Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If Social Media Is A Reflection of Attacking Racism #BlackHistoryMonth

Racism is real. However if social media is a reflection of controlling racism for the future, soon a White person won't be able to breathe around a Black person without a million Blacks screaming racism. This is coming from a Black woman.

Everyone should know about Guiliana Rancic's comment on Zendaya's faux-locs (fake dreadlocks in case you don't know). Most of the people who were angry did not watch the full episode. They did not see how the whole cast had their moments of being cruel to a whole lot of people, many of whom weren't Black. They did not see how Kathy Griffin knew they might have gone too far with some comments, so she gave a disclaimer at the end of the episode. Zendaya didn't even watch the episode. She was just informed. This is what they do on Fashion Police. Guiliana has definitely had her moments and this was disrespectful, but it was not racist. It was just a joke that went too far.

However, what do we want them to do? We already complain about not being recognized enough during the Academy Awards, Grammy's, American Music Awards, MTV Awards, etc. Do we want to be left out of Fashion Police? What will happen if we get ignored on shows like this is they won't recognize our pretty moments either. After every awards show all of the co-stars of Fashion Police have been praising Lupita Nyong'o for her beautiful styles and flawless skin. Do we want them to become so fearful of being attacked by us for a bad opinion that they stop mentioning when we're absolutely beautiful?

We have to start using the words racists and racism in the correct context.

Sunday immediately after the Academy Awards, some women started to get angry over comments Patricia Arquette made during and after her acceptance speech. During the speech said she some stuff about women needing equal pay and equal treatment in the workplace. She mentioned how as women get older, the jobs are harder to come by. Her speech seemed full of meaning if you leave out the part of how wealthy she and other women celebrities that cheered her on are. Supposedly right afterwards, she was so hyped up that she made some comments saying people of color, Gay people, and men should now start supporting women. That is problematic.

However, the initial Black women I saw on twitter could not contain their anger to the celebrity. One of them got into a conversation with a non-Black woman that could not understand what was wrong with Miss Patty's comments. They then began to tweet her several more times trying to get her to think like them. Then another woman jumped in and tried to convince this non-Black woman why those comments were problematic. Afterwards they were all so mad because this woman would not agree with them and had her own come-backs to their attacks.

Who knows why that one woman would not agree with the others? Maybe she didn't care about the comments off stage and only wanted to hold onto what she heard the celebrity say on stage. That is her right as a person.

Everyone will not think like us. We also can't disrespect them because they won't think exactly like us.

Someone got mad at me on Facebook because I said Guiliana's comment was ignorant and not racist. I also mentioned that Miss Lawrence (an man on a show called Fashion Queens) absolutely hates natural hair and says it every time he's judging someone with a natural hairstyle on the show. This woman's reply went something like, "We're focusing on one racist white woman today, not what anyone else has done." Does this mean that we are becoming so close-minded that we all have to think, feel, and act alike? Can we not have differences in opinion anymore? Can we not teach each other anything new by widening our discussions?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(Music Video) The Real Me by Amina Buddafly #LHHNY

When you're on a reality show where you are seen in a negative light and you're an artist, what do you do? Sometimes you have to get back to your God-given gift and show people who you really are. Amina Buddafly does just that with a guitar and a new song.

Recently I posted up a song her and her twin sister did together for their group Black Buddafly, but this next song is off of her album,  My Music, which will drop in April. The song is called The Real Me. She also performed it on the latest episode. Listen below.

Guiliana Rancic Compares Zendaya's Hair To Weed, Zendaya Responds

Natural hairstyles do not seem to win when it comes to people judging hair on television shows, which is why it's always a big risk for celebrities to pull off Afro's, braids, twists, and locs. For the 87th Academy Awards, Zendaya Coleman took the risk and wore faux-locs. To many of us her hair was cute, but Guiliana Rancic thought different. 

When trying to describe Zendaya's hair, Guiliana went as far as to say it looked like it smelled like patchouli oil. Kathy Griffin then responded with the word weed as if she was trying to put a better name to it and reminded her cast that weed is legal in some states. At the end of the show Kathy Griffin reminded the audience that what they say are just harmless jokes, because someone got mad at what she said last year. 

Zendaya wasn't smiling though. She responded. Read her response below. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Levina Lye Remixes "Acting Like That" by Jennifer Lopez

Patricia Arquette Demands Equal Rights For All Women #Oscars

 Patricia Aquette won an award for best supporting actress in the film Boyhood at the 87th Academy Awards. While accepting her award she spoke on a huge issue that was bothering her. That is women's equality. 

"We have fought for everybody else's equal rights. It's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America." Watch below. 

Selma Did Win (Despite The Obvious)

Selma didn't win an Oscar for Best Picture at the 87th Academy Awards, but the message behind the movie has won. 

As John Legend and Common accepted their Oscar for the song Glory, tears were everywhere in the room. The most notable was that of David Oyelowo, who played the role of Martin Luther King Jr. better than anyone could have imagined. Watch the speech that had David Oyelowo, Oprah, and many more in tears below.
When asked if he was upset about Selma not winning after the awards was over, Oyelowo had a great reply. He said Selma is not a movie of the year, but a movie for a lifetime. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

All About The Oscars/ Will Selma Win Best Picture?

By the end of the day everyone will be talking about the 87th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. During this awards show Selma will be a part of the nominations for Best Picture along with several other movies that pulled in millions of people to theaters everywhere last year. This is very important for one major reason.

Remember last years when #OscarsSoWhite trended? This was because people of my skin color were practically non-existent when it came to receiving any awards. This year Black viewers are tuning again, but only to see if Selma wins. This will be intense and the Internet will explode either way the voting goes. 

Selma was a good movie. It hi-lighted how Martin Luther King Jr motivated thousands of people during that time while still being in fear for himself and his family. It showcased how he had to battle the government to make changes and how he knew there would be violence in this non-violent protest for rights. However, it was a safe movie and it didn't make any of us shed tears like previous movies. Also, if you view the list of nominations in that category it's not the strongest movie so we'll see how this goes. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

(Music) K'LA~ Tomorrow

"And I be tryna keep my bills all paid, but you make another dollar and another day it's gone again."- from Tomorrow by K'LA

This song is not for the "fake it until you make it" people. This is not for the people floating throughout life with no troubles. It's for those of us that can face reality. Reality is tough. Tomorrow gives beautiful realistic poetry with a nice musical sound behind it. Listen below.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Selena Gomez Covers V Magazine's Spring 2015 Issue

While sex sells, we're really not sure who V Magazine is trying to sell this new issue to. Is it the regular perverted men of the world or the pedophiles? This is Selena Gomez at 22 years old and she is the cover girl of their Spring 2015 issue. Although the magazine seemed to have been going for grown and sexy, they made her look like a teenager selling sex. I'm sure R. Kelly and Tyga have this saved to their phones if they've seen it. Who seriously thought this was a good look for her?  The above photos are not the cover photo, but they give a great comparison as to where it went wrong.

Then again as a member of the 'looking younger than she really is' club, it is hard to try to look sexy and your exact age at the same time when God blessed you to look like a teen forever. At 28 I'm starting to get it right, so maybe we just need to give her a few years.

In big letters, the cover says, "The Heart Wants What It Wants," after her song.

Being Mary Jane Feels So Personal

Being Mary Jane is becoming more personal. In this new season so far we've seen Mary Jane try to get closure from her ex who insists on continuing to flirt, help out her cousin who has nowhere to go, and come up with awesome new stories for her news stations. The problem with it all is that her personal life is being mixed in with her professional life. That's how it's supposed to work, right?

In the real world we want to mix our personal business with work so bad. For instance I want to tell everyone in the workplace how long it's been since I had sex and I want dating advice. Most of them are married. However, it never seems like appropriate conversation for my environment.

Mary Jane's environment is different. Everyone in her workplace are considered co-workers and family at the same time. In the latest episode we saw her taking steps toward freezing her eggs and the news station agreed to pay for it. The egg freezing part is very deeply personal to a woman who is getting older and still has no man to reproduce with. However, the act of broadcasting it on television takes her career to new levels she hadn't even thought of.

While Mary Jane is broadcasting her fertility problems to the world, we also get to see how her sex life is going while single. At one point her ex boyfriend tries to make out with her, at another point she's seen masturbating, and then by the end of the episode she's with a new man.

That's good television and it's also real life. This happens. Picture Via Facebook.

Dreams Come True, Ice JJ Fish Has A Decent Song Out + A Mixtape

Whether you like it or not Daniel Mcloyd, famously known as Ice JJ Fish, has solidified himself as a singer. Usually people like him fade away into nowhere land. However, Ice JJ Fish is different. He knows something many other untalented people still haven't figured out. That is if you're not good at what you want to do, surround yourself around people who are.

He's surrounded himself around enough people to where his music skills have gotten better. Although there is clearly auto-tune used, Ice JJ Fish dropped a new song recently called My Way. My Way features a talented group called Splitta Squad. While the song isn't the best we've ever heard, it is radio worthy. Check it out below.

This is also from his mixtape Dreams Come True. You can find it on youtube. 

I Almost Became A Cat Lady Until I Read This Story

Cats can be cute sometimes. They can also be really good at being alone. All they need is a little love every once in a while and some food all the time. Everyone knows once you feed a cat it will keep coming back to you for more food. That's why I've never fed one.

However, I have thought about getting a cat. I do get lonely sometimes and men that don't come with real affection aren't good substitutes for getting rid of that loneliness. Well, I thought about getting one of those cute furry things but then I read about an 85 year old lady who clearly has had a lot of experience with using animals to cure her loneliness.

Her name is Lucienne Touboul and apparently she was so lonely that she collected 100 cats back in 2010. She must have been overwhelmed with all the new roommates she had because she killed them all. Then she made cat stew. Surprisingly the police didn't arrest her. Maybe they understood her crazy.

When Lucienne started to feel lonely again she opened her home to more cats. This time she was comfortable, but neighbors weren't. When the police investigated they found around 60 of them. They rescued the animals from her home, but did not arrest her. Maybe they still understood her crazy, but not this latest time. All the cops from this year's rescue were found alive, but both the cats and her house were in horrible condition. She's facing animal cruelty charges.

See although I get lonely, if I get a cat there will be a time where I'm tired of feeding it and I might just kick it for being so comfortable in my presence. Cats also aren't children. Children eventually talk, walk, learn, and grow up. Cats stay dependent forever.

The video didn't want to embed, but here's a link.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(Music Video) Black Buddafly~ U Could Be #LHHNY

While her marriage to Peter Gunz is falling apart on Love and Hip Hop New York, Amina and her twin sister Jazz have restarted the singing group Black Buddafly.

Of course as sisters they never left each other's side, but the group disappeared for a while. Well, Black Buddafly also has a new song and music video titled U Could Be. The song is all about what two lovers could be if only the guy stopped fighting the passion. Watch below.

Monday, February 16, 2015

(Music) Lil Kim Gives Herself The "Trap Queen" Title

If you haven't heard the Trap Queen song by Fetty Wap by now, you're probably living under a rock in the middle of a deserted forest. However, if you have heard it then you know the Trap Queen song has the most addictive beat and some catchy lyrics. That's probably why Lil Kim recently put out her own version of the song.

Well, she didn't just do her own version. She's given herself the title of Trap Queen. Listen below.

#FiftyShadesofGrey Earned It by The Weeknd

While I haven't yet decided on seeing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, The Weeknd has a beautiful song and music video that gives us a tiny peak into what we should expect.

The song is called Earned It and it is absolutely beautiful. Watch the music video below.

Before Sexually Explicit Lyrics In Music Were Normal... #BlackHistoryMonth

Screen shot from 1990 show "Donahue" 
Luther Campbell, better known as Uncle Luke, is 54 years old. Uncle Luke's music is my very first memory of Hip Hop. He's such a legend in the game that there needs to be an Unsung episode on him. This man who is now known as a high school football coach and a mayoral candidate once upon a time made sure Hip Hop was as freaky as it wanted to be. 

I'm not sure if I've achieved the art of focusing on all aspects of entertainment, but for the most part I like to focus on what effects me. Its Black History Month and more than anything else, this special month of celebrating people that look like me is the most important. Even more important than celebrating people that look like me is celebrating people that have entertained me. This also means that my main focus is not on the legends we've been talking about since elementary school. It's on the legends that have forever made a comfortable spot in Hollywood since I've been alive.

Every now and then we hear about how current music leaves nothing to the imagination, but three decades ago Uncle Luke made sure to leave nothing to the imagination in music. It wasn't the same kind of atmosphere though. Uncle Luke and the group 2 Live Crew that he managed and was in had to battle the government in order to freely talk about freaky things that makes some of us women blush. The Governor Bob Martinez (Governor from 1987 to 1991) actually had the group members arrested and arrested music store owners for selling their album Nasty As They Wanna Be

Think about that. Now rappers put all types of illegal drug phrases in their lyrics and then get mad when the cops are ready to arrest them. If you watched the videos above people clearly had mixed emotions of how they wanted their children to find out about sex, but they did not want Luther Campbell educating them. We've come a long way in Hip Hop, but the battle for legends like him isn't over. A couple years back Uncle Luke found himself back in the courts fighting for his right to coach high school football. He won. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Moment You're Reminded of A Goal #SundayReflections

That moment when you're reminded of what your future should look like is an amazing time. It gets you excited about being alive again. It gives you lots of great experiences to look forward to.
A video posted by Lashuntrice (@mrsstarstatus) on
Ciroc is the official drink of NBA all star weekend and P. Diddy has made sure to keep us all informed. We all also were able to get a glimpse of what the best party ever thrown at Madison Square Garden felt like Thursday night. It was held by P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg, but a lot of artists were in attendance. Afterwards several videos were uploaded to Diddy's account. Some of the performances were of Lil Kim, Nas, Dr. Dre, and Faith Evans. From Instagram it appeared to be one of those events you hated to miss. 
How I Want To Feel About Life

I definitely hated that I couldn't be on the scene, but it also reminded me that there is more to life that the monotonous routine many of us get stuck in. Sure the monotonous routine pays the bills, but we also have to balance it all with experiences that make us happy. All of the other photos of celebrities also has me dreaming of a better, more fun filled life. One day it'll happen. 

How The World Should Eventually Start To See Me 

Until Next Year...

Love is in the air. Chocolates, balloons, and teddy bears float across all types of social media pages. Couples express their love for each other with tons of photos. Every man actually brags about spending money on his lady and every lady is appreciative. Date nights get announced and expectations of sex are also blasted out. It's the one day of the year where the majority of people show that love still exists. It gives hope to some of us single folks that by next year we can join the celebration of shamelessly showing how much we love our significant others too.

Photo Via Instagram. I'm currently obsessed with Kim and Kanye.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

#MatchMadeInHeaven Reminds Us of Black History #BlackHistoryMonth

Match Made In Heaven is a new dating show where a wealthy Philadelphia man looks for love on national television. Looking for love is the nice way of saying it. Actually he's a rich man having fun dating and sending 24 women home (but not all at the same time). While the show is entertaining, it also reminds us of an important part of Black History. It's the history that is still too fresh for the books, but is engrained in our memories forever. It's the days where dating competition shows involving Blacks ruled our television screens. The following are our favorites.

Flavor of Love (2006-2008)
Who can forget Flavor Flav's show? It was more ratchet than Love & Hip Hop, but never managed to exhaust our attention. It was also the show that introduced us to Tiffany Pollard, also known as New York. He brought New York on for two seasons in a row and rejected her at the last minute both times. That pain was felt across the nation. Flavor Flav didn't even find love on the show. Immediately after he met a new woman that had never been on television and got her pregnant. 

I Love New York (2007- 2008)
Flavor Flav. dissed New York twice, but she had an opportunity to date a huge load of men at once on her own show. This show as also hugely entertaining. The men were crazy and she even got dissed again by her choice, Tango, on the show. However, two of the other men chose to be good enough to get their own spin-off's. They were brothers Real and Chance. 

Real Chance of Love (2008-2009)
Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance) weren't chosen to be with Tiffany, but they were able to get their own dating game show. They were actually lucky, because others were asked and turned the offer down. They had two seasons, because neither found love the first season. No one ever likes their choice on the first season. There were spin-offs from this show. 

For The Love of Ray J (2009-2010)
Ray J. (the best pimp in history for being with Whitney Houston) couldn't be left out. He had his own reality show. The thing about Ray J. is if he's on television, his family isn't too far away. They had their camera time too. Anyway, we received two seasons of watching him play around. 

This is all about Black History, so we'll skip the reality show for Brett Michaels. However, the next show features some of his contestants. 

Charm School 
There are a group of people who think Mona Scott's Love & Hip Hop was the breaking point for making Black women look bad. Actually it was Charm School and it was done on accident. The comedian Monique asked Saaphyri what her real name was and she replied back that it was her real name. That made it a classic ratchet moment on television. 

There are the times in history where every woman had the middle name of Mae (my grandma is Susie Mae and a (grand) aunt is Annie Mae), there are the times where Black women were given normal names (my mom is simply Daphny) and there was the popular time period that hasn't ended where the names have to be as creative as possible. My name is Lashuntrice. Actually putting La in front of every girl's name was popular too at one point. 

Learning About Your History Isn't Free #BlackHistoryMonth

Martin Luther King Jr. Sojourner Truth. Mary McCloud Bethune. Rosa Parks. We could go on and on about the legendary people who changed history and forever have pages in the books. However, what about our own family histories?

Recently an entrepreneur asked a very important question to groups of people on social media. She asked them how much do they know about their own family history, because every year during Black History Month we talk about the same legendary people. This question was spread around to see how different people would respond. There were some that could proudly name ancestors that found themselves in the newspapers, but there were others who didn't care to answer the question. There were some who thought the question was dumb.

However, knowing your own family tree is important. It teaches you what type of people you've come from and why you are the way you are. I'm not talking about your parents and grandparents either. I'm not referring to the aunts and uncles you see regularly or the cousins you know so well. Who were your great grandparents? How did they survive? Who were their parents and how did they survive? What made them happy? Segregation only ended around 60 years ago.

I've asked a few questions and done some research (short of paying When families don't document their history as far back as possible, it's almost as if they are born and then they die. When researching I've been able to find birth dates and death dates. Those names have also been able to connect me to other names I've never heard of. However, they are all just names.

If we want to learn about our history we have to pay. We have to pay with time, with emotions, and financially.

Do you know your family history past your great grandparents? Has your family kept documents on who was who, what they did for a living, how happy they were?

Disclaimer: The photo doesn't belong to me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Celebrating Talented Artists From The Projects (Black History Month)

Some of your favorite legendary artists didn't come from the suburbs. They weren't raised in the best areas of town. They came from places where drugs, heauxs, and poverty ruled. They came from the projects, also known as public housing. Its Black History Month, so lets celebrate the talent that came out of the projects. The following are just some artists that influenced us all and escaped the roughest of poverty stricken areas.

In August we'll find out all about the mean streets of Compton, California in the upcoming film about N.W.A. This group was very controversial because of lyrics that focused heavily about drugs and hatred for the police. One of my favorite quotes from the trailer is, "Our art is a reflection of our reality." The Dr. Dre and Ice Cube that you see today are not the same people that we will see in this movie. I'm ready. However, before the movie comes out I found this article on some projects that were so badly known for drug dealing the owners gave up. It was called Wilmington Arms and the article was written in 1989. This is a cool part of history. 

Curtis Mayfield 

Curtis Mayfield came from the infamous Cabrini-Green Homes

Magnolia Projects were officially called C.J. Peete Projects and is also known as one of the more dangerous projects to live in the United States. Juvenile, Turk, Birdman, and Magnolia Shorty (RIP) all came from there. 

Lil Wayne 
Lil Wayne was out of Holly Grove, a predominately Black neighborhood in New Orleans. He's (arguably) one of the most popular rappers out right now. 

Jay-Z is from the infamous Marcy Houses

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kanye West Rides Hard For His Niggas #Grammys

The 2015 Grammy Awards was boring until Kanye West jokingly tried to take Beck's award from him. He walked up to Beck, reached his hand toward the award, but then backed off smiling. Beck looked kind of scared and never laughed. Although it was a joke on stage, Kanye really didn't think Beck deserved that award. He thought it belonged to his dear friend Beyonce.

A video posted by Lashuntrice (@mrsstarstatus) on
While Beyonce has a dedicated crew of fans, none of them match the passion that Kanye has for her. For instance back in 2009 Kanye got drunk, hopped onto the MTV video music awards stage, and told Taylor Swift that Beyonce had the best album of all time. It was a hilarious moment and showed his true dedication for his friend.

However, Beyonce isn't the only friend he's publicly showed his die-hard support for. He's done an album with Jay-Z and continually showed his dedication to his wife Kim Kardashian. I imagine he's the type of friend and husband that will physically fight another person if he feels the need to.

Everyone should have a friend like him in their circle. These kind of friends bring excitement to the group and also shows their undying love for you. They make you feel like you're important. You believe you're important too because they believe they are important. There is nothing better than having an important friend that puts you on a pedestal next to them.

(Movie) Straight Outta Compton, The Story of N.W.A

"Our art is a reflection of our reality."

Straight Outta Compton, the movie we've been waiting for will be in theaters in August. The first official trailer is now available for our viewing pleasure. It features an introduction from Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Watch below.

Lashuntrice Bradley aka @mrsstarstatus

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#WhiteWater Why You Should Watch It

White Water tells a cute story about a 7 year old Black boy living in Opelika, Alabama in 1963. His town is segregated. While his mom (Sharon Leal) plays by the rules and punishes him for even thinking bad thoughts, his dad (Larenz Tate) lives on the wild side. He's learned to handle getting hit with the switch, so he strives to be a little bit more like his dad. That's where the white water comes in.

This is during the time of segregation, so there are still strict rules between Whites and Blacks. Water fountains are a part of those strict rules. As the boy drinks from the water meant for Blacks he is curious about the water White people drink. That is the whole movie plot. The boy decides he wants to know what white water tastes like, so he decides that he will eventually find out.

This is not your typical civil rights movie. It's told from a child's point of view and is mostly fun to watch. There are a few scenes that will put you on the edge of your seat, but that is also expected.

Larenz Tate also looked very youthful in his role. He definitely has not aged. Sharon Leal also looked like she could be Kerry Washington's sister.

If you have children that like to read, I suggest getting the book for them too.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Megachurch Murder Review

Remember that Louisiana pastor who was murdered in front of his congregation? The church was kind of small, but it was a major news story. Some time later it was featured on Preachers of LA. Well, Lifetime has a movie called Megachurch Murder and it has nothing to do with that story.

Megachurch Murder features a mostly familiar Black cast. Malcolm Jamal Warner's character Hamilton Spears is the pastor that gets murdered. Tamala Jones' character Martha Spears is the wife who doesn't even grieve good before hooking up with the pastor's friend and co-pastor of the church. Michael Beach is the co-pastor who steals the pastor's first lady and is responsible for his murder. Romeo Miller's character, Oliver King, is the son of the sneaky new pastor of the church and also the love interest of the main character. Hannah Spears, the main character is played by Shanice Knowles (no relationship to Beyonce and Solange).

The movie starts out with a happy church family. The pastor and wife and happily watching their daughter sing in front of the congregation. Then the pastor is murdered. A month passes by and the Hannah has become an alcoholic who is driving while intoxicated. She's also mad that everyone is trying to move on so soon after her father's death. She's hurt, drinking, and stumbles upon a video her father made. In it he's confessing that he thought his life was in danger and the person he was afraid of was his co-pastor. In the midst of watching the video she spills alcohol all over her laptop and the flash drive the video was saved on. That's when she runs to her friend for help. She was drunk so she doesn't remember what was on the flash drive or if is she really saw a video, but she wants her friend to fix it so they can see what was there. Before that there Oliver starts falling for Hannah, but the movie really starts with the video.

The movie drags on a bit with Hannah going as far as trying to commit suicide. Then it gets interesting again once she kills one of Oliver's brothers. One of the other brothers is then told to murder her by the new leading pastor/father. This was in the last 30 minutes. After this the whole cast that is still alive finds themselves on a bridge arguing and one person has a gun. One person gets shot and another commits suicide. Mary was the one that was shot and in the hospital the doctor tells her that she is fine and will be able to go home. That is the end of the movie.

Basically from this movie we learned Romeo Miller is either a bad kisser or a bad pretender. Over all it wasn't a good movie, but it was worth watching. I was entertained. Were you?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#LHHNY Diamond Strawberry And The Relationship She Thought She Was In

Love and Hip Hop is nothing without chaotic relationships, so every season there has to be a new couple full of craziness.

In this season we were introduced to Diamond Strawberry and Cisco Rosado. Diamond is the daughter of a famous professional Baseball player, Darryl Strawberry. Cisco, on the other hand, is a music producer whose most known for dating Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives). Now they are both known as LHHNY cast members.

Their storyline on the show is the worst many of us have ever heard. It starts with Diamond spontaneously moving to New York to be closer to Cisco. Who does that? At this point she had not told him she was coming, had not told him about her daughter, had never seen where he lived, and believed she was in love with him. In the two years they dated there was sex in Cisco's car. Only having sex in the car should have been the first sign that Diamond needed to not take him serious, but all women aren't that smart.

Diamond felt she was in love with Cisco so she finally confessed to him that she had a six year old daughter. That did not go over well. Cisco was also hiding a secret in the form of a child that was conceived after he started dating her, but it gets worse. Diamond had her mother confront him because she wasn't brave enough to face her own mistake.

Cisco is either as dumb as Diamond when it comes to relationships or he's a really good pimp. In the lat few episodes it comes out that the whole time Cisco was telling his baby mother that he loved her a lot. This is weird that she even believed him because in the media he was dating Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives.
Clearly Cisco wasn't the right guy for Diamond. From his point of view, she was just someone he was having sex with. Diamond should be smarter from now on. Just because you see his car and get naked in it, does not mean you two are a couple. It does not mean to fall in love.

If she hasn't learned, at least the rest of us have.

#LHHNY Precious Paris, Are You Going To Help Make Her A Millionaire?

Love and Hip Hop may be full of relationship drama, but underneath all the craziness are some real talented individuals looking for exposure. While reality television hasn't taken a whole lot of careers to new heights, there are new individuals still trying to shine. In the latest episode we were introduced to Precious Paris (that's her government name).

Precious Paris was previously signed to G-Unit, but somehow she has fallen under the wings of Rich Dollaz. On this particular LHHNY episode, Rich is seen promising to make her a millionaire with her music. She thinks he's taking too long to promote her and that starts an argument. Arguing with Precious is not as bad as arguing with Erica though so Rich is able to keep her calm.

However, the real issue isn't whether Rich can launch Precious' career. Its if we want to help her become a millionaire through her music. Would you buy her album? There's nothing sweet about her lyrics.

I looked up her music and found a song called Broke Nicca. It's all how she doesn't want a broke nigga. It also reminds me of classic Lil Kim music. Check it out below.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Katy Perry & Missy Elliott Halftime Performance

We all knew Katy Perry was performing for this year's Super Bowl halftime show. However, what we did not know was that Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott would join her. While Lenny Kravitz only stayed on the stage for 30 seconds at most, Missy Elliott performed a couple of songs with Katy Perry.

I knew every word to the classic songs that were performed and it was a refreshing spin to the usual boring performances the Super Bowl offers. Maybe this also means a new Missy Elliott album is coming.

He Proposed But His Baby Mama Is Messy (What Would You Do?)

Imagine being at a party surrounded by successful people. Some of them are successful from hard work and some are successful from long hours of being in labor. Two of them used to date and have a child together. The guy is there with his long-term girlfriend while the woman is there with her new man. A proposal happens and then a pregnancy via infidelity is announced. The shit gets real and a new type of party starts. Ebrahim Aseem, a motivational speaker, started off his Sunday by posting up Super Bowl Sunday topics but ended his night by letting us all in on the relationship drama he was seeing unfold in front of him at his own Super Bowl party.

Remember when there used to be hypothetical relationship issues? We women were the ones that jumped to conclusions. Men weren't really cheating on us. They weren't really telling us a million lies. We weren't meeting ones that already had kids from previous relationships. Our future prince charming really was perfect and had no skeletons in his closet. The people on Jerry Springer were all actors. Those were the good, boring days. Those were the days where I was sheltered from the nasty drama that causes break-ups and divorces. Those days no longer exist.

Social media helps us to see just how much is going on all the time. Facebook statuses, twitter, and Instagram posts all give us a front row seat to watching relationships fall apart and broken hearts get created. At least if I want to see how multiple relationships are working it requires me to fix a bowl of popcorn and pay attention to what's being put online. In reality I see all the happy couples. The couples in my family are either happy or no longer together. The men that my friends tend to meet don't stick around long enough to cause a whole lot of drama. Some of the men are also so boring that they probably wouldn't know what drama looked like if it was in front of them, which sucks. Sometimes I wish I could be at a get-together where two exes start spilling out all types of personal information on each other. I'd love to be at a party where one of them announces in front of the newly engaged girlfriend that she is pregnant with his second child out of jealousy.

This really happened and I'm questioning what I would do in a situation like this. Ebrahim said the guy in this situation is a professional football player. That means he's way past middle class. Financially he's well off and women go after him just based off his bank account. He also has a baby mama who he might be cheating on his current woman with. That means there is non-stop drama in his life. Although I love money, the idea of the baby mama being in the picture makes me itch. I'd keep the engagement ring, but definitely not marry him.
Her advice is good. 

However, I just wish I could be at parties where this kind of drama happens. So far I'm only seeing it via the internet and Love & Hip Hop series. I also wonder what happened with the pregnant baby mama's new boyfriend. Did he stay? Did he get angry and leave? If I find out, you'll be the first to know.

What would you do in a situation like this? Would you be the pregnant baby mama, the cheating boyfriend, or the girlfriend who had just been proposed to by the cheating boyfriend?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Black History Month

It's the time of the year to really celebrate our culture. We need to celebrate those that have paved the way for us, those that are currently fighting for us, those that are entertaining us, ourselves, those that we are currently influencing, and the Black people that we will be influencing in the future. Let's celebrate being Black.

From Lashuntrice (

The "What Am I Doing With My Life" Phase

Lil Wayne is going through an emotional roller coaster that started with tweets directed toward Birdman, aka Bryan Williams. The cause was over a continuously shelved album. Although we haven't directly heard anything from Birdman, Lil Wayne has created some good music from his frustration. I imagine his anger wasn't always there. He probably smiled at the delay initially and thought it would give him time to perfect whatever would appear on it. However, its 2015, we have a Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, and a rapper that is questioning his own future.

I imagine the moment Lil Wayne realized the future of his music wasn't going in the direction he wanted it to he started to question himself. "What am I doing with my life?" Just think about it. He has been under the wings of Cash Money since he was a child. He has known nothing different and everything has worked out for him. However, now with so many other rappers coming under the wings of Cash Money Lil Wayne is no longer the most important person there. He's rich, but his creativity is being shelved. What does he do at this point?

"What am I doing with my life?" I am not Lil Wayne. Sometimes I may come off as a martian to others, but I'm no millionaire. I haven't made it to the point of having other mouths to feed or a significant other to be there through thick and (maybe) thin.

"What am I doing with my life?" It's a question that comes at the most exhausting moments. It comes during the times when I'm drained from working a job that gets the bills paid. It sneaks up on me when I'm reading about everyone's perfectly imperfect lives. It floats around my mind when boredom once again joins me during those alone times.

"What am I doing with my life?" The question becomes harder to answer upon realizing that others are asking themselves the same thing. Financial matters no longer matter once the question comes into mind. It's about happiness. It's about success. It's about getting to a comfortable place.

Don't get this phase confused with a quarter life crisis. The quarter life crisis involves more than you. Family, friends, and strangers are all judging you. They're all waiting to see what your next move is going to be. You're not sure of what your next move is going to be either and it drives you crazy.

In this phase it's all about you. You're in control and not in control at the same time. You've done pretty good to others, but recognize that you need better. Actually there are a few that recognize that you need to improve in a lot of areas. You fight daily to keep your emotions in check, at least until you can figure out the answer to the question. I'm fighting now.

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