Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Freakin You ( My Poem)

"Every time I close my eyes I wake up feeling so horny, I can't get you out of my mind."

I want to fuck you
In the middle of the night
On my queen sized bed
With only the glow of a small lamp light
I want you to do me right
But every time I open my mouth to say it
Every time the courage seems to hit me
The words just don't seem right
Shy, Quiet, Afraid to speak up
I've perfected the act so much
I can't help but wait for you to make the first move
I can tell you want to fuck me too
It's written all over your face
The way your eyes follow my every move
The way you part your lips just a little bit
Your sexy ass body is taunting me
I know there's abs under that t-shirt
Abs that end in a deep v-cut
Cause you got a big d**k and you know how to use it
So when you're ready I'll give you my body
With every kiss you'll take a little more of my breath away
And with every touch you'll own a little more of my innocence
Every sexual act I haven't experienced you can have it
My body all over your body
Picture me riding you
Or you hittin' it from the back
We'll do it until I'm too breathless to tell you to stop
I want to fuck you
But under one condition
The first time won't be the last

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