Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Her Thankfulness Came Out Of Nowhere

I used to constantly keep in touch with everyone I ever went to school with on Facebook. It was the best way to stay in contact. The majority of the time I felt like I wasn't getting the same response back, but one of those people who rarely responded thanked me for keeping in touch. It was weird. Why would they thank me for keeping in touch when they obviously didn't care to make any effort to do it? Plus I didn't think they had noticed my effort in the first place. It's honestly been years since I spoke with that person. I don't even remember their name anymore, but this is not about them anyway.

This past weekend I decided to have a life. Well, there was a poetry event someone went to for their birthday. It was a given that I would be there for support. It was my day off and  I love poetry. 

In the midst of thinking about the event I told a friend about it two nights before it happened. She'd called, I had just gotten off work, and I was tired. I wanted to rush her off the phone, but not without giving something of substance first. I let her know about the poetry event and asked her if she wanted to go. She claimed she did, but I wasn't holding my breath. 

You know those people that always back down at the last minute? Well, she is one of them. Either she backs all the way down or she plays like she forgot. Even if you put something together for your birthday you have to tell her a million times, including reminding her the day of, if you want her to celebrate with you. It's annoying, but I'm patient. 

Anyway, she surprised me. The day of the event rolled around and she called frantic over what to wear. It was just a poetry event for someone's birthday she didn't even know. No big deal on her part, but for some strange reason she was making a big deal out of it. Remember, she's the girl that never shows up unless you heavily pressure her. 

Well, without any pressure she showed up to my house, hopped in my car, and we were off to enjoy some poetry and celebrate a birthday. Everything went well. We all had a good time. It was on the way back home that she caught me off guard. 

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Do you know how long I've waited to get out and have fun?"

Her thankfulness came out of nowhere. In fact her anxiousness to have fun was weird. This was the girl that always cancelled or forgot and at that moment she wanted me to believe she was excited to be out with a friend. 

Then again maybe I've gotten too used to be solo. If a friend's reaction is hard to handle, how will I ever handle quality time with a boyfriend? 

"I know I'm your girlfriend, but are you really that happy to see me?"-- Me to The Future Him

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