Monday, January 20, 2014

Experience, Don't Pass Me By

Hello, I'm an experience addict.

While I love to follow the lives of successful people, I also like to have my own successful moments. I love to set goals even if they don't always get accomplished. I love girl talks, relationship talks, discussions on how to make more money, hanging out (not going to someone else's house), making last minute plans, and discovering new adventures. I guess I'm a thrill seeker.

Yesterday I went to Lavell Crawford's MLK Comedy Jam. It was an excellent experience. It was also a last minute ticket purchase. I'd been seeing the commercial for a couple of days and finally after a stressful day at work Friday, I spent $62. The money was definitely well spent. It's the second comedy show I've ever been too and I'm looking forward to many more. Whether you find him funny or not, Lavell is about to be one of those comedians who pimp the game.

One of the best things about wanting new experiences is that I have a best friend who is a experience-addict. She's always traveling and always finding the best hangout spots in the new cities that she makes home. Even more, she's an encouragement to this lifestyle I'm creating for myself. Through the internet I've found plenty more people who dream big and go after what they want. A new dream I developed recently is to be able to surround myself physically with go-getters. I need a team of people physically surrounding myself to go on these fun adventures with. Maybe in the future that will happen, but until then Experiences don't pass me by.

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