Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did Rihanna Call Herself A Ho? Too Many Known Men

Rihanna seems to be in the middle of a lot of men. Of course these men are pushing their fantasies and involvements with her. However, Rihanna is not ashamed. At least that is what she's promoting. As of recently Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Drake have all jumped in some kind of a beef over Rihanna's p*ssy.

It all started over a supposed song on Chris Brown's upcoming album. If this song exists it features Meek Mills on the track. If it doesn't exist it is because Meek Mill supposed had sex with Rihanna and Chris Brown was angered by it and for some reason responded. Now Chris Brown has a girlfriend, Karrueche, so that does not even make sense.

Anyway since their drama Drake has decided to jump in with his own words. He recently responded by calling Rihanna a ho. I don't understand why these men are quick to call women out of their names, but that was Drake's choice of words.

Cupid stay away from my ho's!!!!

Rihanna followed up with her own words where she could have absentmindedly called herself a ho while defending Drake and Meek Mills.

See, I think she's defending them and I think they are attacking each other. These are all subtweets so it's hard to tell, but the subtweets aren't the point. Did Rihanna call herself a ho?

I think she did put herself  on blast without even caring. This has been one of my biggest fears since the first guy ever took an interest in me. The fear is there would come a day when something personal would happen. It could be just a friendly dinner, maybe sex, or even a full blown sleep over. That man could like me so much that he would run off and tell his friends all about what happened. This sounds innocent, right? Well, I would eventually stop seeing him and move on to another man and then another man. These men would be compelled to tell their business while throwing my name out there. Then one day there would be this reputation that I would have to answer to. To put it simply the answer would either have to be that they are lying or that I've been a ho. Despite the rumors, there is no middle ground.

Now did Rihanna call herself a ho? Maybe she was just referring to the men as ho's. This would not even matter if everyone would stop spreading everyone else's business out in the streets. Papparazzi don't hide in Rihanna's or any other celebrity's bedroom.

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