff and nothing at all. It's nice to finally hear her voice live for the first time in a while without the lip syncing. Check out the performance below.

"Fuck Nick Cannon" New Stand-Up Is Hilarious

This past weekend Nick Cannon cracked jokes at himself and others in a new stand-up comedy titled "Fuck Nick Cannon." Like the title gives away, this is not a comedy for children. Nick gets vulgar talking about sex a lot, 50 Shades of Grey, joking on Chris Brown and domestic abuse, and just being his funny self. The shoes Nick wore had real diamonds in them. He topped those shoes off with an all white suit and black tie. Check out a few quotes I pulled from the show below. 

Years Being Married
At the beginning of the comedy Nick asked who has been married a while. A couple said 50 years and then he went on to joke about marriage and freakiness. He even said he uses the bathroom with the door white open in front of Mariah Carey. "Aye baby won't you sing me a song real quick to help me get this out." 

50 Shades of Grey
"I've been with plenty of women and ain't none of them been turned on by paperwork." At one point during is 50 Shades rant, he used the word freakschianity. Don't spell check that. 

Having Twins
"You got to get in the fallopian tubes to get twins." Freaky jokes started off the conversation of having kids. 

Tasting Breast Milk
Nick asked the crowd if they ever tried breast milk. I'm pretty sure a lot of men have wanted to. There's a spotlight for it on some porn sites. In Nick experience, he said he didn't want the baby milk but he's addicted to it now. "Best part of waking up is titty milk in your cup." 

Being Diagnosed With Lupus
"The doctor said I had lupus....I don't even know Lupe Fiasco like that." It takes a strong person to make fun of their illness. 

There's plenty more material Nick discussed that is hilarious. If you have Showtime or OnDemand, make sure you watch "Fuck Nick Cannon" for a lot of laughs. He's a media mogul, but he still funny as Hell. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Braxton Family Values, A Very Public Affair

How many times can a Braxton woman get cheated on? Maybe the better question is how many times can a Braxton decide that staying is better than leaving? Actually an unfaithful man can become any woman’s problem, but over the last few years we’ve been exposed to the issues of five women.

They are Toni, Traci, Tamar Braxton-Herbert, Trina, Towanda, and their mother Evelyn Braxton. Unfortunately for these women, their show “Braxton Family Values” is becoming similar to “Love and Hip Hop.” It’s situational. In previous seasons the cheating issues were between Trina and Gabe. While some men enjoy pretty women physically in front of them, Gabe battled an Internet sex addiction. Trina dealt with it for as long as she could, but the end result was divorce. While Trina was going through her issues, Towanda broadcast her issues too.

Continue over to I Can Repeat It to read what I had to say about Towanda and Tracie's problems. These women could be a representation of how all couples need counseling to make their marriages work. 

"Switch"- An Adina Howard Song You've Never Heard Before

Adina Howard is one of my favorite singers of all time. With hits like "T-Shirt And My Panties On" and "Freak Like Me" she is forever remembered in the hearts of us R&B fans. It's been a while since we've heard anything from her, but she's been.

A couple months ago Adina released a new song called "Switch," which is about keeping the relationship fresh through sex of course. Listen below.

The Clean-Up Woman

"A clean-up woman is a woman who gets all the love we girls leave behind. The reason I know so much about her is because she picked up a man of mine." The baby is cute. Like every other new life, it glows with innocence. At least that's what the Facebook picture gave off, a newborn innocent baby being brought into a world that it did not yet recognize. Except this wasn't just any baby. It was a baby attached to an ex of mine.

At least I think I should call him an ex. He was just a man who happened to be around during a very lonely time. He didn't love me, probably didn't even like me but he showed interest in sex. At first I said no, but then during a weak moment I gave in. That's actually as far as it went. We saw each other a few more times and then it stopped. I didn't call him anymore and he didn't bother to speak to me either. It was over. If I can even call it a friendship, the minute I stopped seeing him, stopped calling, or even speaking on Facebook, it was like he never existed.

Except that picture of his child is a reminder that he was once in my life. No, we are not Facebook friends anymore. For all I know he has no Internet presence. However, his sister is still on the list. She was the one that decided to showcase that she was a brand new auntie and I unfortunately noticed. I'm not jealous of his new family. There is no jealousy at all. Knowing that he is with a woman and they've given life to a child makes me question my own life.

At one point when I used to write in a tablet and hide that tablet from the world I was shy. Any issues that crossed my mind on friendships, relationships with men, and loneliness were all kept to myself. However, years of writing, a journalism degree, and a world of online readers has caused me to share a lot. Almost every man I cross ends up being engulfed in my words. Most enjoy what they read. Some even learn a few things from those words. A couple have inspired the creations.

When it comes to the men that have given me the experiences, I think of myself as the teacher. I taught them how it was okay to come running at the drop of a dime whether it was the middle of the night or early in the morning. I taught them how to admire whatever talent a woman has. I taught them that not every woman reacts violently to their stupid shenanigans and some women won't react at all after a while. I taught them that not every woman goes running back when their could be something better forward.

Being that woman is a messy job. It comes with many adventures, some smiles, and a lot of pain. However, it's a job someone has to do. Recently I realized that I am that woman that has made room for the clean-up woman. Some woman is reaping the benefits of my lessons.

However, one day I'll be the clean-up woman. Maybe you are the one teaching a man everything he needs so he'll one day be good to me. (Laugh)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

R.I.P To The Romantic Union Music Created. #LHHNY

Love and Hip Hop is no longer a fairytale romance. Instead it represents infidelity, angry ass black women, and men who have no reason to change their hurtful ways.
The show used to be about how romantic the craft was. It was about how passionate the artist is and how in love their significant other was with them. Remember that movie “Brown Sugar?” Neither of them were musicians, but they were both in love with the craft and also in love with each other. Fast forward to 11 years later and it has a brand new meaning. 
Read about the continuation of the crazy love triangle between Peter Gunz, Tara, and Amina at I Can Repeat It

Monday, November 11, 2013

V4 Mixtape by Juno

"It's more than a dream baby." When you see a person working hard to get noticed, most times you have to stop and pay attention. That is exactly what made me stop and listen to Juno's music.

He's an artist using social media to get his songs out to the public and also just dropped a new mixtape. It's called "V4." Listen below.

Money, I Mean Blood, Is Thicker Than Water (#ThickerThanWater)

Via Uptown Magazine 

Money, I mean blood, is thicker than water in Bravo’s new show “Thicker Than Water.” This show follows the lives of the Ben Tankard and his family. Ben has the typical story of rags to riches, except his riches are not of the norm. As an ex-professional basketball player turned Gospel producer, he’s now worth $5 million.

The show starts off with he and his wife talking about their fabulous empire. His wife Jewel brags about being married to a rich reacher (not preacher), and calls herself a millionair-ess. Jewel admits that she only uses private planes and Ben admits that he owns several of them. She’s so stuck on thoughts of money that she even has a list of “Billionairess Confessions.” Every woman has ways of self-motivating, but Jewel names off all material possessions.

The thoughts of being rich do not stop at the parents. The children are so obsessed with money that Ben’s oldest daughter, Brooklyn, started hustling at the age of 18. She found money in an underground stripper lounge called the “Kitty Kabin Lounge,” but it all fell apart when she was arrested on her 21st birthday. After learning of Brooklyn’s struggles, Ben acts like a good father and moves her into the house. However, it seems as if Brooklyn is angry at the fact that her father was barely there when she was growing up.

Now this family isn’t just about money. Although the show makes it seem that way, they are about more. The Tankards are offering hope to us less fortunate people. There is a clip of Ben telling his congregation that the bright lights are bright like their future. One of the daughters is also shown going to the prom with a future rich basketball player.

This family is what the American dream consists of. The Tankards gives you rich, successful, and of course ratchet. Although, the confusing part is whether they are trying to promote blood being thicker than water or money being thicker.