Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dreams Come True, Ice JJ Fish Has A Decent Song Out + A Mixtape

Whether you like it or not Daniel Mcloyd, famously known as Ice JJ Fish, has solidified himself as a singer. Usually people like him fade away into nowhere land. However, Ice JJ Fish is different. He knows something many other untalented people still haven't figured out. That is if you're not good at what you want to do, surround yourself around people who are.

He's surrounded himself around enough people to where his music skills have gotten better. Although there is clearly auto-tune used, Ice JJ Fish dropped a new song recently called My Way. My Way features a talented group called Splitta Squad. While the song isn't the best we've ever heard, it is radio worthy. Check it out below.

This is also from his mixtape Dreams Come True. You can find it on youtube.