Thursday, February 12, 2015

#MatchMadeInHeaven Reminds Us of Black History #BlackHistoryMonth

Match Made In Heaven is a new dating show where a wealthy Philadelphia man looks for love on national television. Looking for love is the nice way of saying it. Actually he's a rich man having fun dating and sending 24 women home (but not all at the same time). While the show is entertaining, it also reminds us of an important part of Black History. It's the history that is still too fresh for the books, but is engrained in our memories forever. It's the days where dating competition shows involving Blacks ruled our television screens. The following are our favorites.

Flavor of Love (2006-2008)
Who can forget Flavor Flav's show? It was more ratchet than Love & Hip Hop, but never managed to exhaust our attention. It was also the show that introduced us to Tiffany Pollard, also known as New York. He brought New York on for two seasons in a row and rejected her at the last minute both times. That pain was felt across the nation. Flavor Flav didn't even find love on the show. Immediately after he met a new woman that had never been on television and got her pregnant. 

I Love New York (2007- 2008)
Flavor Flav. dissed New York twice, but she had an opportunity to date a huge load of men at once on her own show. This show as also hugely entertaining. The men were crazy and she even got dissed again by her choice, Tango, on the show. However, two of the other men chose to be good enough to get their own spin-off's. They were brothers Real and Chance. 

Real Chance of Love (2008-2009)
Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance) weren't chosen to be with Tiffany, but they were able to get their own dating game show. They were actually lucky, because others were asked and turned the offer down. They had two seasons, because neither found love the first season. No one ever likes their choice on the first season. There were spin-offs from this show. 

For The Love of Ray J (2009-2010)
Ray J. (the best pimp in history for being with Whitney Houston) couldn't be left out. He had his own reality show. The thing about Ray J. is if he's on television, his family isn't too far away. They had their camera time too. Anyway, we received two seasons of watching him play around. 

This is all about Black History, so we'll skip the reality show for Brett Michaels. However, the next show features some of his contestants. 

Charm School 
There are a group of people who think Mona Scott's Love & Hip Hop was the breaking point for making Black women look bad. Actually it was Charm School and it was done on accident. The comedian Monique asked Saaphyri what her real name was and she replied back that it was her real name. That made it a classic ratchet moment on television. 

There are the times in history where every woman had the middle name of Mae (my grandma is Susie Mae and a (grand) aunt is Annie Mae), there are the times where Black women were given normal names (my mom is simply Daphny) and there was the popular time period that hasn't ended where the names have to be as creative as possible. My name is Lashuntrice. Actually putting La in front of every girl's name was popular too at one point.