Monday, January 27, 2014

The Grammy's And The Childhood Image of Playing Dress Up

The 2014 Grammy Awards show brought up all the memories of styles I used to want to try growing up. Remember when you were growing up and just wanted to play dress up? You had ideas of styles you wanted to try out, outfits you saw others wearing, or you were just bored of the clothes your parents picked out. It could all have just been my childhood thoughts. I was always yearning for something new, but it always felt like I was being handed the same thing while everyone else's wardrobe evolved.

I didn't used to be so big on shopping. These days I have to constantly remind myself that my money isn't on the levels of the people I love to look up to. I don't have a rich husband like Tamar Braxton who enjoys spoiling me. Nor do I have a model figure like many of the women who grace red carpets in never-before-worn (and never again to be worn) designer outfits. However, more and more often I'm starting to envy the beautiful styles.

Beyonce showed up in Michael Costello at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Katy Perry wore a very memorable Valentino gown. Kendrick Lamar showed up in a suit we remember well from the 90's hit show Living Single (laugh). Rita Ora, Talyor Swift, and Chrissy Tiegen all went went with very beautiful metallic dresses.

As a writer, I'm just supposed to sit back and write about them. However, I'm starting to get jealous of these outfits. Maybe one day I can turn my childhood fantasies of wanting to play dress up to into being an adult who can actually start getting more carried away with wardrobe purchases.

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