Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tami Roman And Meagan Good Defend Themselves, But Why?

This week Tami Roman and Meagan Good have decided to heavily defend themselves in the media.Tami did it by recently going on The Wendy Williams show to discuss her Basketball Wives messiness and new direction.

If you've missed this season of Basketball Wives it's involved the bullying of Jennifer Williams and new cast member Kesha. Jennifer has been attacked by Evelyn and Kesha has been the target of Tami.

The craziness all started when Tami said some offensive stuff to Kesha. When Kesha spoke on it Tami became even more pissed off. This is because (as you even noticed on Wendy Williams show) Tami doesn't know how to take responsibility for her words or actions. Tami's anger led to the stealing of Kesha's purse and the pushing of Kesha into a corner while she cried her eyes out. All we saw were Kesha's tears and Tami's yelling. Tami claims there's some behind the scenes stuff coming from Kesha, but if it involved punches and words as mean as Tami threw we would have seen it broadcast on air.
Anyway, Tami went on to explain herself and talk about her new direction. Apparently she thinks she can just turn her hood rat behavior off. But why tell us? We watched the show and read her earlier comments. She was not sorry then and continues to place some of the blame on others. If that's her attitude, why doesn't she just get quiet?

Then there is Meagan Good. Her actions this week were not as bad. All she did was have a little fun and do a little burlesque for her bachelorette party. It did not involve any stripping of clothes. However, it happened and the internet bullies attacked her. I saw the video and realized Ms. Good was just having fun. Why did she have to explain this?

I admit that we have to defend our actions sometimes, but why does it have to be done every time? Tami called a girl a Bitch several times, stole her purse, and yelled in her face until she cried and left from a vacation. It's what she did, so why stand up and defend those actions? Meagan Good was enjoying her party, so why does she have to let people know that?

Maybe we just care too much about lives we should not be involved in.

2012 Music Trina I'm Back

Umm so Trina is back with a new song. This is definitely not her original style though. The beat is techno and the chorus is annoying. Now it's titled "I'm back," but other than the nasty words Trina's not coming back again. I'm begging for her to go back in the studio and try again.

I loved Trina's last album "Still Da Baddest," but this is definitely not the same girl. Who told Trina to leave her old style in the past? Gosh, even Khia said "fuck this new shit" and remixed her own old hit song.

A Natural Hair Story, 9 Months Strong

I've been neglecting my natural hair tales, so here it goes. It's been nine months.

Not one month of confusion.

Not three months of knowing a little bit of what I'm doing.

Not a full year yet to say I'm fully experienced in natural hair care.

But it's been nine months. There has been trials, triumphs, and then more trials. I've learned my hair just to let some hair stylist say I was wrong and cut it off again. I've developed a washing routine that keeps from hair from getting dirty, but lets it stay moisturized at the same time. This hair has been styled, colored, treated better than a newborn baby, and then played with all over again.

9 Months Of Natural Hair Products
If I had to list all the brands that have graced my hair it would be Mizani, Kinky Curly, Kimble products, Motions, Organics, Herbal Essences, Garnier Frutisse, Jojoba, Creme of Nature, Talia Waajid and Jane Carter. That's probably a small list compared to what some people do. I'm a patient person. These haven't been whole line of product usages.

As far as Kinky Curly I've fell in love with the oil. The shampoo and conditioner can kick it in someone else's head. As far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned Kimble products have been decorations in my bathtub. I tried Herbal Essences to get the arousal that the women in the commercials get, but that never happened. Plus it didn't clean my scalp good. The rest of the products I use from time to time consist of oils and leave-in conditioners. This hair has to stay moisturized some way.

Moisture has been a huge problem starting this summer. Moving forward I'm going to try Giovanni shampoo and conditioners to fix the problem. The sun will not win.

9 Months of Learning And Losing Patience
They tell you that picking out products is going to take time, but its not true. Products are the easy part. The hard part is letting someone give you advice on your hair. For instance my problem was the person who originally gave me the big chop. She taught me that we all have different textures, but she also taught me that just because she's natural doesn't mean she knows how to handle my hair. The woman big chopped me too many times. The first time I believed my hair really needed to be cut again. The second time I knew she was just scissor happy. That was also where I lost patience.

She had this idea of what she could do with my hair, but was not listening to me. She listened when I told her not to put texturizer on my head. That costs extra money to get done. However, she did not listen to why I did not want the texturizer. She also did not understand that I like my hair to look wild and untamed, which means stop cutting it and patting it down. Plus the ultimate part that irritated me was when I told her what color I wanted, showed her a box, and then she confused me by pulling out salon colors. She could have matched my color choice and what she had her damn self. However, I got a color and  it turned out perfect but that doesn't change the confusion. On the flip side I've been to a barber. Barbers have no room for advice. They just trim or cut, or cut and trim, which leave no room for unsatisfied customers.


I did meet a natural hair stylist recently and will be giving this one a chance. Her work is amazing from what I've seen and I want to experiment more with colors. My hair needs to grow big and thick. I want people to see a girl with an Elle Varner type Afro and Kelis type colors. She understands that I'm trying to get my hair to grow and cutting doesn't grow it.

I don't know what else to tell you. There is one more thing. When I went to Hawaii my hair did not get washed the whole time. It never felt like it needed it either. However, when I came back to Houston it started feeling dirty real soon after being washed. Some girl I met that was from some islands once said this mainland weather and water is rougher on hair. I'm starting to believe that.

Her Thankfulness Came Out Of Nowhere

I used to constantly keep in touch with everyone I ever went to school with on Facebook. It was the best way to stay in contact. The majority of the time I felt like I wasn't getting the same response back, but one of those people who rarely responded thanked me for keeping in touch. It was weird. Why would they thank me for keeping in touch when they obviously didn't care to make any effort to do it? Plus I didn't think they had noticed my effort in the first place. It's honestly been years since I spoke with that person. I don't even remember their name anymore, but this is not about them anyway.

This past weekend I decided to have a life. Well, there was a poetry event someone went to for their birthday. It was a given that I would be there for support. It was my day off and  I love poetry. 

In the midst of thinking about the event I told a friend about it two nights before it happened. She'd called, I had just gotten off work, and I was tired. I wanted to rush her off the phone, but not without giving something of substance first. I let her know about the poetry event and asked her if she wanted to go. She claimed she did, but I wasn't holding my breath. 

You know those people that always back down at the last minute? Well, she is one of them. Either she backs all the way down or she plays like she forgot. Even if you put something together for your birthday you have to tell her a million times, including reminding her the day of, if you want her to celebrate with you. It's annoying, but I'm patient. 

Anyway, she surprised me. The day of the event rolled around and she called frantic over what to wear. It was just a poetry event for someone's birthday she didn't even know. No big deal on her part, but for some strange reason she was making a big deal out of it. Remember, she's the girl that never shows up unless you heavily pressure her. 

Well, without any pressure she showed up to my house, hopped in my car, and we were off to enjoy some poetry and celebrate a birthday. Everything went well. We all had a good time. It was on the way back home that she caught me off guard. 

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Do you know how long I've waited to get out and have fun?"

Her thankfulness came out of nowhere. In fact her anxiousness to have fun was weird. This was the girl that always cancelled or forgot and at that moment she wanted me to believe she was excited to be out with a friend. 

Then again maybe I've gotten too used to be solo. If a friend's reaction is hard to handle, how will I ever handle quality time with a boyfriend? 

"I know I'm your girlfriend, but are you really that happy to see me?"-- Me to The Future Him

Did Rihanna Call Herself A Ho? Too Many Known Men

Rihanna seems to be in the middle of a lot of men. Of course these men are pushing their fantasies and involvements with her. However, Rihanna is not ashamed. At least that is what she's promoting. As of recently Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Drake have all jumped in some kind of a beef over Rihanna's p*ssy.

It all started over a supposed song on Chris Brown's upcoming album. If this song exists it features Meek Mills on the track. If it doesn't exist it is because Meek Mill supposed had sex with Rihanna and Chris Brown was angered by it and for some reason responded. Now Chris Brown has a girlfriend, Karrueche, so that does not even make sense.

Anyway since their drama Drake has decided to jump in with his own words. He recently responded by calling Rihanna a ho. I don't understand why these men are quick to call women out of their names, but that was Drake's choice of words.

Cupid stay away from my ho's!!!!

Rihanna followed up with her own words where she could have absentmindedly called herself a ho while defending Drake and Meek Mills.

See, I think she's defending them and I think they are attacking each other. These are all subtweets so it's hard to tell, but the subtweets aren't the point. Did Rihanna call herself a ho?

I think she did put herself  on blast without even caring. This has been one of my biggest fears since the first guy ever took an interest in me. The fear is there would come a day when something personal would happen. It could be just a friendly dinner, maybe sex, or even a full blown sleep over. That man could like me so much that he would run off and tell his friends all about what happened. This sounds innocent, right? Well, I would eventually stop seeing him and move on to another man and then another man. These men would be compelled to tell their business while throwing my name out there. Then one day there would be this reputation that I would have to answer to. To put it simply the answer would either have to be that they are lying or that I've been a ho. Despite the rumors, there is no middle ground.

Now did Rihanna call herself a ho? Maybe she was just referring to the men as ho's. This would not even matter if everyone would stop spreading everyone else's business out in the streets. Papparazzi don't hide in Rihanna's or any other celebrity's bedroom.

Friday, May 25, 2012

No Dinners Or Gifts, He Never Did That

Before I start the post Meagan Good is saving her goodies for her wedding day. Her preacher fiance has not felt the power of her cat yet. At some point in time a while ago Ms. Good informed the public that she was taking a vow of celibacy. But then again maybe she is saying that celibacy thing now. She's sticking to her word and will hold onto it until her wedding night. Actually he'll be her husband so she will have no reason to be playing the celibacy card anymore. Okay, now for my story.

He had promised me dinner. Actually, this guy had been promising me some kind of treat for a while.

It all started a night when I wanted to go to the movies and he wanted to chill. He claimed he was broke, so I offered to pay for his ticket. I did pay, but the voice inside of him kept forcing him to make promises of paying me back. I continually refused his offerings of paying me back, mostly because he never had any real plans of how he would do it. Well, during a night of hanging inside of his house, he came up with a plan.

You probably thought I was going to say hanging out. Nah, read the title again.

His plan was a free meal for himself and paying for me to eat something. His job had given him one of those $25 cards to some (okay, not good) restaurant. Initially I refused, but he commanded me to accept. This is kind of what he said.

"Tomorrow after work I will take you out to eat at (forgets name of place) and you will be happy to go."

His command turned me on. This was mostly because the guy was a huge nerd that always seemed to act like a huge nerd. I love nerds for their intelligence, but men will some roughness are always sexier. Always. It should have excited me though. Again, he was a nerd and not even the Steve Urkel type.

That was not the first time he ever claimed he wanted to do something for me. There was a time when he brought up some perfume his mom liked and he thought it would smell nice on me. There was another time where he brought up some drive-in movie that still exists and claimed he would love to take me there. Just like the dinner, none of the other stuff happened.

The night the dinner was supposed to happen I called him an hour before the time he'd told me to be ready. Instead of answering he ended up texting me back saying he was doing laundry. That sorry ass guy never planned to take me anywhere that night. Instead he cared more about getting his laundry done, if that was the truth.

See, I don't like men that lead me on. My dad, Tommy, taught me how uncool that is. Right before I graduated high school I called him to invite him to my graduation. Without telling him a place or time, he told me he could not make it. No hesitation was in his voice. There were no promises of being there. He let me know straight out it would not happen.

However, some of these niggas my age and even older need to learn the art of saying exactly how they feel. They have to stop leading us girls on with false promises. But on the other hand maybe he did all those false promises because he had already had the kitty.
See, I held off for a minute and then had sex with him. No real friendship was there. No title was there either. Nothing was really there except sex. Remember I did say he was a nerd, but I like my men a little rough around the edges. Meagan Good didn't have sex and her man is about to put a ring on it.

This either means I should hold off on sex until a ring is put on my finger or stop dealing with men that's not my type.

Khia Vs Pusha T: Who Put Out The Best Diss Track?

The older I get the more I realize a huge way of being successful is to knock someone else down. At least that's what it is like in the music industry, which brings me to my latest creative competition. This one is between Khia and Pusha T. 

Both Khia and Push T released diss tracks this week, but they were not dissing each other. Khia decided to attack YG for sampling her hit song "My Neck, My Back" and not putting her on the track. On the other hand Pusha T set out to diss Lil Wayne and some other niggas for reasons I'm still not sure. Yeah, I listened to the song and don't know what it was about. So who did better? 

Well, Pusha T sounded high throughout the song. Maybe that's why I don't understand it. I do know that he was going after the crazy contracts Young Money artists are signed too. That or something else in the song forced Lil Wayne to respond with anger. The fact that Lil Wayne responded is what makes this diss track important. 

Now Khia did something totally different. She was so angry that YG took her "My Neck, My Back" song that she dissed him on the same track. Wait, Khia didn't just diss YG. She remixed her own song. Now how many artists do you know, other than R. Kelly, that can take their own old song and make it relevant again? There aren't many. Plus at the end of the diss track Khia made sure to let us all know about her album coming out July 17th.
To me Khia had the best diss track this week. What do you think? 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Addiction, Are Women Really This Desperate?

In the world of reality television we get to see a lot of people in need of relationship advice. Most of these shows, such as Tough Love and Millionaire Matchmaker, is dedicated to helping people get into healthy long lasting relationships. However, recently I stumbled upon a show that does that total opposite. It's called Love Addiction.

Love Addiction is about people who terribly want to be head of heels in love. They want love so bad that they are willing to put up with the worst abuse, right before physical abuse, possible. It's so bad several people take time out of their own busy schedules to break up this person's relationship just because they care. The person behind the break-ups is relationship expert Hasani Pettiford. Really this isn't your typical reality love show.

Recently I watched this show just because a friend advertised it on twitter. Upon turning to it I was caught off guard. First the relationships were way too much for my tiny mind to process and secondly it was a marathon. I couldn't turn the channel.

The first episode involved a chauvinistic man who needed an intervention on his relationship issues. This man had cheated on his girlfriend, got someone else pregnant, and was practically living off her. Then he had the nerve to say she couldn't do better. In the end he came to the conclusion he was bad for her and broke up with her. Her dumb ass was upset too.

The second episode involved a woman who lowered her standards of men just because she was living in Atlanta. She fell for the myth that there aren't many men to date in that huge ass city. Because of her lack of self confidence her boyfriend dissed her when her father died and then she accepted him back into her life. After getting an intervention a relationship expert was able to instill some confidence in her.

Then there was the single mom dating the male gigolo. It took her a while to comprehend that he wasn't ready for her, but the relationship expert helped. Hell, she should have known all along. The last episode was about a man dating an older woman, but I don't have time for his pathetic story.

Are women really this messed up? I thought I had issues. I've studied men deeply in hopes of avoiding being hurt. I've agreed to friends w/ benefits, but then changed my mind for selfish reasons. There was a guy I once dated who really worked my nerves. I decided to wait til he ended the relationship in hopes of not coming off mean. I've also led men on by flirting, but had no intentions of doing anything with them. That's some bad stuff, right? I've played the safe road in hopes of getting to love quicker than hurt. Okay, my stories are nothing compared to these women.

How does your man cheat and get another woman pregnant and you stay with him? How? How does your man not comfort you when your father dies and you stay with him? How do you not talk to your man about where your child fits in and if you're really in a relationship? I'm confused. Why are women putting themselves through all this?

Then this show has to be invented to get these women out of these relationships. I'm through with television until tomorrow or later today maybe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tameka Raymond Vs Pilar Sanders, War Of The Original Gold Diggers

Yes, I know the current messy divorce making the news is between Usher and Tameka Raymond. However, for the last couple months we've been hearing about Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders. This post is not about Deion or Usher though. This is a war between OG's (original gold diggers).

Wait, in the beginning I did not see Pilar Sanders as a gold digger. This woman used to be one of the biggest fashion models and she had her own money going into the marriage. However, she's asked for a ton of money since her divorce started taking place. While Pilar has not gotten all the money she asked for she was recently awarded with $14,000 a month is child support.

On the other hand, it's not hard to see why Tameka Raymond is a gold digger. This woman has married her way into money, had children to stay in money, and divorced for more money. Just when we thought these men had learned their lessons, Usher fell for Tameka's game. Now Tameka has Usher in court crying in the courthouse and she's smiling about it. Damn, she smiled in court and she hasn't even won anything yet. 

So who do you think is winning this gold digging war? This is a tough competition. 

Styles To Steal, Kelis And Lil Kim

Kelis was recently spotted in this great frame-fitting Asos dress. This dress is the epitome of the color trend that will be heavily seen this summer. I want it. Where does a poor girl like me get such a great dress? Oh and someone needs to let Kelis know that I want some shoes like that too. Do they have them in a size 6? In other news Lil Kim has my attention in fashion too.

Recently Lil Kim started the Return of The Queen tour. This tour consists of her performing all of her classics, but the classics aren't the only part of the tour shining. Lil Kim is heavily showing off her style in fashion and a recent body suit she wore really screamed out to me. I want that body suit from the New York performance Lil Kim. I tried tweeting her for the whereabouts of the outfit, but like all other "celebrities" she didn't reply. Oh well, (in my Azaelia Banks voice) I'm going to steal lil Kim's fashion choices and not give her credit. That was a joke. 

I'm working on changing my look to fit that of a rising star named Lashuntrice. It started with cutting off all my permed hair. While natural  hair is a trend, it is also true that none of  us has the same texture and the originality is still there. Then it continued with new clothes. For the Hawaii trip I spent more money than I ever dreamed of on cute outfits and almost sent myself into an overwhelming coma. That is not over yet. There are so many clothes to be bought just so the world can know who I am and what I stand for. 

To show how you are on the inside, you have to first fix your look on the outside. I'm working on that. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Adina Howard Ooh Wee, A Hidden Song

"Take a look into my eyes. Can't you tell I'm nasty?"

I just discovered that Adina Howard secretly leaked a new song of hers called "Ooh Wee" a year ago. That song is hot. Why have I never heard it on the radio? 

Brandy Jumps On The Afro Bandwagon For The Billboard Awards

Natural hair is not only healthy hairstyle to have. It is also currently a trend that a lot of people are trying out. While we don't know if singer Brandy is natural or not, she did wear an Afro to the Billboard Awards yesterday. Do you like that look?

In person Brandy was wearing the Afro well. However, it doesn't photograph well on her. Or maybe it's the make-up. I'm not sure.

Sexual Promises Not Achieved

This is Usher, Not The Nameless Man
The room was supposed to be dark with just the glare of the moonlight shining through the window.  90's R. Kelly music was supposed to be playing in the background to set the mood. Maybe we would listen to Bump N Grind. Then again Seems Like You're Ready would be a great start for the night. Or we could also just let classic after classic play to get us through the night. I would entice him with either a sexy outfit or some brand new lingerie. Whatever he would be wearing would not matter because within a matter of minutes clothes would come off. Then for the rest of the night he would bring all of his sexual promises to life.

That's what they were, sexual promises. He never gave big descriptions. He always let me know that once he finished I would be very pleased. His confidence excited me. I didn't know what he had planned, but was anxious for whatever it was.

Was he the boring type? Did he just get his erection, explode, and leave? Was he an energizer bunny? Could he give good sex all night long? Could he be the kinky type? Was he into handcuffing, being handcuffed, going downtown, or even sexing in public places? Was he willing to teach? I don't know everything about pleasing a man yet.

The conversations took place. Plans were made. The only problem I had was the idea of having sex at my place. Due to my living situation there was no way it could happen and in no way would it be a good idea. He agreed, but never picked another area. We talked about it for weeks, maybe even months. Our conversations were never regular. We were both single, but he wasn't looking for a relationship. I respected that, so I persisted to keep my distance. However, every time we did talk sex came up.

The thought of sex connected us. It was not his fault either. He was cute to look at and his voice was sexy as hell. However, we didn't have much in common. He had a better conversation with my friend who played sports just like him. I was there when they went on and on about the sports they played in school. I was also the odd one in the group. But when that friend was not around and it was just me and him talking sex came up. We could talk about that and we both wanted it. At least I thought we both did.

He made these promises about how good he was, but never went into any real description. Being a writer, it was easy for me to try and fill in the blanks. Maybe that is where I messed up. Once a new nigga came around I pushed him to the back of my mind. Sex with the next guy was easier to achieve and then it didn't end at the guy. However, after months of not getting any attention from men, he reappeared.

We talked about random things, but sex eventually came up. It may have been my fault. Then he asked the question.

"I hope I am not too direct. But whatever happened to me and you fucking?"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Reflections: No Turning Back, The Journey Is On

"How can I put on for my city if I never leave my city?"

The above quote is one I recently saw on someone's Facebook status. Maybe they were just having a random thought and felt like broadcasting it. Maybe that person really has never left the city they live in. Then again that person could be discovering the importance of knowing what's beyond their own town. Anyway, they thought it and they wrote it out for the public to read.

I'm one of those people that never felt the need to put on for my city. There were never any feelings of shouting out the word Houston everywhere I went. However, there was a need for travel. Long before college I became bored with my surroundings. Even in college I wasn't as excited as I should have felt. Generations of my family had gone to the exact same place for an education, so there was nothing new in that city. New experiences were created, but the city was the same as it had been the moment I went at 6 years old. Throughout those boredom moments I continued to daydream about a life in a new place.

These daydreams have led me to California and Hawaii. Wait, just so you know during high school I did visit several parts of Louisiana and explored Atlanta, Georgia without family being around. Plus in middle school, again without the family, I was able to take a trip to the Bahamas. I'm not stranger to leaving my city. California and Hawaii are totally different than those past trips. Going to Las Angeles and then to Hawaii showed me the importance of leaving your city and never coming back.
hotel room in California
I have a friend in Los Angeles. She lives in an apartment that she decorated on her own. Along with that apartment she has gone from working for companies to being an entrepreneur. The way she talks and tweets about her city, which she moved to approximately two years ago, is absolutely amazing. You can tell that she's found her home. Even if she gets bored with her surroundings one day you can still tell there is no hint of boredom in her right now.

Then there is my best friend in Hawaii, who I recently went to visit. We used to have a nickname for her. It called call Miss Travel Every Weekend. She could not be still. Then one day she decided she was going to get a second masters degree and her location would be in Hawaii. She hasn't traveled since. When visiting her there was this aura. She walked, talked, and breathed Hawaii. She was education on her surroundings and ready to help me explore this place. She was absolutely happy. After years of planning out places to travel to she had finally decided to settle down and it was amazing to watch.

The problem with being able to see their happiness is it makes me want to get to that place of  happiness. The problem with traveling is there is no turning back. It's easy to say "How can I put on for my city if I never leave my city?" What's harder is wanting to come back to your city after you've seen what the world has to offer.

It is too late. There is no turning back. I've seen some beauty and I'm ready to view more.

I'm not at a point in my life where I can network heavily and attend a million events. This is what they preach to those people that want to go down the path I'm traveling. I'd love to go to the Blogging While Brown Conference. Then again the National Association of Black Journalists screams "We want you Lashuntrice" and then there's the Blogher conferences I'm learning more about. I want to be able to attend these events, but time isn't on my side. But time is on my side when it comes to planning another trip to some place new.

They thought I'd get a taste and settle back down. Not this time. The next trip will be to New York. The journey is on.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Music Vintage Nation Brokenhearted Hero

I've been waiting for some new good music to listen to and share with you. "Brokenhearted Hero" is Vintage Nation's first single. This is one of those songs where I can listen to, write, and stay in a relaxed mood. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Angela Simmons Beach Body Vs. My Beach Body

Recently photos of Angela Simmons in her cute two piece bathing suit hit the internet. Well, I've slid a few photos of myself up too. Who do you think looks better?

I vote for me (laughs).

This Is Not About Everyone Else

As you already know I just came back from Hawaii. It really happened, but at the same time it seems like it was just a dream. It feels as if my friend's apartment near the beach, the beautiful ocean, and the biggest outdoor mall in the world was just a week where I decided not to open my eyes to reality. However, the trip took place and at the end of the vacation my dad picked me up from the airport ready for another thoughtful (sarcastic voice) conversation. It went something like this.

"So you've been to California and Hawaii, two places most people just dream of."-- My dad

Forget whatever was said before and after that. He may not have said those exact words, but he brought up that not everyone gets to go to those places. That bothered me to the utmost extreme. This is mostly because my goals are not about everyone else. 

Some people plan out their lives to make others happy. They want to help the poor, educate the children, or be role models to to whoever is willing to pay attention. Some people live for the money. I have a friend who is super boring, but has admitted he loves seeing money pile up in his bank account. What he plans to do with the money is a mystery to himself and everyone else. However, spending the money does not matter. It's all about making it. Some people live for contentment. I might be one of them. 

I want to wake up every day to a life I always dreamed about. I want to be able to one day turn on my computer and overdose on both words and on the words others have to offer. I want to experience new places in life. One day I can see myself waking up somewhere in California and running off to the beach for a relaxing day. Then again there's a fantasy of joining the millions of people that live in the overcrowded big city known as New York City.There's also a fantasy of being somewhere with like minded people that I can socialize with. No one wants to be alone in the world forever. Then again there are so many other dreams and goals invested in my mind. 

I live for contentment. I live to wake up every morning smiling. It is all about me. This is why I don't understand why my dad or anyone else would want to remind me of what others are not doing during this time in life. 

I'm 25 with no kids and no boyfriend. I just want to live. This is not about everyone else. Someone will understand this post. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

He Bought The Bottles, He Had The Expensive Camera, And...

This is my Hawaii continuation. The first part was dedicated to my lovely luggage craziness. This part is all about the men. Did you know I'm boy crazy? Well if you didn't you're about to get a glimpse of my love for men. Okay, I'm going to start with my friends birthday party, work my way backward, and then go forward, and then backtrack again.

Did you know that men really buy bottles at the club? This is not about the basketball, football, or any other sports players. There were no multi-millionaires in this clique. At least I don't think anyone was that rich. Damn, I should have asked. Anyway, it is not a myth. Some men actually buy bottles in the club. I saw it for myself.

It all started Friday night around 10 pm. My friend and I rushed to the club to meet up with others she had invited to celebrate her turning 25. There was one particular handsome guy that we saw. He originally told her he would be extra late, but decided he would show up extra early. He was also the one that bought us a table and bought bottles for all the guests. Well, the bottles were for all her guests, but a random uninvited person could have grabbed a glass. It was a club after all. Back to the guy. Let's just call him the world's most eligible bachelor.

So the world's most eligible bachelor bought bottle after bottle after bottle. I lost count of how many he purchased. He also bought shots for all of us and he took very foggy pictures with his iPhone. I saw them on instagram later on. Wait, let me back up for a second.

Before he bought the bottles I first noticed that he showed up in a suit. Yes, the world's most eligible bachelor had on a suit. He looked so good I wanted to smell him just to see what cologne he had on, but that didn't happen. I did not want to appear creepy. So the world's most eligible bachelor was a sexy suit wearing man that bought bottles for his women friends. Can we say WOW?

Rewind to two days before. There were several men, but the one that stood out most was the man with the camera. Let's just call him Camera Man. Camera Man's camera had to be at least $2500. It was shiny, big, and fancy. It screamed "Hold me and take at least 500 pictures on me." Did I say that it was nice? Camera Man knew he was holding a prized possession too. He cradled that camera like a new born baby. That alone made Camera Man attractive. You can tell how a man is going to treat is woman by how he handles his camera.

Then fast forward to the last day and there was another man with a camera. I don't know what he was photographing so let's just call him Paparazzi. He was sitting under a tree by the beach with his camera turned on and it was aimed at an unknown target. It was even fancier than Camera Man's camera. This was one another expensive camera, Cannon to be exact, and costs $2400. I asked about the price. He was nice enough to reveal the price and talk more about cameras. I couldn't believe I had walked up to a stranger and he had responded so nicely. Maybe it is because his name is Paparazzi, at least for this post. Again, you can tell how a man will treat a woman by the way he treats his camera. 

Now go back to the birthday party. At that birthday bash I met Shy Guy. That is what we'll call him for this post. Shy Guy was clearly special because although he had this quiet layer to him, he showed up. Showing up was enough to eventually try and make him my guy. Oh wait, what I meant was if a shy man shows up to an event to see you knowing it will be a lot of others around, you have the potential to make him your man. Yeah, you can make him your man.

There were more men, but these men really stood out. Hopefully this was not the last time I experienced men like them. Stay tuned because I'm not finished with Hawaii yet.

2012 Music Bad Timing By Latocha Scott

Latocha Scott (formerly of Xscape) is making a comeback. Her first release of the year is called Bad Timing. Check it out below.
I'm glad Latocha is making a comeback. She's definitely one of those singers with natural talent.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black And Single Series, Episode One And Two

I just discovered a new series on youtube called Black And Single. This series follows the lives of two single people that are perfect for each other, but have not met yet. The first two episodes of this series is now online. Watch below.

If you like what you see, the third episode will drop on Monday. 

2012 Music R Kelly Feelin Single

R. Kelly has finally released the second single for his upcoming album Write Me Back. It's called Feelin Single. Check it out below.

R Kelly Write Me Back Album To Be Released In June

My favorite male R&B singer is dropping a new album soon. In case you were wondering who that is his name is R. Kelly.

The album is called Write Me Back and is the follow up to his 2010 album Love Letter.

In February R. Kelly dropped the first single Share My Love. It was a song with a soft old school sound similar to his 2010 album. Share My Love also has a saying in it that reminds us of what we're meant to do when we're together. That's "Populate." Listen to the song here. As good as the song is the album will be even better.

Write Me Back is set to drop June 26th. Are you ready? Check out photo shoot for Write Me Back below.

Keri Hilson Goes Curly

Keri Hilson is now wearing curly hair. Are you noticing the trend?

It has nothing to do with everyone having curly hair. It also has nothing to do with the natural hair trend. It's all about trying something new.

Miss Keri Baby's new just happens to be curly hair. I love it on her. My red wig is similar to it.

Case Of The Bag Snatchers, Hawaii's Beginning

After an eight hour flight it was vacation time. Upon stepping off the plane I immediately called my friend who was waiting to pick me up. We met and greeted each other at the carousel so I could grab my bag. It was an emotional moment. After years of living in two different places we would finally be able to hang out again. But the best part was that I had so many new items of clothes and shoes to show here.

"You'll love my never before worn Michael Kors shoes."

"And I have a lot of shirts and shorts with tags still on them"

"Plus there's a ton of bathing suits that I just bought."

She smiled in anticipation of starting out the plans for the week. However, we could not leave the airport until my bag came.

"It's a bright red bag. It definitely stands out in the crowd."

There was a bright red bag that kept going around the carousel. However, it was not mines. I knew it was someone else's. There was a big pink red tied to the handle and someone's name was on it. In the end it was the only bag left.

We quickly ran to security.

"My bag never came down the carousel. It is missing."

They checked the other bag and my claim ticket. Luckily they had the other person's number on file. Two phone calls later and my bag was found.

In anticipation of their vacation someone had grabbed a bag with someone else's name on it by mistake. If a phone call would never have been placed they would have made to to their hotel to find lots of new clothes they could not fit. They were on their way to the hotel when the phone call was made an luckily they wanted their own bag back. However, it would take approximately seven hours from the time I landed to get bag back.

Vacations are a huge gift from working super hard, but be careful. There are some people who are so ready to experience a quick fairy tale that they grab whatever bag they see first. It's not done purposely. They are not mad at the world. They are just trying to get to their destination so quickly that they don't even check for a name. Then you end up standing in baggage claim going "Where is my bag?"

I received the bag finally, began wearing lots of cool summer clothes, and had a whole lot of fun. This beginning did remind me to be extra careful next time. Or maybe be extra hype and grab any bag upon exiting the airport for my next vacation.

Don't go anywhere. You will read more about this trip.

Solange Knowles And This Yellow Outfit

Recently Solange Knowles was spotted in this really cute yellow outfit. Usually I don't like her clothes. Solange is always dressed so tacky and looks like she just hopped out of bed and walked into public. That yellow really stands out.

I'm all about colors this year. In fact this summer I will be looking like the rainbow. It's not about mismatching or color blocking, which are popular trends. It is just about having fun and enjoying life. Gray, black, and white says you're trying to fit in.

Ooh, I forgot to add she needs to hang over those glasses too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day From Far Away, Sunday Reflections

I'm taking a moment from my break to bring you another reflection on a Sunday. This is going to be a rushed post so bear with me and enjoy my quick thoughts.

So months ago I planned this fabulous vacation to Hawaii to be with a best friend for her graduation and birthday. That's where I currently am and it is fun. You will read about this great vacation soon. The only problem came weeks ago when I realized my fabulous vacation fell right on Mother's Day.

This means my mother would have to imagine how much my love for her stretches because she's not going to physically see it. No, we are not seeing each other today and only God knows if we will be speaking to each other. There's a five hour time difference. It would be easy to analyze activity times if I were good at math. However, I'm not so my mind will not think about the best time to call.

This is also the first Mother's Day since I moved back to Houston that I am not spending with her. If you've been following my boring story over the years you know I'm definitely trying to experience life in a new environment. In order to accomplish this goal I need to find ways to not be up under anyone in my family too much. That includes my mom.

While this vacation took me away from a special day for her, it is also helping me get closer to accomplishing my goal. Accomplished goals and lots of fun equals a happy daughter. That's all a mom ever really needs anyway.

So I'm celebrating Mother's Day from far away. Despite an earlier sentence in this post we will speak and I will say nice words to her. How are you celebrating?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 Music I Don't Like by Chief Keef

There's this song called "I Don't like" by Chief Keef.

I heard it for the first time yesterday and don't like the fact that it is stuck in my head now. The beat is nice and the lyrics are catchy and I'm crazy enough to start singing it at work without realizing it. I actually just heard of Chief Keef for the first time too. According to his biography he's from Chicago. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this artist.  Listen below. It's actually a good song.

"That's that shit I don't like." It's so much in the world to not like.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Azealia Banks Disses Lil Kim, But This Is Not A Beef

Recently up and coming artist Azealia Banks decided to share her feelings about Lil Kim on twitter. Her original feelings was that she was a huge fan and wanted to do music with her. Then something changed. Now Azealia is mad at Kimberly Jones. What did Kim do? We're not sure yet. It is apparent that this is not a beef. This is just a matter of feelings being hurt or ignored. Check out Ms. Banks angry tweets below.

Okay so true tea is that Lil Kim got mad that I wrote a verse for her on a record I wanted her on.
Everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps and I saw this as a faster more efficient way of getting the track done.
She then had her assistant write me some long ass offensive email about how Lil Kim writes her own raps and doesn’t need anyone’s help.
So….. My question was and is still… IS SHE DOING THE TRACK?
Who cares about what you use to do…. WILL YOU DO THE TRACK??!
All this extra sh-t is stupid. Keep closing your own doors ma. @lilkim
There is no beef. At all.

While we are not sure exactly how the Queen Bee feels on this situation, Azealia Banks isn't smiling. How would you have handled this? Those two have never even met in person or had a conversation. Kim has never even tweeted Azaelia back. There's more twitter messiness.

@LilKim you DO know that YOUR management where the ones who said u needed us to write a reference verse in the first place .. Right?
Oh well … I’m still gonna steal all of her outfits & hairstyles … ‘cept I’m gonna keep all the credit and not involve her in any of it.
@LilKim real talk I just want that verse …. ya know..? I’m not really here for ur team and they’re pseudo professionalism
@LilKim u can still use the verse of you want.. Or feel free to write your own. But you should really do the verse
Lol all bullshit aside I’m here for this $$$$$$$$$$$. Let’s get it … Why not?

I must admit if I wanted to work with an artist I'd hold the lyrics until they said yes. I would not email them asking to work with them and send them a script along with it. That's not just impatient. It's rude when you don't even know how they actually do business.

While writing this I realized I've never heard of any of Azealia Banks music, so I hopped to youtube. She's talented. She don't need to be so angry and defensive.

Sunday Reflections: Reminding Myself That I Can Do This

Hawaii is around the corner. For real, in three days I'll be hopping on a plan to spend a full week in paradise. This is for a friend's college graduation and birthday. However, it's much more than that. This trip is the beginning of my "I can do this" life.

Well the beginning may have started back in October when the California trip happened, but I don't count that. It was my birthday and everyone deserves to do something special for the "day of getting older." So this Hawaii trip is the beginning of my "I can do this" life.

You may be wondering what an "I can do this" life is about. It has nothing to do with self motivation and all about what you can do. If the people who buy million dollar homes can afford to do it then it is their right to buy million houses. If the people who go to the club every weekend can afford to pop bottles that often then it's their right to do it. If I can afford to go on a trip and prepare accordingly then it's my right to do it. No one else's opinion matters if I have the money and the time. Okay, maybe this is a little of a self motivation lesson.

Recently I decided my wardrobe wasn't good enough for this Hawaii trip. That attitude led me to the mall. The feeling of grabbing any and everything without looking at a price tag was wonderful. However, later I looked at the receipts. The amount of money that was spent was overwhelming for a person like me who has been told all her life that she didn't need that stuff. However, now I can afford it. It's scary though and there was a bit of fear after the experience. The fear goes like this...

Recently I went to see The Five Year Engagement. There was one scene where the woman was trying to reveal her relationship woes to her boss. Both were extremely intoxicated. The boss didn't want to hear her and then for some reason kissed her. She panicked, went running to her fiance, and then told him to start planning the wedding again. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. In the midst of saying all this she felt the vomit coming up and instead of letting it flow she swallowed it back down her throat.

I don't know what that scene has to do with my situation yet, but it was funny. Anyway I have the job, the money, the car, and soon will have the home. Plus I've worked hard for all this. It's okay to let my hair (or weave) down and splurge a little. After all I can do this. However, if I can afford whatever my heart desires then why is that fear playing around in my tummy?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Music Light Up by Drew & D'Melody

There's a new rapper out and his name is Drew. Check out his new song "Light Up" below. 

What do you think? Is this something you could listen to on a daily basis? That beat is contagious. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hunger Addiction (Free Write Story)

Upon opening her eyes she realized she was hungry. But not for cereal, eggs, or pancakes. Nor did she wants donuts, bagels, or any kind of fast eating pastries. Lunch or dinner wouldn't cut it either. Her stomach growled loud and clear, but she knew food wasn't the answer. Nah, she wanted and needed something more.

Upon looking in the mirror she wanted to ignore the reflection that stared back at her. There was supposed to be a pretty skinny, but at the same time thick chick. That chick was supposed to be the picture of style and grace with a bit of a ho-ish taste. Instead there was a boring girl who lacked enthusiasm for the world. There was an anorexic chick who looked sick and was craving bits and pieces of something different. But standing still looking in that mirror judging her pitiful life wasn't doing shit. This Bitch needed to move.

Upon opening the door that girl stepped into the world to explore. But she brought all that baggage that had followed her from before. People telling her she wasn't good enough, she wasn't hood enough, pretty wasn't in her name, and ugly girls were more sane. Someone once told her she didn't work hard enough, wasn't prepared yet, couldn't manage on her own, she needed someone to forever lean on. So she brought those thoughts and turned all the negative energy into anger. All those people that had doubted her before was about to see that she was a mothafuckin lady. 

And it all started somewhere in J.C. Penny's where she could quickly grab some jeans, but then the adventure lead her to Macy's to the MAC counter, a make-up lover's best friend. Those were a start, but the real adventure was found in Body Shop, Bui Yah Kah, and Wet Seal, where the clothes hugged all the right spots. But then to look pretty underneath the shiny clothes Victoria's Secret became her friend. But she had to top it all off and smell good so Bath and Body Works always invited her in. Now shoes were important too, but she tried to take it slow when buying them. 

So after hopping in that car and using that money for all the nice clothes she found herself attracting all the male hoes. The men asked for her number, called, text, emailed, and wanted to write her checks. Along with confidence she gained sponsors and received positive feedback. 

But when it was time to go back home, be alone, take some time out to rest, her soul wouldn't let her back into the nest. The nice clothes, riding around in her car, having men holler , she was hungry. Her body, mind, and soul, craved more. Cereal, eggs, and pancakes wouldn't cut it. Donuts, bagels, and other pastries had become regular boring food. But the life outside that door she discovered was worth craving and tomorrow she'd do it all over again.

So this is more of a poem than a story. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maybach Music Signs Omarion And Changes His Name

When doing my random reading yesterday I passed up an article on Maybach Music's newest talent, known as Maybach O. For a second I was like "Hmn," but then I decided he sounded like another lame weed-smoking rapper and decided to move on. However, later the name "Maybach O" began trending on twitter an piqued my curiosity. Well, damn it's Omarion.

See within Recent years after a failed attempt at becoming a hardcore singer (remember I Get It In?), Omarion became a designer's best friend. He discovered Forever 21, Body Central, and started going to several fashion shows. The pictures are all around this internet. This gave off the impression that Omarion had decided to bury the microphone and move on to new times. Well, oops impressions can sometimes be wrong. He's picked up the mic again, but not as Omarion anymore. We are now being introduced to Maybach O.

At Maybach Music's press conference Omarion had the following words to say:
"A lot of people have been wondering what's up with Omarion? Is his career over?" Omarion said. "I've never been a fan of popular opinion, but from now on, when you see me, understand that it's Maybach Music."

So are we going to see more of "I Get It In," a little bit of "Icebox" maybe, or is Maybach O going to attempt to sell dope off the iPhone and sing (or rap) about expensive shit?