Wednesday, January 29, 2014

His Battle Between Heterosexuality and That One Man

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He's a black man living in rural Alabama having a down low sexual relationship with another man. The other man is white. However, he's always preferred women. In the midst of telling his story, he wanted to make that clear. He thinks women are beautiful. However, over a decade ago he was sentenced to prison and that's when it all started.

The white guy was his cell mate and also the dominant one in the relationship. Since they were stuck together he started giving the other man oral pleasure almost every night. He didn't do it for his own pleasure though. He liked the way the other man reacted, so he started enjoying it just for that reason alone. However, what one person enjoys another will look down upon. The other inmates ridiculed him by calling him a punk. Although it was protocol for them to do it, over a decade he still feels like a punk. Why? According to him it's because he's still giving that man head.

It's been some time and neither of them are in prison anymore. They're among the real world, but look for seclusion to handle their business. The white man is still the dominant one in the relationship, calling only for that one specific thing. The white man is a modern day man-whore. They tend to meet up in a park, with lots of trees to hide behind.

My Opinion:
There are two problems with this situation. Like many people who get caught up in a strictly sexual relationship, he's lacking in self confidence. The other is he is having sexual relations with women, but none know that he is also involved with a man.

I'm pretty sure in telling me his story he was looking for some advice. He either wanted me to give him something that would boost his self confidence or it be regular "girl" talk. However, I'm not the author Zane and my lifestyle might be creeping close to that of "Being Mary Jane."

What self-boosting confidence could you offer him? Do you think he should be hiding or even demand more from the other guy?


  1. Wow! I don't even know what to say or what advice to offer on that one...

    1. Honestly, this story is disturbing. This man was abused and he somehow thinks that he has feeling for or a future with the man who victimized him. Sometimes when a person is abused, the mind plays tricks. He was forced, but eventually enjoys it and contintues to do it. He was victimized in jail and continues to allow himself to bevictimized.
      This man needs to seek therapy so that he can gain insight into way he allowed it in the first place and why he continues to allow it. He could cut ties with this man and heal. He doesn't have to be ashamed, but he does need to make choices and get his power back. Giving head to a guy does not make a relationship and relationships born out of abuse are doomed.

  2. This guy needs to be honest with himself... Sounds bisexual to me. He also need to be honest with the women in his life.