Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sexy Men of #BeingMaryJane Episode One

BET's newest scripted reality show "Being Mary Jane" has finally premiered and should be leaving us all lovely. The men on the show are sexy. There's men in suits, men with muscles, men planning dates and doing lots of pursuing, and gym shower sex. Although it's a show about a hardworking woman with a messed up love life, the first episode made it hard to focus solely on her storyline. The following men are why.

Omari Hardwick
The gym shower scene at the end of episode one explained it all. Omari, whose character is Andre Daniels, is cute, sexy, fine, and in shape. I could stare at his body all day. In a recent movie Omari played a man who had lost custody of his kids, struggling with work and money, and falling in love during the holidays. In a certain scene he takes his woman to Walmart on a date and brags about how Walmart has the best chicken. He's possibly the only man that I could let the Walmart date idea slide. Who cares that he's married on the show and in real life?

Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop's character is named David Paulk. In episode one Mary Jane cancels her date with David to work overtime at the news station. While she is stuck working on an exploitive story that may leave two people dead, he's pissed off. I'd hate to stand a fine ass man like that up. It would break my heart more than his.

I hate that I'm single during all this. You know how art imitates life and sometimes life imitates art? Something might happen soon.

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  1. When I was single, I would have been like you and straight beat myself up for having to cancel on a handsome man. Hope something happens for you soon! :-)