Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Almost Became A Cat Lady Until I Read This Story

Cats can be cute sometimes. They can also be really good at being alone. All they need is a little love every once in a while and some food all the time. Everyone knows once you feed a cat it will keep coming back to you for more food. That's why I've never fed one.

However, I have thought about getting a cat. I do get lonely sometimes and men that don't come with real affection aren't good substitutes for getting rid of that loneliness. Well, I thought about getting one of those cute furry things but then I read about an 85 year old lady who clearly has had a lot of experience with using animals to cure her loneliness.

Her name is Lucienne Touboul and apparently she was so lonely that she collected 100 cats back in 2010. She must have been overwhelmed with all the new roommates she had because she killed them all. Then she made cat stew. Surprisingly the police didn't arrest her. Maybe they understood her crazy.

When Lucienne started to feel lonely again she opened her home to more cats. This time she was comfortable, but neighbors weren't. When the police investigated they found around 60 of them. They rescued the animals from her home, but did not arrest her. Maybe they still understood her crazy, but not this latest time. All the cops from this year's rescue were found alive, but both the cats and her house were in horrible condition. She's facing animal cruelty charges.

See although I get lonely, if I get a cat there will be a time where I'm tired of feeding it and I might just kick it for being so comfortable in my presence. Cats also aren't children. Children eventually talk, walk, learn, and grow up. Cats stay dependent forever.

The video didn't want to embed, but here's a link.