Sunday, January 31, 2010

Missing 14 Year Old

There are moments in our life where we have to put aside our own trials and tribulations to focus on others.

A few weeks ago the country set aside the troubles of our own economy to focus on Haiti and now just weeks later the little sister of one of my friends is missing.

Her name is Myah Knighton-Black and she is only 14 years old. She was last seen in Riviera Beach on Friday. Police are suspecting that she may be in the Miami-Dade area. If you've seen her please contact the Riviera Beach police department.

School Lessons: Unhappy For Others

The past week was full of hard work. I studied for classes, did homework, made it through a long work day (for class of course) without passing out, and then still made time to think about where my life was going. I was so focused on the educational/job needing part I almost forgot to think about my love life. Well, I did blog about love last Tuesday, but since then it had slipped my mind.

Then a friend called me in the middle of the night saying how lonely she was. She mentioned how she had set her male friend up with a lady, but he was barely communicating with her now. Normally I would say she should be happy, but that would not be the right thing to say. The right thing would be this week's lesson of the week.

Before I give you this advice I'm not making it up. Vivica Fox said something similar in Two Can Play That Game.

Before you can be happy for others, you have to have everything you need to make you happy.

Just Sexy Enough

Yesterday I did not put up a blog of the sexiest men. I'm actually in search of the men that are just sexy enough to make Miss Too Sexy's (aka Me) list of sexiest men. Soon I hope to have pictures of regular men that I've met in the streets of Tallahassee. However, I do not want to leave you in too much anticipation so here's a man from my facebook list that made the cut.

Bryan Christian

During the day he's a hardworking college student and at night he turns into DJ Sekret. Want to know what his nightlife name is all about? Hit up one of his parties and find out.

IBW (Brandy)

This week people decided to place pictures of stars who they were told the looked like as their profile pictures on facebook. However, no one ever told me I looked like a famous person. I wanted to participate anyway so I chose Brandy.

I chose her because she has been my role model since her days of playing Moesha. She started off young in the spot light and gracefully grew up. While she did have some terrible moments (such as issues with being pregnant and not really married), she did not let those moments hold her back. That is why I'm proud to call her my role model and announce her as an IBW (Inspirational Black Woman).

Below are some pictures of Brandy from the age of 16 to adulthood.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture This

(Disclaimer: If this were real life you'd be dead, but fortunately it is a fantasy so follow with an open mind)

You're lying in the hospital feeling terrible. You've been feeling ill for a while, but the TheraFlu just wasn't curing you. Now you have a 102 degree temperature and the nurses are trying desperately to break it. After hours of being in an emergency room bed the doctor finally comes into your hospital. You've watched a lot of television so you're expecting an Omar Epps look-alike; or even Omar Epps himself. Instead Plies walks through the door.

Now I know you are probably mad at me cause I started this good fantasy but then killed it by using Plies. You should not take your anger out on me though. Take it out on Plies cause he did just that in his new music video titled Medicine.


Soooo...last time I wrote about figuring out how to get into the dating game I used Let's "Talk About Pep" as my help. This time I'm learning from the movie "Sprung."

"Sprung" is tonight's black buster choice for BET. In the movie two women friends go to a party searching for men and end up meeting two frat brothers (who are Omegas). One male fits the Omega stereotype and the other is a geek. One woman goes for the male who fits the stereotype while the other gets stuck with the geek.

Throughout the several scenes in the movie the men and women have fun, fights, and most of all create very memorable moments together. While the young people were the focus of the movie, one scene stood out to me most. One of the women and the geek go dancing together. When they get to the place they see an old couple. They ask the old couple how the managed to stay together for so long. The couple says "sheer and determination."

If determination could work to keep a couple together for 50 or more years then I am applying that to going out and dating. As long as I have determination it will work out in the end.

Sexiest Men- David Mann

David Mann is not the sexiest man on earth physically, but mentally he has everything a woman needs.  He's successful, smart, funny, charming, and he knows how to keep his woman happy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Natalie Cole

Tonight was the world premiere of the movie "The Natalie Cole Story." In honor of it here's a song by Natalie Cole.

Also, I'm single and Valentines Day is a couple of weeks away so this song is goes with the theme...
I'm Catching Hell By Natalie Cole

An Afterthought Can Shine

 Spaghetti and Meatballs

Shrimp Shallow

Crab Shallow

In each of these ingredients the spaghetti is the main ingredient. The the rest of the ingredients are an afterthought. They are thrown into the recipe after the cook decides something more needs to be added. Food is not the only thing that receives this treatment however.

On today's episode of "A Basement Affair" the girls had to play a really cheesy game of baseball. When picking teams for the game one girl was specifically ignored most; Annie.

Annie ended up being on team meatballs, an afterthought ingredient in spaghetti. No one had faith in her. However, she ended up helping her team win the game. At that point she shined.

So if you feel like you are always the last one people pay attention to (or you are rarely noticed), you can shine.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


When I grow up I want to be a STAR...

Stars have fun. They can always count on being the center of attention (whether good or bad) and they spend money like they will never run out of it.

Stars go through drama, but get direction on how to handle it from the whole world.

Best of all stars express themselves and the world pays attention. For instance Cassie only made one hit song, but the world is still singing it to this day. She also shaved half of her hair off. It's a weird style, but there have been other stars that copied her and shaved parts of their hair. I don't want to shave my hair, but if I do I want the world to still love me.

Check out some more stars that I want to be able to copy and the world still looks at me the same below.

Rihanna has gone through 2 million (or maybe more) looks since she became famous. On top of that she only got beat by Chris Brown once and people were comparing to Tina Turner. I don't want to get beat, but I do want to have people try to copy my 2 million or more hairstyles I'll get in the future.

Beyonce is simply...Beyonce. she's been expressing herself since Destinys Child and she's not about to stop. Plus, she married one of the ugliest(but most successful) men in the rap game and people applauded her. I want to get with an ugly dude and have people wish they were me.

Jennifer Lopez steps out of the house wearing anything, but no one complains. I want to be able to purposely walk out of the house looking bad and people still suck up to me.

Janet Jackson is rich, humble, and she has publicly dated a younger man. If I'm 40 and not married, I want to have her attitude and be able to date freely like her.

Mariah Carey recently walked onto a stage to receive an award drunk. Then people commented on it as cute. She's probably the only star that could be called cute while drunk.


Miss Too Sexy (AKA Me) did not feel sexy enough (well really brave enough) to approach men out in the streets this week, so here's another sexy celebrity to stare at.

Chris Brown went through a lot of drama last year after beating Rihanna, but in the end he still stayed sexy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Sexy Enough

Lately I've posted up pictures of famous sexy black men. Then earlier this week I talked about possibly scouting for men. Well, with the help of my roommate and possibly others, I'm going to make it happen.

We are going to start with men on Florida A&M's campus and then work our way around the city of Tallahassee. After scouting each Saturday a picture and biography of a male will be posted up under the section titled "Just Sexy Enough." This is just for fun so I hope you enjoy.

Until then enjoy more celebrity eye candy...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hold On To Your Independence

Earlier today I decided to take a trip to the mall via city bus. While at the bus stop I met this woman. She asked me about myself so I gave her a brief description. I even told her about my website.

Afterwards we became quiet, but then she started talking again. She said something along the lines of 'Stick to your dreams. Don't let anyone distract you.' I told her I was very focused and determined to accomplish my dreams.

She then told me how she married a man right out of college, got what she thought was a good job, and moved to a nice little town in Florida. Then after years of being married her ex husband fell out of love with her.

She was so distraught by this that she quit her job and moved to a different town just so she could get over him. Now she regrets it. She told me if she would have at least kept her good job then she'd be retired now. Instead she's starting her life over again. She feels as if she lost her blessing because she let a man control her actions.

At the end of the conversation she repeated her advice by saying "Don't get so caught up in a man that you lose sight of your own independence."

I'm definitely going to follow her advice and I hope she follows it too.

She told me that she loves to do interior designing. She works for a catering service now, but a month ago she got offered a job at a furniture store. It could be her new blessing so I hope she takes it.

For all of you ladies out there, grab your blessings and do not let anyone take your focus away.

After all, Salt N Pepa did say it aint a man's world.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sexiest Men

Everything about Morris Chestnut is perfect.

While searching for Morris Chestnust I saw this picture. Oooh Tyrese.

10 Years ago Shyne was a Bad Boy. He had that sexy deep voice and the hot roughneck appeal. Too bad he ended up in prison.


Lately I've been thinking of how I can spice up my life and one way could be dating. In the past I've stuck to meeting men around school, but the fact that I'm 23 and cannot think of one meaningful connection I've had says it's time for a change.

I feel like I need help to move on, so I've started watching Pepa's new show "Let's Talk About Pep." On today's show Pepa went scouting for men with an Essence magazine editor. She had fun meeting new men, but in the end decided it was not for her. Pepa was use to being the one men chase after and not the chaser. She wanted to keep it that way.

I'm also the type that would rather be chased than do the chasing, but scouting for men did look fun. I'm going to try it out one day, but like Pepa I won't compromise what I've always liked.

Now for a song to follow this:

Salt N Pepa Do You Want Me

Sunday, January 17, 2010

School Lessons--Fresh Fish

9th grade was the first time I felt like I had to prove myself. I was a freshman and an easy target for bullys. I had to show the students that I was not easily hurt (or pretend to). I had to show my teachers I was smart enough to be there, which I did. I proved myself and moved up.

Then college came. I was a freshman again (or should I say fresh fish). I was one of 12,000 students in college. I had to prove myself all over again. The professors needed to see I was smart and my classmaates had to see I was tough-skinned. I proved myself and moved up.

Then over Christmas break it hit me. In just a couple of months I will be graduating, but I will be at the stage of "fresh fish" again. I will be just another person out in the world trying to prove myself. There will be no one backing me up. I will stand all alone and face strangers once again.

However, after the earthquake hit Haiti I learned something new. Every last one of those people in that country will have to rebuild their lives again. They will have to start over with new homes and new jobs.

This brings me to the lesson of the week:

No matter what stage you are at in life, you will always have to prove yourself.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dinner/Movie VS. Strip Club Fun

Perception is everything, right??? So, what would you think of a girl who does not want to go on a dinner/movie date?

Instead she'd rather go on a date to the strip club. Kittie, who is on Let's Talk About Pep, did not have fun on her date until the man she was with took her to the strip club.

If you are that girl (like Kittie) that would rather go to the strip club, would you expect to be perceived different than that dinner/movie girl?

Sexiest Men

This is Miss Too Sexy's pic of some of the sexiest men out.


Trey Songz melts me with his smile. Plus, he's 25; perfect age.

Avant caught my heart when he started doing songs with Keke Wyatt and no matter how old he is sexy will still be stamped on him.

Lance Gross. He looks gooood. Too bad Eva met him first.

Why is Reggie Bush with Kim Kardasian? He's adorable and I have this fantasy of playing with his bellybutton. It's an outtie.

Terrance Howard has this old school sophisticated sexy.

Fredro Starr has been hot ever since his days on Moesha.

He's shaped like a teddy bear and his personality says BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

See, best of both worlds

I'm not finished yet, but until next time ENYOY!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Material Girl

I'm a material girl trying to stay comfortable in this material world. When I travel I have to have more than one pair of shoes, more than one purse, a few belts to go with pants, and more clothes than I will actually need. I also have to have bathroom accessories, and hair supplies. Plus, I definitely cannot travel without at least one book and some music for entertainment. Yeah, I'm a material girl trying to survive in this material world, BUT...

With the exception of Southwest Airlines (which does not fly out of every city), all airlines charge for bags. Even more Delta Airlines (the world's largest airlines) just increased the price of bringing bags on the airlines; from $15 to $25 to be exact.

That's a lot and since Delta (the largest airlines) is raising their prices, every other airline will soon do the same.

With that knowledge I'm starting to wonder should I decrease my material lifestyle?


Should I find some other ways to travel?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Talk About Pep

I got a problem; I like to talk about sex,lol, and Pepa (from Salt and Pepa), helps me quench my mind in her new show "Let's Talk About Pep."

A little while ago Pepa came back on the scene with Salt to repair their friendship, which had come to an end when Salt decided she no longer wanted to be a part of the group. They had a show together to capture their re-union. It was good, but of course it had to come to an end. And...
Now Pepa's back (without Salt) to find the man of her dreams with cameras watching. This first show, which just went off showed Pep and three of her friends discussing dates they each went on. They each revealed the sexual occurrences on their dates and laughed. I laughed too, especially at the girl (the one that looks like she could be Pepa's sister) that decided to act like a stripper on her date.

This is truly a girl's show and that is alright.

Fantasia For Real

The most talked about show today was "Fantasia For Real," which stars Fantasia Barrino.

Fantasia began her singing career when she became a contest on American Idol. While she did not win, she released a CD afterwards. It sold pretty well, but then she came out with another CD. The second one was not as successful. She then disappeared. And....

Now she's back with her own show. Originally I was not going to watch this show, but too many people were facebooking and tweeting for me to ignore it. Sooo...
I started watching. The beginning of the show was not the best. It made me feel like I was watching a rerun of Keyshia Cole's show (and God know you can only handle her drama for so long).

However, it got better because Fantasia is different from Keyshia Cole. First of all, she has a daughter to take care of. She also has a brother who is a "wanna be" T-Pain. Well maybe T-Pain is an exageration, but he is trying to get into the music game.

I don't know about the brother, but I do want to see Fantasia succeed so I will continue to watch it.

Am I The Only One

That has noticed that Keri Hilson changed her look???

It is cuter than her short look and it proves something.

Keri Hilson is a star.

She changed her look and managed to still remain fabulous. However, some of her recent songs makes it hard to tell that she is the one singing.

For example listen to this cool song below.

Sexual Healing

Two days ago my roommate told me a story about a guy who she'd met right before Christmas. I actually met him soon after when she invited him over, but had forgot about him. Well...

(Don't think love. It was nothing like this picture.)

The night I met him (and first time she invited him over) he showed up three hours after he was supposed to come over. She later revealed to me that he wanted sex from her, but she turned him down. I knew then that he did was not the type looking for a relationship, but did not say anything.

Well, she told me that when the break started he called her everyday for about a week and then stopped calling her. Then she got tired of him, but as soon as she was ready to move on to another man he begged her to give him another chance. Sooo...
She did give him another chance, but she told him he was going to have to be on time when hanging with her. She also told him that she was not looking for a man just for sexual pleasure. He told her he would do better, but of course...

He did not. A few days ago she wanted to go to the movies, so she called him. She wanted to go in the middle of the day, but he wanted to go at night. He also told her that he would have to see if he had any other plans before he could decide on going to the movies with her. However, when she called him he did not have any plans for the day. She did go to the movies with one of her girl friends, but she called him at the end of the day to tell him he had messed up for the last time.

My conclusion on this situation was this guy was never into her romantically. He never wanted to get to know her as a friend or even more than friends. He only thought his lack of respect for her time would sooner or later get him an invitation into her bed (kind of like the song by New Boys).

Now if you are a male and you are reading this remember he did try to get her to have sex with him after he showed up to her house hours late.

While he did not come right out to her with exactly what he wanted, he did do something else. He "stringed" her along. Instead of letting her go when he originally messed up, he begged her to stay in his life knowing he was not going to change.

Now, I titled this sexual healing because when in their teens and 20's, people's sexual feelings tend to overpower emotional needs.

However, you can't get your sexual healing if your emotional needs are not taken care of.

Marianne Williamson

"Only write from your own passion, your own truth. That's the only thing you really know about, and anything else leads you away from the pulse." Marianne Williamson

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Iyanla Vanzant

The following paragraph came from a book called "Best Black Women's Erotica." It is a part of the introduction in the book, which was written Iyanla Vanzant. She's an amazing woman and I hope you find her words as inspirational as I do.

In fact,to women of my mother's generation , expressions of sexuality and the notion of a woman's sexual identity were dirty. What Momma did do was warn me. She warned me never to display Molly publicly. She warned me about all the trouble Molly could get me into if I allowed people to touch her or talk to her. She went so far as to warn me about sitting on men's laps, telling me I could catch something---like pregnancy. "That's silly," I thought. Still I made it a point to never sit on men. Instead I lay down with them.-----Iyanla Vanzant

School Lessons- Eye Candy

I officially began my last semester of school on Wednesday. I had no trouble submitting my graduation form. Professors were nice. I did not buy books, but that was not a problem. It was cold, so being in the house did not seem bad at all, BUT...
Of course something was missing.

As I looked around in my classes and walked around campus, I realized there was no eye candy (as in attractive men). I know I'm supposed to be focused on doing my best in these last few classes. I'm also supposed to be making sure I can secure a job after graduation. I am focused on all of that, but I want the eye candy. I want something like this (referring to the picture) or even better.

The lesson from this would be there is always something missing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

You're Also Not A Star Until...

You have someone making fun of you.

Since the day (whenever that was) Nicki Minaj started being noticed for her talent, people have found reasons to make fun of her. This video just points out a few.

Before you watch it, if you are a serious Nicki Minaj fan don't take this too serious. Just laugh.

While this was funny, it also pointed out the fact that Nicki Minaj is a STAR.

IBW (Candi Redd)

In an earlier post I said I was going to describe why Candi Redd is an inspirational black woman and...
I've been thinking of how to do it exactly.

See, Candi Redd is not a famous rapper yet. Her songs have barely been played outside of Texas, but there is a reason she is inspirational and I can show you better than I can tell you.

So here it goes.

Candi Redd is:
Not afraid to express herself

All of the above makes her an inspirational black woman.

While she is hot headed, you can't deny her talent. She's kind of like Remy Ma. Her career might not last long because of her anger issues, but she will not be forgotten.