Monday, November 4, 2013

Diddy Changes His Birthday Due To Lack of Swag #diddyNewBday

"It's my birthday Monday and I'm just not ready! TIRED. Real Talk. So I changed my BIRthday just for this year # to November 16th!"

In 2013 you can change the date that your birthday falls on. Well, actually it's not a legal process, but lets say that you are tired, stressed, or sick. You could just be having a bad day and that day happens to be your born day. All you have to do is tell everyone that you'll be changing it to a different time that for this year only. At least that is what P. Diddy is doing.

Technically today is P. Diddy's birthday and he is officially 44 years old. However, due to lack of swag P. Diddy tweeted and Instagrammed to everyone that he will not be celebrating today. In fact through social media he told everyone his birthday is on November 16 this year. That means he gets 12 more days of being 43 years old.

One year I'm going to move my birthday to a different day just to throw everyone off. 

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