Friday, November 22, 2013

Preachers of LA, Staying True to You and Mending Hearts

Each preacher is revealing powerful messages as the season finale of Preacher of LA nears.

Last week we were able to see a powerful sermon that Bishop Ron Gibson did. It revolved around haters. From the beginning of the series people have had issues with Gibson because his wardrobe is very flashy and he carries protection with him during unpredictable moments. Some of his biggest influences have told him that he needs to tone himself down by getting rid of his watches, nice cars, and being more conservative.

However, Gibson addressed some of the other ministers as his haters in his sermon. He spoke about how they voted no for him initially becoming a bishop and that meant he needed to work much harder to get to the position where he is at today. He also put it out there that our obstacles are there on purpose. Without obstacles we wouldn’t be able to make the steps to be better versions of ourselves and God does this all on purpose.

With that sermon in mind, the show allowed us to see Deitrick Haddon’s parents officially embrace Dominique. As the show started we were able to see Dominique get excited about walking down the aisle in the big white dress. She even sat down with the others wives to talk about it. However, the bigger talk she would make is with Deitrick’s mom. The problem was the minute she got pregnant the Haddons immediately tried to protect their son while condemning her. Although she had forgiven them, the conversation was still needed. By the end, their hearts were mended.

While the Haddon’s were becoming a very happy family, Bishop Noel Jones was missing Loretta. As Noel’s doctor told him that he needed to slow down health-wise, he decided part of his problem was cutting himself off from Loretta. No matter how long those two have known each other, Noel and Loretta are clearly the best of friends. Of course because she is such a great person, its also clear Loretta will always be there for him.

Doesn’t this make you want to cherish your experiences and loved ones even more? There’s only one more episode left. Are you going to tune in?

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