Sunday, January 31, 2010

School Lessons: Unhappy For Others

The past week was full of hard work. I studied for classes, did homework, made it through a long work day (for class of course) without passing out, and then still made time to think about where my life was going. I was so focused on the educational/job needing part I almost forgot to think about my love life. Well, I did blog about love last Tuesday, but since then it had slipped my mind.

Then a friend called me in the middle of the night saying how lonely she was. She mentioned how she had set her male friend up with a lady, but he was barely communicating with her now. Normally I would say she should be happy, but that would not be the right thing to say. The right thing would be this week's lesson of the week.

Before I give you this advice I'm not making it up. Vivica Fox said something similar in Two Can Play That Game.

Before you can be happy for others, you have to have everything you need to make you happy.

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