Monday, November 11, 2013

Like A Researcher (Social Media Inspired Poem #RedNose)

After listening to Plies Piccasso (Red Nose Remix) and listening to Sage The Gemini's original version I came up with this. Enjoy!

All these tweets around me
They got me feeling like a G
As I search through my timeline
Looking for a man to spy on
This one stands out
His words read like poetry
As he thanks me for complimenting his looks
See, his pictures really leave me glowing
Photography only God could have taken
His body looks perfect
Guessing he could be 6 feet tall
Works out every morning
And hits the gym before going to sleep
At least that's what my imagination reads
The muscles, I'm guessing they are there
But they are hidden behind suits and ties
Clearly he's a business man
Using social media to lure people to his company
He probably has a lot of money
I need one to spend some on me
And takes care of himself
From his head to his feet
All the girls are probably following him
He's leaving a good first impression
At least on twitter the thirst is real
So I'm gonna study him like a researcher
Get to know his real name
And not just his twitter name
And maybe in the future we can be friends
Or better yet become lovers
And find ourselves playing under the covers
And laugh about how it all started

1 comment :

  1. thats the social media love… the beginning stages…lol