Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#LHHNY Precious Paris, Are You Going To Help Make Her A Millionaire?

Love and Hip Hop may be full of relationship drama, but underneath all the craziness are some real talented individuals looking for exposure. While reality television hasn't taken a whole lot of careers to new heights, there are new individuals still trying to shine. In the latest episode we were introduced to Precious Paris (that's her government name).

Precious Paris was previously signed to G-Unit, but somehow she has fallen under the wings of Rich Dollaz. On this particular LHHNY episode, Rich is seen promising to make her a millionaire with her music. She thinks he's taking too long to promote her and that starts an argument. Arguing with Precious is not as bad as arguing with Erica though so Rich is able to keep her calm.

However, the real issue isn't whether Rich can launch Precious' career. Its if we want to help her become a millionaire through her music. Would you buy her album? There's nothing sweet about her lyrics.

I looked up her music and found a song called Broke Nicca. It's all how she doesn't want a broke nigga. It also reminds me of classic Lil Kim music. Check it out below.