Friday, January 31, 2014

#300Sandwiches Number 222 And Eric Hasn't Proposed Yet

#222 from
Stephanie Smith has made it to sandwich number 222, but still hasn't received an engagement ring. Have you forgotten about the sandwich lady? Well, thank goodness I'm here to remind you.

Around September of last year Stephanie felt like sharing the joys of getting her man to marry her. They were already shacking up, but she was starting to crave the wedding ring and kids. Possibly in a joking notion her boyfriend said if she made 300 sandwiches for him, he'd get on his knees and propose to her. She took it to heart and starting purchasing all the bread, meat, and cheeses the world has to offer. She doesn't know how to cook the best of meals. He's the chef in the relationship, but he gets turned on from eating sandwiches. In one of her latest posts, Stephanie talks about getting ready to buy more sandwich meat, but it was so cold out she ended up going back home before getting to the store. The post was called I Would Suffer Frostbite For You. However, how far she'd go to make a sandwich for him is not the point.

With all the media attention they received months ago, I was sure Eric, the boyfriend, would have bought the engagement ring by now. Stephanie deserves it with all her hard work. For real, the only way I'd make that many sandwiches purposely was if I was pregnant. However, if I was pregnant my baby daddy wouldn't get them because our unborn child would want them too. Back to the point, she's made 222 damn sandwiches and Eric still hasn't proposed. We know Eric hasn't put an engagement ring on her fingers yet because in her first Superbowl post of this year (the second is a super bowl sandwich) , Am I A Bad Girlfriend If... (the Superbowl edition), she refers to him as her boyfriend.

It's obvious Stephanie loves him. That's the only reason she's made it to 222 damn sandwiches. However, how many sandwiches would it take before you got tired of making them? I'm hoping maybe there will be a special on television where Stephanie makes sandwich 300 and Eric surprises her with a wedding on the spot. Fuck the engagement ring. The wedding ring means a lot more.

Also check out Sorry No Sandwhiches, But 5 Ways To Get A Relationship Title Out of Him and What Happens After The Sandwiches? (Sunday Reflections).

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

His Battle Between Heterosexuality and That One Man

random photo
He's a black man living in rural Alabama having a down low sexual relationship with another man. The other man is white. However, he's always preferred women. In the midst of telling his story, he wanted to make that clear. He thinks women are beautiful. However, over a decade ago he was sentenced to prison and that's when it all started.

The white guy was his cell mate and also the dominant one in the relationship. Since they were stuck together he started giving the other man oral pleasure almost every night. He didn't do it for his own pleasure though. He liked the way the other man reacted, so he started enjoying it just for that reason alone. However, what one person enjoys another will look down upon. The other inmates ridiculed him by calling him a punk. Although it was protocol for them to do it, over a decade he still feels like a punk. Why? According to him it's because he's still giving that man head.

It's been some time and neither of them are in prison anymore. They're among the real world, but look for seclusion to handle their business. The white man is still the dominant one in the relationship, calling only for that one specific thing. The white man is a modern day man-whore. They tend to meet up in a park, with lots of trees to hide behind.

My Opinion:
There are two problems with this situation. Like many people who get caught up in a strictly sexual relationship, he's lacking in self confidence. The other is he is having sexual relations with women, but none know that he is also involved with a man.

I'm pretty sure in telling me his story he was looking for some advice. He either wanted me to give him something that would boost his self confidence or it be regular "girl" talk. However, I'm not the author Zane and my lifestyle might be creeping close to that of "Being Mary Jane."

What self-boosting confidence could you offer him? Do you think he should be hiding or even demand more from the other guy?

What Makes You Unique? (Inspired By Another Blogger)

Do you feel that you stand out from the crowd or do you think you are just like everyone else? As I was browsing through my reading list overnight, I stumbled across What Makes You Unique written by blogger Jewels on at her site.

Her point was to explain how none of us are really unique. We look at ourselves and find qualities that the person sitting next to us may not have. However, there is somewhere somewhere thinking just like us. For instance I'm not the only one in the world that likes chocolate chip cookies, preferably Chewy Chips Ahoy. I'm also not alone in my reality television addiction or love for rap music. 

However, as Jewel did, I'll share some random facts that may not be so random to you all. You might just have the same interests. 

1. I used to want to be a video vixen. Before the phrase was even popular I fantasized about dancing in music videos. Sometimes I still do think about being the center of attention in the latest rapper's hit song about booty shaking, love making, or drug dealing. 

2. The first poster I ever hung up in a gym locker was a half naked picture of Lil Wayne. At the time the only tattoo he had was the Cash Money tattoo written across his chest. 

3. I hate anything involving routines, but find myself falling into routines all the time. 

4. I've already started picturing what life would be like as a single mom or 40 year old woman living alone. 40 is 13 years away. 

5. I'm crazily afraid of heights. I can get on a plane or look out of the window from the 10th floor of a building. However, no mountain climbing or anything that involves hanging from a high place by a rope. 

6. I have no idea what I do to get any man's attention. However, they usually flock my way and say I did something to grab their attention. But nahh, I was probably licking my lips because they felt dry and happened to be glancing that way at the same time. 

7. Pills are either never strong enough to get rid of the pain or so strong I'm out of my natural mind for at least 8 hours. 

8. I've had this dream of becoming an author since I was 10 years old, but have yet to start and finish a book. 

9. I'm not a nerd. In the 8th grade kids labeled me a nerd. There was a test in a science class and everyone at the table decided to copy my answers. We all failed the test, but the label stuck. I'm not a nerd though. 

10. I want to get married and tell everyone after it happens. Yeah, just up and elope and then get everyone else's opinions on it later. 

What makes you different from (or really the same as) everyone else? 

Monday, January 27, 2014

This Could Be Us (Poem)

“Love don’t love you and me.
Why else is this happening?
Probably best to let it be.
Something tells me I can’t win.” Amina Buddafly

First mistake is you coming into my life
Before we even meet you’ve already made up your mind
“She’s just a one night stand”
“But if it’s good I’ll hit her up again”
Second mistake is you thinking we can make this work
Only sex, sex, and more sex
Plus trying to limit the time we spend together
Once every couple of weeks
Not enough time to get to know each other
Just enough time for our bodies to crave more
But didn’t you learn from Toni Braxton
After seven whole days
No words from you
The relationship ends
The third mistake is you missing me
As a woman I get so weak in the knees
Even though you’ve done nothing for me
I can hardly speak as you beg and plead
My time is precious
And I’ve never imagined lust like this before
Lacking in affection and no financial gain
Wish we could be more like Beyonce and Jay-Z
A power couple
Or Future and Ciara
The fourth baby mama is the charm
Or even Oprah and Steadman
No wedding ring but it’s still a beautiful union
But you keep making the fourth mistake over and over again
You play too much

I came up with this poem after a full two days of seeing the #thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin twitter hashtag, listening to a podcasts where a 30-something male ranted about how hard strictly sexual relationships are when women don't cooperate, and finishing it off by listening to a friend rant about men only wanting sex. 

The Grammy's And The Childhood Image of Playing Dress Up

The 2014 Grammy Awards show brought up all the memories of styles I used to want to try growing up. Remember when you were growing up and just wanted to play dress up? You had ideas of styles you wanted to try out, outfits you saw others wearing, or you were just bored of the clothes your parents picked out. It could all have just been my childhood thoughts. I was always yearning for something new, but it always felt like I was being handed the same thing while everyone else's wardrobe evolved.

I didn't used to be so big on shopping. These days I have to constantly remind myself that my money isn't on the levels of the people I love to look up to. I don't have a rich husband like Tamar Braxton who enjoys spoiling me. Nor do I have a model figure like many of the women who grace red carpets in never-before-worn (and never again to be worn) designer outfits. However, more and more often I'm starting to envy the beautiful styles.

Beyonce showed up in Michael Costello at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Katy Perry wore a very memorable Valentino gown. Kendrick Lamar showed up in a suit we remember well from the 90's hit show Living Single (laugh). Rita Ora, Talyor Swift, and Chrissy Tiegen all went went with very beautiful metallic dresses.

As a writer, I'm just supposed to sit back and write about them. However, I'm starting to get jealous of these outfits. Maybe one day I can turn my childhood fantasies of wanting to play dress up to into being an adult who can actually start getting more carried away with wardrobe purchases.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

#SundayReflections Always A Demand For Someone New

As long as there's a demand for fresh faces, there will always be room for people to move into their perspective careers. There will always be room for people to climb up the ladder and make more money. There will always be a reason for people to get higher education. From high school to college, it means something. From undergraduate to graduate programs, it means something. It means that there will always be a chance at bettering our lives and our environments.

After reading one of my blog posts, someone asked me if I really believe there's enough room for all the singers that want to be in the music industry. My response was yes. We have artists of the past, the popular ones out now, and the ones who will eventually get their turn. People will get tired of the ones being played now and be ready for fresh voices soon enough.

It's the same for the journalism industry. From the outside looking in it appears that there isn't enough room for all the aspiring reporters. With new laws passing that blur the lines between people who just hopped on the web and started creating content and people who have slaved to get journalism degrees, establishing a spot looks even tougher. However, there is always room for fresh writers. There's room for those online, those aspiring reporters/anchors trying to be on television, and even those going the traditional routes or magazines and newspapers. As long as there is a demand, there will be room for new faces.

Even in that nine to five that involves sitting at a desk all day, there will always be a demand for new people to do the job. Whether McDonalds, Burger King, or Wednesday, new positions will always be opening. Everyone will have their chance to start working and then increase their resumes with better experiences.

This is what I keep telling myself everyday. It's a reminder that I won't always wish for more money or be wandering what it's like to finally start life over somewhere else. I won't always be at the bottom of the barrel scared of what impressions my unavoidable mistakes are making on others, scared that important bills will eventually become higher than my paychecks, scared that I'll lose what little bit of control I do have. I'll be someone's boss one day. I'm not going to wake up ten years from now and be in the same position. It's a reminder that we're all meant to transition upwards to make room for others.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bow Wow 's Reaction To Being Fired By BET

What happens when twitter trolls start to branch away from twitter. Celebrity websites filled with fictitious stories start to get creative. 

The big story from one website this week was about Bow Wow being fired from 106 & Park (even though he wasn't.) The site weaved a tale of him struggling to pay child support and using BET funds to do it. Although everyone knows there's nothing struggle-related when it comes to how much money Bow Wow is is making, but some fell for it. The link to the site was shared so many times, that he finally had to respond. His response is below.

The best response usually is laughter or fake crying. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#PiecesofMe Exclusive Interview With Singer Levina Lye

22 year old Levina Lye gives every piece of her heart when she sings. From her rockstar cover of The Weeknd's Wicked Games to her cover of Rihanna's Stay, Levina has proven that she is just as talented, if not more, than artists who receive regular radio play. However, she's not just covering songs. She's also writing songs of her own and getting ready to put out an EP called "Pieces of Me." 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Levina Lye on the upcoming EP, the two singles off of it, and more. Check out what she had to say below. 

About "Pieces of Me" And When You Can Expect To Purchase It 

Well I have a spring release set and well, the EP is going to be pretty real. It's all from my point of view, my perspective, things I've been through and things that I think other people need to hear, to relate to, to get through what they need to get through. So it's just going to be something that's real and hopefully everybody can relate to at the end of the day.
Listen to Fade Away Here 

The Meaning of Her Song Fade Away

Fade Away, well I am naturally a really fun, easy going, carefree young lady and I still have a lot to learn about life so fade away is just kind of one of those songs that..I'm at that age where I want to experiment and it's kind of like a carefree song. Like so what if you want to have a drink, have a smoke, whatever you need to escape that's what you do. So that's what the song was about. You know different people use different things. Also love is an escape. Sex is an escape. Alcohol, all that good stuff so..

Ways Levina Escapes Other Than Singing  

Well I like to dabble in drinking. I do smoke. It's important for me to be honest about that. People get caught up later on when you put out an image and you're not really that person. Your past will bite you in the long run. I don't want that to happen for me, so I think it's better to be honest about it ahead of time and put it out there. 
Listen to Abandoned Here 

The Meaning Behind Her Second Song From The EP, "Abandoned"

Abandoned is about pretty much being in love with somebody, caring about somebody deeply and thinking that you and this person have an understanding and connection; that your love is deeper than what the world may think, but when it's not in that person's interest to stick by you anymore they leave. You're just like 'Oh, does this person have my back. I don't know.' So that's abandoned in a nutshell. It's pretty real. It could happen to anybody. 

Me: It's some people that's going to reminisce. They're going to go right back into their past. 

It's not one of those songs that's supposed to bring on self pity. It's more of a 'I wonder why this person did this, but at the same time I'm getting through it.' It's just a question of "Why did you do it?" 

On Choosing Cal from FM for "Abandoned" 

Well, me and Cal, he also is managed by my project manager, and we happened to be around each other on some random day and I told him 'You know I'm recording a song called Abandoned. Check it out. I want you to hear it.' He heard it and he randomly rapped this part after it and I was like 'Wait, say that again' and he did it again and I was like 'Whoa that goes perfect with everything I just said.' 

Other Artists She Wants To Work With

I have a list. I'm gonna say The Weeknd is probably number one or two on my list. 

When She Fell In Love With The Weeknd's Music
I would say like a good 2 and a half years ago. When he first started coming out a few people put me onto him. It took me a while to really listen to him because I had my own stuff going on, but when I finally did listen to him I was like whoa. It was interesting because he was one of those few artists that had a sound that I could relate to and say if I could pick a direction it would be this. He made it a lot more easier for me honestly, and that's how I found the track for Fade Away. 

On Her Version of The Weeknd's Wicked Games

I put a lot of energy and attitude into it. I would say that's the difference between my version and his version. I was more sassy. 

Why She Doesn't Worry About Anyone Judging Her 

Sometimes I can be sexy. Sometimes I can be cute. Sometimes I'm emotional. Sometimes I'm crazy. I'm human and that's what I really want to show people. If I want to feel sexy I should be able to say "Hey, I'm so sexy" and people be okay with that. It shouldn't be something that I'm ashamed of. 

If how I want to be is how I want to be, that should be okay. That's my message. 

You can follow her on twitter at @levinalye and on her website

#BeingMaryJane The Unbelievable Lonely Woman Story

Being Mary Jane is continually playing with our emotions in every single episode. However, in the third episode of the season I wasn't falling for the crazy lonely woman story. If you didn't catch it, here it goes.

Mary Jane Paul's boss is handed over this story of a woman who died at the age of 38 in her home while watching a movie on Showtime. She was someone's ex-wife or girlfriend. The relationship ended so badly they never spoke again. Her family seems to be nowhere to be found. No one bothers to check on her. Not her family, ex-men, job, free, or even the damn bill collectors. Three years pass and the apartment complex finally decides to evict her. When they get to her place, they find her bones on the couch with Showtime still playing on the television. The whole point of this story is that she dies alone and it is being turned into a documentary warning people of the dangers of an isolated life. But there is one huge problem.

The storyline is bullshit. First, what happened at work? Did the job figure this woman just up and quit and that's why she didn't return to work? Nope, I believe at least one person at the job should have been close enough to check up on this woman. If not, she had the worst kind of job ever.

Then there are the bills. Cable gets crazily expensive. You mean to tell me this woman had enough money in her account that her cable bill was still being paid three years after her death. I find it unbelievable that her money was that long. I also find it unbelievable that Showtime was still blasting. The cable box would have burned out after a couple months. Of course there are also all the other bills. Nothing was getting paid, not even the rent.

The rent part is the most unbelievable thing of them all. In the 21st century if you're a day late on rent they stick up the note saying you have a month before you can get evicted. Some apartments add daily fees after you are already late, which just sets you up for failure. Let me tell you my experience. I signed a contract to move into an apartment on a certain day. They tried to charge me extra fees saying I moved in earlier, which I actually moved in a week later than I was supposed to since the apartment was still not ready. I no longer live there, but they had messed up games. If I would have died, they would have evicted my dead body two days after I was gone. It would not have taken damn near three years for anyone to come looking to kick me out.

Although nothing about that dead lonely woman story made sense, make friends. Keep in touch with your family. Buy a dog that will get on the neighbor's nerves trying to alert them that something is wrong. Be sociable enough to where you don't turn into that dead lonely woman or even dead lonely man everyone is slightly laughing at while watching the news.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#EverydayIsTrainingDay Malcolm Jamal Warner's Spoken Word Poem For MLK Day

"God why give me a mind to choose only to have me compete in this game called life when it's clearly designed for me to lose?"

For Martin Luther King Day Arsenio Hall had some amazing guests. From Maya Angelou calling in to Smokey Robinson and Kareem Abdul Jabar expressing their memories of Dr. King, it was all breathtaking. However, none of it prepared us for Malcolm Jamal Warner's spoken word poem.

His poem contained all the ingredients that are needed to live a fulfilling life. Listen below.

From Arguing To Moving In Together #LHHNY

"There's not a vagina in the world that I'm going to want more when waking up and looking at my son every day."

Erica Jean and Saigon live together now, maybe. We don't know what has happened since the taping of the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop NY, but at the moment they wanted to live together. They were working on their child's verbal skills, getting counseling, and Saigon was becoming the advice giver among his friends. There was a clip where he gave New York's biggest pimp, Peter Gunz, advice. However, I'm confused.

A few months ago I hated Saigon and Erica's storyline. In fact I hated it so much I wrote a blog post about how much I hated their storyline line. You can read it at Why I Hate Saigon and Erica Jean's Storyline. The way they came to be was he cheated on his ex-girlfriend with her. Then simultaneously the ex-girlfriend and Erica became pregnant at the same time. Because of Saigon's anger issues, he didn't see his son until months aft the child's birth. However, after seeing his child he and Erica decided to try to have a romantic relationship for the child's sake. That's where the Love an Hip Hop cameras started off.

They went from acting like a new couple in love to fighting. The fighting was so bad that it made us think Saigon might hit her if the cameras weren't there. Then they decided to get counseling to see what was wrong with their child. In the midst of it, Erica started shedding tears and going through her issues. It was only right Saigon shared his story. Although they messiness of the relationship has been real, we haven't seen these two for a couple episodes. K. Michelle has gotten more camera time than them in the last month.

However, they are back on camera and ready to move in with each other. That must be some very powerful counseling because right before a commercial came on Saigon said the following about them moving in together.

"There's not a vagina in the world that I'm going to want more when waking up and looking at my son every day."

In the meantime Peter Gunz is still trying to be a pimp. He and Amina went from the kind-of-cute musical couple to an obvious huge mistake. Well, we knew she made a mistake marrying him before the season even aired. On the other hand he had a scene where he emotionally played Tara. After seeing her walk into a club with another man, he had to go running to her to pour his heart out. His plan worked as Tara shed a few tears.

There are way too many examples of dysfunctional relationships among black people on television right now. There needs to be a balance asap.

Abandoned- Levina Lye Reminisces On The One That Got Away In Her New Song

But things have changed love lasts forever. Thought you'd be here through all kinds of weather I cant believe that you would abandon me, that you left me.Abandoned

In preparation for her upcoming album 'Pieces of Me,' Levina Lye is digging deep inside her own past. The songs she's coming up with are ones that will make you reminisce. Some will take you to a calm, relaxing place while others like her newest single will make you remember the one that broke your heart the worse. Months ago Levina allowed us to Fade Away with her, but now she's reminding us of what it feels like to be Abandoned.

Levina Lye wrote the powerful words in Abandoned by herself. She's also joined by Rapper Cal, who in the song has written a letter to the woman that got away. Check it out for yourself.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Experience, Don't Pass Me By

Hello, I'm an experience addict.

While I love to follow the lives of successful people, I also like to have my own successful moments. I love to set goals even if they don't always get accomplished. I love girl talks, relationship talks, discussions on how to make more money, hanging out (not going to someone else's house), making last minute plans, and discovering new adventures. I guess I'm a thrill seeker.

Yesterday I went to Lavell Crawford's MLK Comedy Jam. It was an excellent experience. It was also a last minute ticket purchase. I'd been seeing the commercial for a couple of days and finally after a stressful day at work Friday, I spent $62. The money was definitely well spent. It's the second comedy show I've ever been too and I'm looking forward to many more. Whether you find him funny or not, Lavell is about to be one of those comedians who pimp the game.

One of the best things about wanting new experiences is that I have a best friend who is a experience-addict. She's always traveling and always finding the best hangout spots in the new cities that she makes home. Even more, she's an encouragement to this lifestyle I'm creating for myself. Through the internet I've found plenty more people who dream big and go after what they want. A new dream I developed recently is to be able to surround myself physically with go-getters. I need a team of people physically surrounding myself to go on these fun adventures with. Maybe in the future that will happen, but until then Experiences don't pass me by.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Unemployment Office

Years ago after months of not being able to get a job, I became desperate. While jobs seemed to be scarce, unemployment offices seemed to be everywhere. Were there really that many people looking for employment? I wanted to find out. I wanted to see what kind of people ventured there. What were their situations? Were they just like me? I needed help too.

Truthfully I wanted a little more time to search. I was looking for that first start to a blossoming career. It would be enough money fit for a queen. At least it would be enough money to start paying student loans off, save up to move, and treat myself well in my free time. Yeah, it was really a dream.

I was also willing to start small. It would be just enough money to make it from paycheck to paycheck while looking for something better. The small start would give me the ability to learn more about the journalism career field I so badly wanted (and still do) to venture in. I did get that small start and it taught me SEO (search engine optimization.) However, the unemployment office wasn't how I got it.

It was a super hot day in Houston. A friend who was also job hunting wanted to go along, so we picked a place and proceeded to go. Before heading there, we made sure to have our resumes and cover letters done up. I figured even the people who help you get jobs want to look at what you've already accomplished. My accomplishments were horrible. They all consisted of lots of volunteering and higher education. Education is not a self achievement. It's what you do to impress others. So as I looked it over, I prayed hard. How could they help a girl that had done so little to actually help herself? My resume probably revealed a woman with a big heart, but it also revealed little to no financial gain.

But I was ready for the money to start coming in from anywhere. I hoped my friend was since she had agreed to the idea of going. When we arrived to the place, we made sure to grab everything we thought we needed. Then while she slowly walked up to the door, I rushed. Someone would finally be able to be of assistance to my crazy struggle to get like the rest of the working world.

However, we never got help. What happened next is the product of a person being sheltered all their life. My friend became scared. Even though she wanted help, something in her mind told her that her suburban background made her better than everyone else. The people inside looked like strangers to her. Well Duh! They came off as dangerous to her. I didn't see it. She didn't know what they were capable of doing to her. I felt like they were just like me. Her fears were real, so we turned around without going inside.

I did eventually go back, but by myself. I learned a few things about going there.

One is that you're definitely as good as the people you're surrounded by. I wasn't good during that first trip because my friend wasn't.

Another is that I should have waited longer. Most jobs are seasonal. In fact the saying is that you have a better chance of getting hired during the first half of the year.

The final is that there are so many people with huge dreams. That initial visit was full of people trying to get employment help. The second time I went was a different location. I wasn't crowded because the place didn't have that many employment opportunities to offer anyone. However, just seeing the amount of people inside the first time blew my mind. I wish I could meet every last one of them and ask what their goals are.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Man's Ode To Growth (Poem by Devin Starling)

throughout life I've always been about personal improvements...started gang banging at the age of eleven. ...throwing up gang signs while listening to sinful the mean time I was dying inside because my favorite cousin died.....I swore those next few years I was on the edge of losing...found a flower called marijuana...all through high school it kept me above the clouds....full of illusions...then 22 a bird I little bundle of joy...I knew she'd have to depend on I became a father. longer a here I am...proudly standing tall...willing to face every obstacle....even though I know there will be a few slip & falls...I wake up every day with a devoted face....I'm proud to say....God made me this way

#BloodSweatHeels My Episode Two Review

While the last episode ended with hate toward bloggers, the second episode of Blood Sweat and Heels started off with Melyssa Ford showing us her rough start into the real estate field. Melyssa and the rest of the women gave us bloggers a lot to talk about even if they don’t like it.

Check out what all I talked about over at I Can Repeat It

#BeingMaryJane My "Girls Night In" Review

Via Facebook

“You want to talk?” Two seconds into the second episode of “Being Mary Jane” the emotional gut punches start. This episode is not for the weak minded. If you just broke up with your man, your man ever cheated on you, or you were once the heartbroken side chick , Gabrielle Union’s character is telling your story.
Most men get rid of their side chicks almost as soon as they meet them, but not Andre. Episode two, titled Girls Night In, started out with Andre proposing to Mary Jane. If MJ isn’t distraught enough from sleeping with a married man, now the married man is trying to promise her a real future together. She declines, but he doesn’t give up.
Read more over at I Can Repeat It

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Prego" by Sonyae Elise (Inspired by Dwayne Wade)

"Hopefully I have a child so I ain't gotta never work again."

Just in case you haven't had enough of gold digging baby mamas this year, Singer Sonyae Elise has come out with a new song inspired by Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union's situation. It's simply called "Prego" and sounds similar to R. Kelly's song "Pregnant" that came out a few years ago.

While Sonyae is inspired by D. Wade, quite a few celebrity men have diving into women other than their own girlfriends/wives and ending up with a kid. The thing is back in the day celebrity men would have dissed these gold diggers, but now these gold diggers are going after fathers of the year to insure paychecks. That's what Sonyae Elise's song is all about. Check out "Prego" below.

Monday, January 13, 2014

BLOG Is A Four Letter Word #BloodSweatHeels

The second episode of Blood Sweat and Heels was appropriately titled "Blog Is A Four Letter Word." Most of the episode focused on a blog post written by Demetria Lucas. While the other women signed their souls to a season on reality television, they couldn't get past a blog that mentioned none of their names. It was weird and disrespectful to the opinions of writers everywhere.

I've been writing for a long time, but it took a while to find my voice. I went from writing short stories and poetry just for friends to read to becoming a journalism student. In journalism the writer has no opinion. It's all about asking questions and spitting out what others are thinking with their permission. By the end of school I was reminded that after graduating I'm no longer a reporter until someone hires me.

Almost as soon as graduation occurred I had to take my degree and find out what would come next. Being hired to write is super hard, but then the amount employers want to pay you starting out is even tougher. Most of them want to to start out getting experience for free, but bills wait for no one. Food isn't free. New clothes and traveling cost money. A good paying job is essential. Plus I had never stopped writing.

I had already created a blog before leaving college, but my voice needed to be strengthened. I needed to get out of journalist mode and become a real deal opinion writer. Bloggers are just opinionated journalists even if journalists don't see it. Without getting any money from it, I persisted to strengthen my passion for writing through this blog.

Being able to log on and express my opinions about any and everything is the best feeling in the world. No topic is off limits. No person is off limits. I don't mention specific names of every day individuals out of respect, but that doesn't mean they're avoided if whatever they say is controversial enough.

I've found my voice. A blog is a four letter word, but it doesn't mean anyone can take my opinion away from me just because they disagree.

My official review of the second episode will be posted on soon.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Mentality of Success, Having A Team, And More (#SundayReflections)

There are the success stories. These are the small business owners that took risks and branched out. Now their working their way to millionaire status if it hasn't already happened. None of them have to worry about clocking in. They are the ones who make sure the employees are working extra hard to fulfill their dreams. They were once the employees who had big dreams. They dreamed and dreamed until they became restless.

I imagine restless people have certain mental tools to get them ahead. They have a desire to move forward from where they already are. When they check their bank accounts it's never enough. They like to spend money on ideas and new shiny toys. People like Oprah, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are their inspiration. Plus they can't imagine having to go days of living on noodles, soup, and other nasty food for under $1 in the grocery store. They have expensive tastes, so at some point their credit cards are charged up to crazy amounts that can't be paid off overnight. On top of it all, they have a team. This team consists of people who are strong in areas where they are weak. This team consists of people who believe in the dream just as much as them.

Then there are the super successful people. Some of the popular names for 2014 include Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Oprah, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. While we are not always clear on the formula to success we know we want to be like them one day. Every now and then they may receive criticism from the world for their radical views, but they are financially set for life. They are the group of people who wear the expensive designer labels for free or get the expensive jewelry without shelling out any bucks. They come up with ideas and the dreamers are willing to spend their last $20 on the CD's, books, and even cable to add the extra channels. They're inspirational.

Then there is the average American citizen. Some are working toward a bigger goal while others are just working to pay the bills.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mary Jane, I Mean Gabrielle Union, Dishes Relationship Advice

Don't laugh. I'm just dedicating this second week of 2014 to Gabrielle Union.

Last week was horrible for her. Dwayne Wade announced he was a father to someone else's kid just weeks after Gabby received an engagement ring. This week Gabby's new show "Being Mary Jane" premiered. We were able to see her as a high powered business woman who has no control over any part of her life. She doesn't control her work environment, her family life, or her love life which involves two confused men. Even more D. Wade and Gabby's relationship issues were thrown on the back burner as Mary Jane ended the show with a sizzling sex scene in the gym shower with a married man.

However while Mary Jane gets fucked, Gabby doesn't lay down for too long. Instead she's done an interview with Glamour magazine and given us all some much needed relationship advice. It involves giving up looking for a "type of man," keep the affection going, put him over work, and much more.

I was with Gabrielle until she said her job was part of the problem. She went from filming Think Like A Man Too to filming episodes for Being Mary Jane. This is also the brief break-up they had. D. Wade couldn't handle her work schedule and she just let him do whatever he wanted in the mean time to keep from arguing (maybe). However, when Gabby realized her work life was affecting her relationship, she decided the relationship was more important. And that my dears, is how you eventually get the wedding ring. 

The problem is all ain't able. Maybe if I luck up and meet a millionaire billionaire I'd put aside the work life for him too. A prenup just has to be missing from the equation. Either way, after knowing all of Gabby and D. Wade's business would you take relationship advice from her? 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

#BeingMaryJane: Mary Jane Paul Isn't A Whore, She's A Black Woman

The pilot of  Being Mary Jane first graced our screens last July, and Tuesday night we saw the first episode of season one appropriately titled, "Storm Advisory," and of course the people who have never been through a damn thing,  life is picture perfect, or apparently live under a rock have an issue with it. I really don't understand why.
In today's society, where black women are more independent than ever, marriages are far and few in between, men or either gay, DL, or just trifflin' as hell, you would think that a show that displayed a young woman's reality would be accepted.
So many people had an issue with M.J and Andre and I can understand that because he is a married man. But let's not forget that she didn't even know he was married, in the beginning. And she also willingly told his wife about the love affair they had going on. Even though MJ knew he was married, she still slept with him in the first episode which was dumb as hell and so ethically wrong. But did you forget that actually happens?
Women meet men who lie all the time and catch feelings and even though she finds out the guy is married or in a relationship, she continues to date him. Is it wrong? Absolutely. Does it happen? Hell yeah!
People also had an issue with her because she was in essence having sex with two men at the same time. Last time I checked, that's also very possible. When you're single, you date multiple people and while dating you might like two guys and fuck 1 Saturday and the other the following Thursday. Does that sound like a hoe tendency? Absolutely. But that doesn't necessarily make a woman a whore, in my opinion.
M.J. is educated, successful, dependable, and friendly. Like everyone else she wants to be loved. Unfortunately, she fell in love with the wrong man, a married man and after finding out, she just can't seem to shake him. But that may be because he damn near wants her and pops up at her home.
And her other love interest, David, clearly has other chicks waiting on the sideline. She cancels because of her demanding job as a news anchor, and the next thing you know he's meeting another woman for dinner. And they may have sex (it's always an option). I don't know about you but I know plenty of women who were feeling a dude, she couldn't go on a date or meet his request and the next thing you know he’s in the sheets with the backup plan.
Many people frown upon the hit drama because they feel that it puts shine on the side chick and promotes cheating or whatsoever. My argument is not about if it’s wrong or right, I’m just simply saying it happens. No, I’m not here to protest for the side chick and nor do I condone this actual behavior. But let’s be real, life happens and sometimes this is the bullshit that comes with it. Yes, this is a fake show but the sceneraios are very real.
I’m not here to get all up in your business, but I can almost guarantee that many of the people that have an issue with this series have either been a side chick or have at least liked another dude that was in a relationship before. So please, save your holier than thou responses for another day. There are things to appreciate about the show, the fact that  Mara Brock Ali (creator of show) made it her business to address mental illness, in the black women, another black woman playing in a major series, and it's  honesty. It may be a harsh reality but it's a reality. So, give the show a chance. 
Shit happens and married men just may get fucked in the process. @naeicanrepeatit

My #BeingMaryJane "Storm Advisory" Review

What happens when you’re dating two men, one of them is married, and your career keeps getting in the way of making a real love connection with either? On top of it all, you are the most responsible person in your family. Mary Jane Paul tries to make it all work. BET made us wait six long months, but the new series “Being Mary Jane” has finally premiered.
In one hour we saw Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) play many roles. Her first role was as the dependable friend. At the start of the show she swoops in and rescues Dr. Lisa after she has overdosed on pills after a divorce. While being the one in control is fun, no time is wasted getting to her love (or lack there-of) life.
Click on Storm Advisory to read the rest of my review. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#WhatIsSocialMediaComingTo Ciara Has A Message For Bloggers

Recently Singer Ciara started up her own blog. In the very
first post, titled "What Is Social Media Coming To," she expresses exactly how she feels about bloggers.

Just in case you haven't noticed for years singers like Ciara and Keri Hilson have been getting cyber bullied with little to no reasons from the bullies. Some of those bullies are bloggers while others are just people online with nothing better to do than be mean. Keri Hilson did have a break down some time ago after receiving all the hate, but Ciara has never responded until now. Check out what she had to say below.

Dear Blogger, It's never worth it in the end when you sell your soul for a quick dollar, by creating bad stories about people. At some point, it will all reverse on you and you'll end up regretting all the trash you wrote or said about people.The universal friend "Karma" has demonstrated this over and over again. I strongly encourage you to project more positivity intothe universe. If Social Media is a world that's growing more massive by the day, why not use it to shed light?? Otherwise, you are merely contaminating our universe.

You can read the full post over at What Is Social Media Coming To.

Sexy Men of #BeingMaryJane Episode One

BET's newest scripted reality show "Being Mary Jane" has finally premiered and should be leaving us all lovely. The men on the show are sexy. There's men in suits, men with muscles, men planning dates and doing lots of pursuing, and gym shower sex. Although it's a show about a hardworking woman with a messed up love life, the first episode made it hard to focus solely on her storyline. The following men are why.

Omari Hardwick
The gym shower scene at the end of episode one explained it all. Omari, whose character is Andre Daniels, is cute, sexy, fine, and in shape. I could stare at his body all day. In a recent movie Omari played a man who had lost custody of his kids, struggling with work and money, and falling in love during the holidays. In a certain scene he takes his woman to Walmart on a date and brags about how Walmart has the best chicken. He's possibly the only man that I could let the Walmart date idea slide. Who cares that he's married on the show and in real life?

Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop's character is named David Paulk. In episode one Mary Jane cancels her date with David to work overtime at the news station. While she is stuck working on an exploitive story that may leave two people dead, he's pissed off. I'd hate to stand a fine ass man like that up. It would break my heart more than his.

I hate that I'm single during all this. You know how art imitates life and sometimes life imitates art? Something might happen soon.

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Do Not Ever Write About Me Again" #BloodSweatHeels

Bravo has a new show, "Blood, Sweat, and Heels," and it's not featuring regular everyday people with money. This time the people in front of the camera are people we all hop on the computer to read about on a daily basis. They are bloggers, journalists, models, stylists, relationship experts, and ex video vixens.

Sometimes we're reading about them, sometimes we're reading their opinions on others, and other times we're trying to see who they styled. Either way they're always on the radar. Below are the women of the hour.

Mica Hughes: model turned owner of her own modeling agency
Demetria Lucas: blogger/author
Melyssa Ford: video vixen turned real estate broker
Daisy Lewellyn: stylist
Brie Bythwood: a real estate agent with background in journalism and marketing
Geneva Thomas: style and pop culture journalist

No matter how powerful women are, when you get a bunch of them together there is bound to be drama. The drama on "Blood, Sweat, and Heels" comes from an event Daisy Lewellyn decides to throw. During the event she asks questions pertaining to the hottest hangout spots in NYC and if women are capable of being leaders. The problem is all the women in the room are leading in some way, but not all of them feel women over-all can lead the world. The event soon ends, but the conversation weighs heavily on Demetria's mind. Like any other blogger, she runs to the computer and starts expressing her anger towards everything she heard.

While the show started off slow, it ends with everyone checking Demetria's blog and getting mad at her thoughts. Demetria didn't stop at one blog post toward the event. She wrote one one how women can be leaders despite others feeling men should be in control, and then another on her friend snooping through her man's information. She went deep, but her topics probably received a lot of views on the blog.

"This is why I have a problem with bloggers. They sit behind the computer. They don't have any makeup on. They're not watching they're weight and they say anything they want."- Daisy Lewellyn

Upon reading about herself, Daisy expressed her true opinions about bloggers. Well damn, she's right. As I'm writing this I don't have on any makeup, I'm not thinking about my weight, and I'm saying whatever I want. The problem is Daisy should have known better. When in earshot of a conversation a blogger is going to digest it and spit it out somewhere.

"Do not ever write about me again"-- Geneva Thomas

Geneva also had her opinion upon reading Demetria's blog post. She was angry and decided she doesn't want to appear on that blog anymore. I don't know if her opinions were ever mentioned of Demetria's blog anymore, but she's landing on a whole lot more for this show. It is hilarious when people think they are above being talked about.

Future reviews will be on