Monday, November 18, 2013

Still Watching Thicker Than Water (#ThickerThanWater)

I have some confessions to make. One is that I grew up in the church. That means no matter how wild I tend to act, those bible verses are somewhere in the back of my mind. Another confession is that I'm money hungry. I'm not so money hungry, that stripping is listed on my resume. It's just that everything has a price attached to it, so more money is always appealing. Maybe that's why I keep watching Bravo's new show "Thicker Than Water."

Deep into the second episode this 21st century millionaire family, The Tankards, is showcasing how they work together. They make their functions family oriented, but it's not always friendly. Ben Tankard, the head of the household, uses money to motivate his kids. We were shown a clip where he asked his kids how they plan to become millionaires. The hilarious part is in real life the children will be lucky if they make six figures ($100,000) by themselves. Although, as a single woman six figures is my goal and it is possible.

As mentioned in my last post about "Thicker Than Water," Brooklyn knows a little more about money than the rest of her siblings. She ran her own business, even though it was illegal and she was thrown in jail behind it. Now Brooklyn is embarking on a brand new challenge. That is the weave industry. She wants to one day be the first minority hair enterprise billionaire. So she sets up a hair show and hires her brother Benji as the dj.

Oh, what I forgot to mention about Benji in the first episode is he is married. He's a grown man that is married and living with his parents. I guess that is what we are supposed to do in 2013. His past is a little sketchy, but not talked about much. Maybe in future episodes we'll see why Benji is still in his parents house with a wife. How do they have sex? Maybe they don't.

Anyway the rest of the siblings are pushed to the side as Brooklyn finally gets the attention she's been wanting. I do think fathers need to pay more attention to daughters outside of who they date. Anyway, the day comes and Brooklyn's fashion show happens. There are issues. The one she notices is that Benji doesn't start playing music until she tells him to. It's clear he was waiting until the show was about to start to crank up the music. The rest of the issues are noticed by the audience. No one knows whether it's a fashion show or hair show, the decorations aren't the best, and Brooklyn doesn't even thank her brother for helping her. It wasn't the best of work ethics at all. I will give her one thing. Her weave is up to par in every episode.

On the other hand, Ben's wife Jewel is having sibling rivalry problems of her own. She gets mad at one of her sisters because the sister and husband move. I'm guessing her sister and sister's husband was living under the Tankard roof. It was past time for them to get their own place. However, Jewel didn't see that. I'm confused.

Now I've been looking for the storyline of this, but it just occurred to me that maybe this reality television show isn't scripted. Maybe there really is no story line. much as I don't want to I'm going to keep watching. Are you watching?

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