Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tameka Raymond Vs Pilar Sanders, War Of The Original Gold Diggers

Yes, I know the current messy divorce making the news is between Usher and Tameka Raymond. However, for the last couple months we've been hearing about Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders. This post is not about Deion or Usher though. This is a war between OG's (original gold diggers).

Wait, in the beginning I did not see Pilar Sanders as a gold digger. This woman used to be one of the biggest fashion models and she had her own money going into the marriage. However, she's asked for a ton of money since her divorce started taking place. While Pilar has not gotten all the money she asked for she was recently awarded with $14,000 a month is child support.

On the other hand, it's not hard to see why Tameka Raymond is a gold digger. This woman has married her way into money, had children to stay in money, and divorced for more money. Just when we thought these men had learned their lessons, Usher fell for Tameka's game. Now Tameka has Usher in court crying in the courthouse and she's smiling about it. Damn, she smiled in court and she hasn't even won anything yet. 

So who do you think is winning this gold digging war? This is a tough competition. 

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